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Unovia's Moon Fairy Run

Log #46-Poni Wilds
Poni Wilds was a step up in regard to the battles with the trainers and the wild monsters! The monsters are in the low to mid 40's, while the trainers were very challenging. I made sure to also collect the berries under the trees and check out the nearby beach. Having levels over the trainers is a good thing. I was at Level 51-52 at the end of this section.

A battle of note was Ace Trainer Lindsey, who had a Garbodor (Level 44) and a Toxapex (Level 45). Toxapex also had the Poison Z-Crystal attached. I honestly almost lost the run here, since my Team was very challenged! Somehow, I got through this fight!

I also caught the last capture of the Run here (that is not Legendary or Mythical), Granbull (Level 43), though I am not going to use it, since it is not Type diverse. I had to go heal up before I would continue.

In the next Log, we will go through Ancient Poni Path. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #47-Ancient Poni Path, Poni Breaker Coast, & Ruins of Hope

Once I got to Ancient Poni Path, I ran into Hapu (apparently she lives here), who offered to take Lillie and I to the Ruins of Hope. Hapu's grandma gave me Machamp Shove (invaluable due to its use with the Ruins!). I also took some time to collect some of the nearby Zygarde cells. Poni Breaker Coast was another location with dark sand, but we beat some tourists here on our way to the Ruins of Hope. I love riding on Mudsdale!

At the Ruins of Hope, Hapu became the new Kahuna of Poni Island. Congratulations to her! The celebration is short lived, as Hapu encourages us to go to Exeggutor Island to collect the Moon Flute, the companion to the Sun Flute Lillie got at Aether Paradise.

To save the time, I flew back to Seafolk Village on Charizard, then headed to Exeggutor Island.

In the next Log, we will explore Exeggutor Island, where we will collect the Moon Flute. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #48-Exeggutor Island
Once we got off the boat to Exeggutor Island, Lillie and I explored some in pursuit of the Moon Flute, which was here. The Exeggutor are very tall in Alola, and are Grass & Dragon Types. Lillie and I got caught in a sudden rain storm, and while we were waiting it out, she discussed how Lusamine used to be a caring mother, then suddenly she got obsessed with the Ultra Beasts, and was never the same. She also aspired to be like me. Once the rain stopped, we got to see something amazing. During the day, you can see a rainbow, while at night, you get a meteor shower. Lillie collected the Moon Flute, then I spent some time training my Team.

This is a fantastic place to train, especially if you run into Exeggutors! I got my entire Team to Level 44 at this point.
Once we got back to the mainland, I battled a few Team Skull Grunts at Ancient Poni Path, then ran into Plumeria, who gave me Poisonium Z for all my trouble with the grunts (and I think she respects me some), then they departed. Lillie healed me, and then lead down the road to Hapu, who wanted to start my Poni Island Grand Trial. Luckily, Lillie healed me!

In the next Log, we will take on the Poni Island Grand Trial, our final Grand Trial. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #49-Vast Poni Canyon (Grand Trial #4)
Grand Trial #4-Hapu
After all this time, it felt odd taking on Hapu, considering she has been our explorer friend with her Mudsdale. She had to prove herself as the new Kahuna of Poni Island. I had a suspicion that her Mudsdale was an indicator of the type that she would use. She opened with Dugtrio (Level 47), and I opened with Primarina (Level 53). Primarina was unable to hit Dugtrio at first, allowing Dugtrio to set up Sandstorm, which would do chip damage to Primarina. Eventually, Primarina used Sparkling Aria, which took out Dugtrio. Next for Hapu was her Mudsdale (Level 48). I was worried that Mudsdale would be able to use Groundium Z, but thank goodness Mudsdale is dirt slow (Base Speed: 35), and I had Primarina use Oceanic Operetta to take it out. It was nice to do this before she did! Next was her Flygon (Level 47), and while Primarina was weak, it was able to use Moon Blast, which took out Flygon. Finally for Hapu was East Sea Gastrodon (Level 47), and I changed to Shiinotic (Level 53), who took Gastrodon down with 2 Giga Drains after draining, getting hit by Muddy Water, Hapu healing, and another Giga Drain. Hapu was defeated, ending the last Grand Trial.
Upon beating Hapu, Lillie healed us, setting us up for the Vast Poni Canyon. Before we officially take on the cavernous Vast Poni Canyon, I am going to get my Team to Level 54 (Primarina & Klefki both are already) using Exeggutor Island, then go back to Melemele Island, specifically Ten Carat Hill, to get Flyinium Z.

In the next Log, we will take on the caves of Vast Poni Canyon. Until the next time, we will see you!
You and I both know the final Totem will be so easy, it might as well not even bother attacking. Seeing as it's quad weak to your entire team of Fairy Type Pokémon.
There are only 3 ways it could go at me.

1. Protect against the Z Move, then fire back with Flash Cannon.
2. Summon Scizor as the ally.
3. Both at the same time.

Even so, I should be about Levels 55-57 before I take it on (I know that Totem is Level 45), so it should not be able to do much. We will see though. :D
No worries.
Log #50-Vast Poni Canyon
Before I went to Vast Poni Canyon, I decided to go collect Flyinium Z at Ten Carat Hill. It is my intention to collect all of the Z Crystals. It didn't take me too long, and soon, I was heading to Vast Poni Canyon.

Vast Poni Canyon is a VERY TOUGH LOCATION! You need a lot of the Ride Pokemon to explore it. Vast Poni Canyon is a very winding location. Luckily, Lillie shows up to heal you up during certain times, which, unless you have a lot of healing potions (I didn't!), can be important. It helped matters that I could easily bust through most of the Trainers, though they did pose a bit of a challenge at times. In order to tell where I needed to go, I would have to keep track of the cross signs. Lillie was also using this location as "her own trial", her own test as a trainer. It took a lot of time to tackle this entire location in a single sitting, but I managed to do it.
Close to the end, I ran into Mina, the artist and Captain of Poni Island. She has no trial for us (in Ultra Sun & Moon, she does), but she had access to the Fairium Z (finally), which I gave to Sylveon, the only pure Fairy Type in my active roster. I had obviously been waiting for this find for the Run since I got my first Z Crystal. Once I got it and I said goodbye to Mina, I continued on, battling a few Veterans on the outside of the Dragon Trial.

My Team At This Point:
Primarina (Level 57)
Ribombee (Level 57)
Sylveon (Level 56)
Shiinotic (Level 56)
Mimikyu (Level 56)
Klefki (Level 56)

In the next Log, we will take on the Dragon Trial of Vast Poni Canyon. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #51-Trial of the Dragon (Trial #7)
Going into the Dragon Trial, there was no trial captain, just a "wild trial", though it seems like someone set it up a long time ago, since "this area is recognized as the first trial in Alola", and there was a stone sign. I set Sylveon (Level 56) as my fighter for this battle. I battled a Jangmo-o (Level 40) and Hakamo-o (Level 40) before I got to the Totem Kommo-o (Level 45). Even among Totems, the Kommo-o is ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!

I anticipated that the Totem Kommo-o would use Protect, then try to bring in an ally, so I had Sylveon use Misty Terrain, which was a set up move that stalled out the Protect that Kommo-o did in fact use. After it Protected, it summoned a Hakamo-o (Level 32). It would have been easy to get distracted and take on the ally first. Instead I stayed focused on the Totem.

Sylveon had established the Misty Terrain, and Kommo-o and Hakamo-o liked to use Sky Uppercut, which did not much. Sylveon used Twinkle Tackle (Moon Blast) to lead to an OHKO with the Totem, and then I just cleaned up the ally. The final Trial was complete.

Having defeated the last Totem, Lillie and Hapu encouraged me to go up the stairs of the Altar of the Moone. I traveled up the stairs, then Lillie and I prepared to use the flutes to summon Lunala. In the next Log, we will do just that, and also find out what comes next. Until the next time, we will see you!

My Team after the Trial:
Primarina (Level 57)
Ribombee (Level 57)
Sylveon (Level 57)
Shiintonic (Level 57)
Mimikyu (Level 57)
Klefki (Level 57)
Log #52-Nebby Is Lunala!
Going up the stairs, Lillie and I play the flutes, which evolves Nebby to Lunala! I have had the Legendary with me this whole time! That is crazy! Lunala took Lillie and I into another dimension, where Guzma was waiting for us!
Apparently, Guzma wanted to catch some of the Nihilego for himself, but he wasn't able to. Apparently, he is very supportive of Lusamine, mainly because she believed in him when no one else did. He also said that Lusamine was a bit ahead. Nervous for this confrontation, we moved ahead. I was so nervous for what was coming...
Lusamine and Lillie had a brutal conversation which ended with her merging with a Nihilego! She then battled us. This was a very tough fight, despite me being 7 Levels higher! I wasn't quite sure what she would open with at first, but I remembered what she opened with last time.

I set Klefki (Level 57) against her Clefable (Level 50). This thing was bulky, and even after using the Steel Z Move, it didn't go down easy. The stupid thing kept using Moonlight, and all of the progress I would make would be undone. Eventually, Klefki won out. Next for Lusamine was Mismagius (Level 50), and I changed to Mimikyu (Level 57). Mismagius kept alternating between Shadow Ball and Power Gem, but Mimikyu was able to beat her ghost. Next for Lusamine was Milotic (Level 50) and I changed to Shiintonic (Level 57). Milotic was very annoying, as it kept using Recover to heal. Eventually, Shiintonic was able to beat it, though that was a very challenging fight. Next for Lusamine was Lilligant (Level 50), who was an easy take down by Ribombee (Level 57). Her final Pokemon was Bewear (Level 50), who went down very easy to Primarina (Level 57) and the Moon Blast.

By defeating Lusamine, we freed her from the Ultra Beast. Lunala took all of us out of the Ultra Space.
We were then tasked with catching Lunala (Nebby), which was Level 55. I started with Mimikyu (Level 58), and used the Ghost Z Move, and also a non boosted Shadow Claw, which almost took Lunala down. I managed to capture it in an Ultra Ball. I now have Nebby, which I also named it.

In the next Log, we will take on Mount Lanakila, home of the Elite Four! Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #53-Mount Lanakila
Before I took on Mount Lanakila, I got my whole Team to Level 58 through Exeggutor Island. That is a great place to train for me! Coming to the first area, we took on Gladion, who wanted one final battle with us. I set Mimikyu (Level 58) to take on Crobat (Level 52), who kept wanting to use Cross Poison, which eventually Poisoned Mimikyu. Gladion switched to Weavile (Level 52), and I changed to Primarina (Level 58). One Moon Blast, and it was out. Gladion changed back to Crobat, and I changed back to Mimikyu, who eventually took Crobat out. I then switched back to Primarina against Lucario (Level 52), who went down to Primarina despite using the Steel Z Move. Last for Gladion was Silvally (Level 53), who was Grass Type. Ribombee (Level 58) took it out in a Pollen Puff OHKO. Even though he was defeated, he thanked me for the battle.

I took on Mount Lanakila, which didn't have any trainers, unfortunately, but I did get Icium Z, the last Z Crystal. I passed through it easily to the Pokemon Center. I healed, then decided to go trade in a Heart Scale to get Klefki Spikes. I also went back to Exeggutor Island. Before I take on the Elite Four here, I plan to get my Team to Level 65, as that will get me to be 11 Levels higher than Hau, and 6 Higher than Kukui. Shouldn't take me that long, maybe a few days, since I like farming Exeggutors. Also I could use Mount Lanakila to train as well. In the next Log, it's Elite Four Time! Until the next time, we will see you!

I think out of the four, Hala will be the easiest to beat. Olivia will also be simple, since you have your starter.
Of the 4, I think:
Hala will be easiest.
Olivia will be easier, but not as easy as Hala.
Acerola will probably be middling difficulty.
Kahili is the one I am most worried about.
Log #54-Pokemon League
Here we go! Time to take this on! I first took on Hau at Level 60, and his Team was not that hard to take on. I used Mimikyu against his Alolan Raichu, Ribombee against his Leafeon, Sylveon against Komala, and Primarina against Incineroar. Confident, I did some item buying, then attempted the Elite Four. It was tricky to face Hala, which concerned me. When I got to Olivia, I decided to withdraw and try at another time. At Level 62, I set out to battle again after some training on Exeggutor Island. Once I got through the whole experience of the League, I was Level 64-65. Here is my Review.

Hala is the first of the Elite Four we faced. Sylveon was my main fighter here. It took on Hariyama (Level 54). Next for Hala was Crabominable (Level 55), who had the Z Crystal. Sylveon would be faster than Crabominable, crushing Hala. Poliwrath (Level 54) was a bit tricky, able to withstand several attacks before falling. Primeape (Level 54) and Bewear (Level 54) went down easier. Sylveon would often use a combination of Moon Blast and Draining Kiss to take out the opponent, and by the end, it was completely healed.
This is where things started to get tricky. I brought out Klefki to set up Spikes (3 Rounds). Her Relicanth (Level 54) would sadly take out Klefki, and I switched to Shiinotic, which easily took out Relicanth. I used Primarina to take on Lycanroc (Level 55), Carbink (Level 54), Alolan Golem (Level 54), and Probopass (Level 54). Alolan Golem and Probopass were both a bit troublesome, but it didn't take me too long.
Apparently, Kukui wanted Nanu, but Nanu didn't take Kukui on his request. Acerola did however. I started with Mimikyu, which would face down her Sableye (Level 54), Shelmise (Level 54), and Frosslass (Level 54). I would change to Shiintonic against Palossand (Level 55) and Primarina against Drifblim (Level 54). Her team was not too tough. Surprisingly, I don't think she really couldn't do much against Mimikyu, despite that fact that Mimikyu is part Ghost!
Of the Elite Four, Kahili has the least to do with the story. I kept Mimikyu out to take on her Skarmory (Level 54), using the Disguise to take a hit then defeat Skarmory. Sylveon took on Mandibuzz (Level 54), easily defeating it. Primarina battled Crobat (Level 54), OHKOing with Psychic, then took on Oricorio (Level 54), who stalled out using Air Slash. Primarina managed to take down with Ice Beam. Toucannon (Level 55) was the hardest one to take down, but Ice Beam scored another win. The whole thing had gone smoothly overall.
Kukui is the stand in for the Champion. I barely beat this battle! I had no answer for his Magnezone or Snorlax or his crazy amount of Restores, so I had to just keep switching through my Team to take him down. Even though I eventually got them done, Alolan Ninetales and Decidueye almost did me in. I was very exhausted after this fight, but I edged him out, quite literally.
After the victory ceremony, Lillie took me to Tapu Koko's shrine, which I was then pulled into battle with (Level 60). I used Mimikyu, then Sylveon to stall out Tapu Koko and catch it in the only Timer Ball I had. I had tried Dusk and Ultra Balls before I caught it on Move 15. I also got the Z Crystal for the Tapus. Not sure if I want to bring Tapu Koko into my Team, and if I did, who I would replace with it.

Lillie left soon after, with a tearful goodbye from both me and Hau.

In the next Log, we will hunt the Ultra Beasts. Until the next time, we will see you!

Log #55-Hunting The Ultra Beasts
Here we go! This was a long quest, especially toward the back end of the quest! I was invited to go to Route 8, where I met this woman named Anabel and a man named Looker. They both asked me to help them hunt down the Ultra Beasts. First, Anabel battled me to test my strength. It was a tough fight, but I eventually prevailed, impressing both her and Looker. I was directed to go to Aether Paradise to talk to Wicke, who gave me the first Beast Balls I had. The Beast Balls are used to catch the Ultra Beasts.

Ultra Beast #1-Nihilego
Heading back to Route 8, I was given the option to go to Wela Volcano Park or Diglett's Tunnel to catch the first Ultra Beast. I chose Wela Volcano Park since it was easier to travel through. Quickly, I found a Nihilego (Level 55), which didn't take too long to catch. We headed back to Route 8 to report, and we were given another directive to go to Route 2, and got another group of Beast Balls and set to go to Verdant Cavern.

Ultra Beast #2-Pheromosa
In Verdant Cavern, I had to capture 4 Pheromosa (Level 60). It was a bit tricky to be able to lower the health of the Pheromosa, but I eventually got all 4. I went back to Route 2, checking in with Looker and Anabel. Mina also showed up, and I had to battle her. It took a bit to battle and defeat her, but I managed to. Looker gave me another 10 Beast Balls, and I was off to catch another Ultra Beast.

Ultra Beast #3-Xurkitree
I had two locations to travel to. First I headed to Lush Jungle, and it took me a little bit to find the first Xurkitree (Level 65). I was shocked at the level of the beast, considering I was not too far up above it. Eventually, I caught it, then I headed to Memorial Hill. It took me a bit to capture both of them, but I did. I headed back to Route 8, where I met with Looker. Looker also had Nanu visit. After that, I was given another 10 Beast Balls and sent off to catch another Ultra Beast.

Ultra Beast #4-Celesteela
I had 2 Celesteela (Level 65) to catch, one at Malie Garden and the other at Haina Desert. It took me a bit to find the first one at Malie Garden, but when I did, I was surprised how bulky it was. Eventually, I got it low enough to capture it. Next was going to Haina Desert. This was a hard find in the desert, but I eventually did, capturing it as well. I flew back to Route 13, meeting with Looker. Both he and Anabel asked me to meet with them at Seafolk Village.

Ultra Beast #5-Guzzlord
At Seafolk Village, I battled Nanu, who I defeated easily. Looker gave me another 10 Beast Balls, then sent me to Resolution Cave, where the last Ultra Beast, Guzzlord (Level 70), was. This took the longest to get to, which forced me to go through most of Poni Island, opening it up and battling a lot of trainers. I actually had to watch a video to get to the right location. Guzzlord was super tricky, since it is 4x weak to Fairy, and I actually defeated it the first time, but when I ran into it again, I was able to catch it. At the end of this whole quest, my Team was Level 72.

Ultra Beast #6-Necrozma

Looker suggests that I go to Aether Paradise, where I met with Wicke and Looker, who thanked me for assisting with this potential disaster. Looker gave me $1,000,000 in victory, then mentioned a new Ultra Beast that he saw on Melemele Island. Necrozma was at Ten Carat Hill, and was Level 75! When I managed to find it, I caught it in the Master Ball, since it is a high level.

In the next Log, we will hunt down the remaining Tapus. Until the next time, we will see you!

Author's Note: I saw that this Playthrough has so far achieved 2,000 Views, and we are not yet done! Please continue to support this Playthrough with your Views! Thank you all so much for your support so far! It means so much to me to create something you all like to read and watch! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
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Log #56-Hunting The Tapus
Before I begin this post, let me clarify that, in Log #55, I said I was Level 76. It has since been corrected to the proper Level, Level 72.

I had to go around, using my money to buy more Ultra, Timer, and Dusk Balls. I would need them for what I would do next, hunting the Tapus. This would be a challenging struggle for me!

Tapu Lele (Ruins of Life)
Tapu Lele (Level 60) is the Guardian of Akala Island. This was one of the locations that had been opened up during the Main Story. The Tapu was a bit annoying to try to catch, but I eventually did. It took a few tries to get through.

Tapu Bulu (Ruins of Abundance)
Thank goodness I had managed to find the Ruins of Abundance when I had first traveled through the Haina Desert, because otherwise it would have been a much harder thing to do! Tapu Bulu (Level 60) was the easiest of the 3 remaining Tapus to catch, which I eventually did. Tapu Bulu is the Guardian of Ula'ula Island.

Tapu Fini (Ruins of Hope)
Tapu Fini (Level 60) is the Guardian of Poni Island. This was another location that was opened up during the Main Story. Tapu Fini had given Hapu the blessing to become the Kahuna of Poni Island. It was very hard to catch Tapu Fini and took multiple tries, but I eventually did.

In the next Log, we will finish the Islands, starting with Melemele Island. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #57-Completing the Islands
It took a bit, but because I had gone through all of Poni Island, I realized I had everything open. I had defeated the Battle Buffet, in Melemele Island, becoming the Buffet Queen. I also defeated all of the Trainers School. By checking through the other Islands, I found that all I had left to do was to finish Poni. Finishing Poni Island, I battled Mina, which was not too hard of a fight. Her Team was Level 61, and I was able to beat her before she used her Z Crystal.
Continuing onward, I found myself at the Battle Tree, introduced me to two strong trainers, Red & Blue. I decided, based on the team, to battle against Blue. He had Alakazam, Aerodactyl, Arcanine, Gyarados, Machamp, and Exeggutor, all Level 65. Thank goodness I had more than enough potions and healing items to get through the fight! It was a tough battle, but at the end, I persevered. My Team is officially Level 75.
Regarding Zygarde, we have 75 Cells, and I think we will stop hunting now. There is no need for us to finish, since we are not using it. 75 is pretty impressive, considering we did this a bit passively.

In the next Log, we will be hunting down the Eevee Users. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #58-The Eevee Users
There are 9 Eevee Users throughout Alola. I had to defeat them all. First, I had to talk to Kagetora, who was at the Thrifty Megamart on Akala Island. Once I talked to him, the hunt for the Eevee Uses was on! I used this page to find them all, since it's very random:

Polly (Vaporeon)

Polly was the first user I went after, at the Trainer's School.

Chad (Flareon)
Chad was at the Tide Song Hotel.

Jane (Jolteon)
Jane was in Malie City, at the Community Center.

Ishaan (Espeon)
Ishaan was at the Geothermal Power Plant on Blush Mountain.

Braiden (Umbreon)
Braiden was at Hau'oli Cemetery.

Rea (Glaceon)
Rea was in Iki Town.

Linnea (Leafeon)
Linnea was at Hano Beach.

Kira (Sylveon)
Kira was at Seafolk Village, and was the youngest of the Eevee Users.

Kagetora (Eevee)
After I defeated the others, I found myself back at the Thrifty Megamart, battling him. For defeating him, I got the Eevee Z Crystal, and his thanks.

How I Could Have Done This (Alternative Path)
If I had done this logically, I would have done it Island by Island. Melemele would have been Polly, Braiden, & Rea. Akala would have been Chad & Linnea. Ula'ula would have been Jane & Ishaan. Poni would have been Kira, and that would have been all before Kagetora back at Akala Island. Regardless, it's done now.

In the next (and final) Log, we will rematch the Elite Four and maintain my Champion Title. Until the next time (and the final time for this Run), we will see you!
Log #59-Rematching the League
It was time for the Rematches! All of the Elite Four was Level 63. I got my Team to Level 77, got more healing items, then headed off to battle, starting with Hala.

Hala was more troublesome than he had been in the first round, having Poison and Steel Moves on some of his Pokemon. After I tried once or twice with Sylveon, I actually succeeded in the run with Primarina. Primarina took out Hariyama and Shiinotic took out Poliwrath, while Sylveon took out the rest of his Team.
Same strategy as before. Used Klefki to set up Spikes, sacked it off, then went after the team. Probopass was a problem and bulky. Carbink was also a bit bulkier than before. Unlike last time, Lycanroc was actually able to use the Z Move, which almost took out Primarina, but I managed to defeat her Team.
I actually found out that I had to put the Experience Share back on! Oops! It didn't really matter anyway. When I went after her, I opened with Mimikyu, which took out Sableye and Frosslass. The others were defeated by Primarina (Drifblim & Dhelmise) and Shiinotic (Palossand). I might have put the Ice Z Crystal on Primarina if I had thought about it.
I started with Mimikyu against Skarmory, who was able to lay down a set of Spikes. Primarina took out Crobat, Oricorio, and Toucannon, though Toucannon almost edged out Primarina. Mandibuzz fell to Ribombee, which was surprising.

He was the Title Defense. Compared to the Elite Four, he was not that hard to take down for my Team. With his defeat, I beat the game officially!

We have officially beaten the Moon Fairy Run! What will we be doing now?

Our next game is Pokemon Crystal, with a Twist...We will be playing as a member of Team Rocket! Until then, we will see you!
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