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Unovia's Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Gym Analysis #3
Welcome to Gym Analysis!
In this show, we will be discussing upcoming Gym Battles, looking at:
  • The Type of Pokemon used by the Gym Leader
  • The possible options for me, as the Trainer, to use, including the pros and cons of each option
In this third Episode, we are looking at the battle against Wattson. Wattson is an Electric Type Gym Leader. He will have 3 Pokemon, meaning that I will only be able to use 3 Pokemon against him. Let's look at my available options.

1. Rare Howl the Mightyena: Rare Howl has Fire Fang, which will help against the Steel Types in this Gym. I think I am going to open with Mightyena. Of all of my Team, I can sacrifice Mightyena more than any others.

2. Makit the Hariyama: Fighting Type moves may help with this fight, especially if the Fire Fang is not as effective as they could be.

3. Swampy the Marshtomp: Swampy can't be stopped by Electric moves at all. If the battle is not going my way, Swampy is the wall against Wattson.
Log #13-Mauville Gym (Gym #3)
Mauville City Gym
I had Mightyena, Hariyama, & Swampy as my Team for this fight. I cleared out the Gym trainers easily. The challenge was the Gym Puzzle, pushing the switches as needed.

Vs. Wattson
He started with Magnemite (Level 19). This Magnemite liked using Thunderwave, which I regularly had to use Cheri Berries or Full Heals, though I honestly didn't use them too much though. It got to the point where I just had Mightyena deal with being Paralyzed. Eventually Mightyena beat it down using Fire Fang. Next was Voltorb (Level 19), and Mightena took it down. Finally came Magneton (Level 21), which Mightyena managed to defeat, though Mightyena almost fainted at this point, since it took on Wattson's whole team.

Having defeated Wattson, I got my 3rd Badge! I ended up running into Team Aqua heading to Mt. Chimney. I decided to ignore them for now, since I don't feel ready to race after them. My Team was Level 24-25. In the next Log, we will take on Route 117. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Route 117
Welcome to this episode of "What Might We Find". In this episode, we will discuss Route 117, a road between Mauville City & Verdanturf Town. What are our options here?

1. Zigzagoon (30%)
2. Volbeat (20%)
3. Roselia (20%)
4. Other (30%)

In the next Log (#14), we will reveal our capture. Stay Tuned!
Log #14-Route 117 & Verdanturf Town
Route 117
With 3 Badges in the case, I headed west onto Route 117. This was one of the occasions where I temporarily turned off the EXP. Share to train Swellow, Crobat, & Pikachu to Level 25 to match the rest of the squad. Once they were all trained up, I turned it back on. I no longer had any Poke Balls of any kind, so I quickly went back to Mauville City, did a few purchases, then came back to the patch of grass. In the grass of Route 117, I captured a Marill I named Pikablu, and left it in the box. Continuing west, I came into Verdanturf Town.

Verdanturf Town
This is Wally's Hometown. Wally was not there, however. Where could he be? I checked through the town, helping a Shroomish go back to its friend during this time. I stopped at this point, looking toward the Rusturf Tunnel. I had gotten Rock Smash from Wally's Uncle after I beat Wally before taking on Wattson. I don't know who I want to give this to, though I am leaning toward Hariyama. Rusturf Tunnel will be the first place where I can act on Rock Smash, both as part of the story and getting access to Geodude. I might collect one, but we will see.

In the next Log, we will go to Rusturf Tunnel. Until the next time, we will see you!
I see you are not using dupes clause where you ignore all Pokemon that you caught before (evolutions are usually included).
Dupes Clause is Rule 5. I am ignoring Pokemon that I have run into before (otherwise I would have had a full Team of Zigzagoons at the beginning).
Log #15-Rusturf Tunnel
Rusturf Tunnel
We came back to Rusturf Tunnel, where we captured a Whismur previously. We are back here to break the rocks that separate Verdanturf Town from Rustboro City. I use Makit the Hariyama to open up the tunnel, which allows Wanda, the sister of Wally, to meet with her boyfriend, the guy that worked to open up the tunnel himself. Grateful for this, Wanda's boyfriend gives me a Mega Stone. I traveled through the tunnel onto Route 116, where I get a specialty Pokeball from Devon. I then headed back through the Rusturf Tunnel, on the quest to capture a Geodude I named Stone.

What am I doing next?
Because I am concerned of the battles coming ahead, particularly the Winstrates & once we get to Lavaridge, Flannery, I decided I would train a few captures that are in my Box to Level 26 to match my Main Squad.

In this Team is the following:
Pikablu (Marill)-Level 11 (Get to Level 26)
Stone (Geodude)-Level 14 (Get to Level 26)
Storm (Electrike)-Level 13 (Get to Level 26)
Speeder (Nincada)-Level 13 (Get to Level 20)

I am going to be using Makit the Hariyama to do Rock Smash to get Marill to be able to battle Geodude for experience for Marill. I will use the Whismur to train the other ones. When we are ready, we will go onto Route 111. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Routes 111 South, Route 112 South, & Fiery Path
Welcome to "What Might We Find". In this episode, we discuss Routes 111 & 112, specifically the southern portion, because the northern portions are largely blocked by the Hoenn Desert. We also include Fiery Path in this episode.

Route 111 South
Unfortunately here, you could only get Geodude through Rock Smash.

Route 112 South
Numel (60%)
Machop (40%)

Fiery Path
Numel (40%)
Grimer (30%)
Other (30%)

In the next Log (#16), we will reveal our captures. Stay tuned!
Log #16-Route 111 South, Route 112 South, Fiery Path, & 112 North
Before I moved on, I trained up Marill to Azumarill, Geodude to Graveler, Nincada to Ninjask (which gave me Shedinja too), and Electrike to Manectric. I put them all in the Box before I continued.

Route 111 South
There wasn't anything for me to pick up for my Team here, since the only Pokemon I could collect would be Geodude (which I already had one), so I broke through the rocks and moved on. I put Mightyena to the front of my Team to prepare for the Winstrates, since it was the disposable member of my Team.

The Winstrates
I easily managed to clear the Winstrates with Mightyena, which was surprising. Most of my Team got to Level 28 both here and through some of the battles ahead.

Route 112 South & Fiery Path
Here there was a patch of grass, where I caught a Numel I named Pompeii. Continuing to battle, I decided to take on Fiery Path, where I cought a Grimer I named Tox. While Grimer is staying in the Box, Numel would be a great member of the Team. I boxed Mightyena, then trained up Numel using many of the past trainers. Once I had done that, getting to Level 28, I continued on through Fiery Path.
Route 112 North
On the outside of the Fiery Path, I battled a few trainers, then ran into this adventurer named Ararune, who introduced Super Secret Bases, then encouraged me to meet him in Fortree City at some point. Continuing past him, I continued battling, with some of my Pokemon getting to Level 29. I ran into May, who encouraged me to continue to Fallarbor. I decided to camp on the border of Route 112 & 113. In the next Log, we will go through to Fallarbor. Until the next time, we will see you!

My Team
Swampy (Marshtomp)
Bluebird (Swellow)
Makit (Hariyama)
Echo (Crobat)
Star (Cosplay Pikachu)
Pompeii (Numel)
What Might We Find: Route 113, Fallarbor Town, & Route 114
Welcome to this episode of "What Might We Find". In this episode, we will cover the area around Fallarbor Town, which are Route 113 & Route 114. Let's get started.
Route 113
Spinda (60%)
Sandshrew (35%)
Other (5%)

Route 114
Lombre (40%)
Swablu (40%)
Other (20%)

In the next Log (#17), we will reveal our captures. Stay tuned!
Log #17-Route 113, Fallarbor Town, & Route 114
Route 113
Route 113 is a route that is surrounded by ash. I battled a few trainers, catching a Spinda I named Swirl in the process. I continued exploring, getting the Soot Sack, and then continued into Fallarbor Town.

Fallarbor Town
I healed up, meeting Lanette who runs the PC System in Hoenn, in the process. As I left the Pokemon Center, I met up with May, who asked me to come with her. Apparently Professor Cozmo got kidnapped by Team Aqua. They took him to Meteor Falls. May and the professor's wife begged me to help save him. With my next heading, I started off.

Route 114
I captured a Swablu that I named King Cotton, met with Lanette at her messy house, then battled many trainers. Eventually, I also ran into May, who was chasing after Team Aqua. I finished battling a few trainers. By the end of this, my Team Level was Level 31.

In the next Log, we will take on Meteor Falls, save Dr. Cozmo, and beat up Team Aqua. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Meteor Falls & Jagged Pass
Welcome to this episode of "What Might We Find". In this episode, we cover Meteor Falls & Jagged Pass.

Meteor Falls
Zubat (75%)
Lunatone (25%)

Jagged Pass
Machop (40%)
Numel (40%)
Spoink (20%)

In the next Log (#18), we will reveal the captures. Stay tuned!
Log #18-Meteor Falls, Mt. Chimney, & Jagged Pass
Meteor Falls
Before I took on the Team Aqua fight, I captured a Lunatone I named Apollo. I then took on the group of Team Aqua members. May was there to help, though I was several levels above her and several above the Team Aqua folks. It didn't take too long, and I defeated them. Maxie of Team Magma showed up, said some things, and left. May and I headed out to Professor Cozmo's house. I got a TM from him as thanks. May then asked me to go with her to Mauville City. We left together.

Mauville City
I didn't do much here, other than healing. Soon after, I headed north toward Mt. Chimney.

Mt. Chimney
I took the cablecar to the top of the volcano, where I found Team Aqua and Team Magma fighting. Continuing around, I took on Shelley, then Archie. Archie's Golbat almost defeated Numel through confusion, but I switched out quickly, defeating Archie for now. I talked to Maxie, and both Aqua & Magma left.

Jagged Pass
I took Jagged Pass down from Mt. Chimney, battling many trainers on the way down. I eventually found my way to Lavaridge. While on Jagged Pass, I caught a Machop I named Strongman.

Lavaridge Town
At Lavaridge Town, I healed, then walked around town, checking out the hot springs and collecting an egg from an old woman, which I know will be a Wynaut when it hatches. I plan to name it Enigma. My Level Cap is Level 33.

In the next Log, we will take on Flannery for our 4th Gym Badge. I know that typically there is Flannery and then almost immediately Norman, but once we beat Flannery, we will take on the Hoenn Desert. For now, let's focus on going after Flannery. Until the next time, we will see you!
don't forget there's still some trainers on route 115, as well as an encounter once you get surf. i kinda hate how the game encourages you to go back to Mauville when there's still stuff to explore.
I will be doing quite a bit of exploration soon, firstly between Flannery & Norman.
Gym Analysis #4
Welcome to Gym Analysis!
In this show, we will be discussing upcoming Gym Battles, looking at:

  • The Type of Pokemon used by the Gym Leader
  • The possible options for me, as the Trainer, to use, including the pros and cons of each option
In this fourth Episode, we are looking at the battle against Flannery. Flannery is an Fire Type Gym Leader. She will have 3 Pokemon, meaning that I will only be able to use 3 Pokemon against her. Let's look at my available options, since I have a few.

1. Swampy the Marshtomp: Swampy could be a major element here, since it has Water & Ground type moves. It also naturally learns Rock Slide, giving access to Rock Type moves. The downside is that Marshtomp is slower, which might mean that it has to take a hit before taking stuff out. If Flannery sets up Sunny Day, it could create a problem.

2. Makit the Hariyama: Makit has Guts, which is an ability that, if the Pokemon has a non volatile status condition, the attack raises by 50%. Non volatile status conditions are the following:
-Poison (including Badly Poisoned)

3. Pompeii the Camerupt: Pompeii is Fire & Ground. It is also very sturdy, meaning it can take hits. Its moves are also devastating, such as Earth Power.

4. Stone the Graveler: Stone is Rock & Ground. It is very sturdy. If things get challenging, Stone has Self-Destruct, which would most likely take opponents out as a double KO. Unfortunately, it is only Level 26, so if I was using it, I would have to raise the level.

5. Pikablu the Azumarill: Pikablu is Water & Fairy. Should Sunny Day be acted on, Azumarill would be tough to work with. In addition, it is only Level 26.
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