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Unovia's Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Log #40-Geosenge Town & Team Flare HQ

Geosenge Town & Team Flare HQ
Flying to Geosenge Town, I headed to an area that a Team Flare Grunt was standing outside of. They took me on, and I just swept them aside. Serena joined me in the HQ initially, and Shauna joined us both later. I battled Lysandre a few times, and quite a few Admins and grunts. Eventually, coming to the end, my Team was Level 65. Battling Lysandre's Gyarados was the trickiest of his Team. After I beat the Admins in the location where Yveltal (Level 50) was, I went to catch Yveltal myself. I thought a Quick Ball would do the trick, but it took a few Ultra Balls and some switching around to finally capture the beast, which I named Charon, after the ferryman of the Underworld. It was challenging to have to withstand the hits, even though I was 15 Levels higher!

The other thing (that I didn't remember, it has after all, been 3 Years since I played this game) is that I had to immediately do the final fight with Lysandre. In the end, it was fun to use Mega Lucario against his Mega Gyarados. That was awesome to crush him, since I was a bit nervous. Once I beat Lysandre, he fired off the Ultimate Weapon. Poor Geosenge Town! Afterward, me and my friends left to restart our journeys. I flew to the Battle Chateau to do training.

Battle Chateau
It was a nice change of pace after all of the drama with Team Flare. I got my Team to Level 67 when it balanced out. I flew to Anistar City and prepared to go to Route 18. In the next Log, we will go to Route 18 & Terminus Cave. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Route 18 & Terminus Cave
Welcome to the next Episode of "What Might We Find". In this Episode, we will talk about Route 18 & Terminus Cave. Route 18 is between Anistar City & Couriway Town, while Terminus Cave is also on the Route, but a little bit harder to get to, and very sprawling. In this Episode of What Might We Find, we will give the options for these areas. On Route 18, we will have our First Encounter & Rustling Bush Encounter, while Terminus Cave will have our First Encounter & the Ceiling Drop Encounter. That is quite a few encounters. Let's get started!

Route 18
First Encounter:

1. Gurdurr (30%)
2. Torkoal (20%)

Rustling Bush:
1. Durant (90%)

Terminus Cave
First Encounter:

1. Durant (40%)

Ceiling Drop:
1. Ariados (80%)

In the next Log (#41), we will show our captures. Until the next time, stay tuned!
Log #41-Route 18 & Terminus Cave

Route 18
First Encounter:
Rustling Bush: Durant
Upon arriving on Route 18, I walked through the first patch of grass, finding a Gurdurr I named Bob Builder. When I was walking back to Anistar to move the capture (it had shown up in the wrong Box), I had a bush near me rustle, and I captured a Durant, which I named Steelman.

Once I got back on the Route, I battled all of the Trainers that were on the actual Route as I headed to Terminus Cave. It took me a bit to find the best entrance to the location, but once I did, I saved.

Terminus Cave
First Encounter: Pupitar
Ceiling Drop: Ariados

I made a mistake as I began to explore Terminus Cave. I should have bought some Healing Items (though I had enough) and, more significantly, an Escape Rope. I seriously should have bought a few! My First Encounter was a Pupitar I named Godzilla. Shortly thereafter, I had an Ariados drop on me that I named Peter Parker.

The exploration of Terminus Cave had quite a few very tough Trainers here, and it was the closest I came to actually having quite a few faints, almost crashing my Team. The battles felt like what a Victory Road in other Regions feel like. Once I got to the furthest area of the Cave, I ran into an Ace Trainer who was blocking the way to the deepest part of the Cave. I don't know what is there...
When I found the deepest area and the Ace Trainer, I had to figure out my way back, and I got turned around quite regularly. Eventually, I found my way out, thankfully with no Faints. If I had had any Faints at this point, I would have been massively devastated, since my Team Levels are now Levels 68-69. It would have taken a while to actually restructure my Team depending on who I would have lost. Upon leaving Terminus Cave, I got messaged by Professor Sycamore, who wanted to meet with me at Couriway Town. Because I managed to cross into the border of Couriway Town, I was able to Fly there and heal. In the next Log, I will meet with Professor Sycamore and see what he has to say. Until the next time, we will see you!

My Team
Chesnaught (Spike)-Level 69
Talonflame (Firebird)-Level 69
Blastoise (Galapagos)-Level 69
Tyrantrum (Royal)-Level 68
Lucario (Lucas)-Level 68
Lampent (Kerosene)-Level 68
I'm guessing this is probably going to be your final team (assuming no more deaths happen)?
I am thinking so. It's crazy to think that I am almost Level 70, and yet, I almost had a few deaths, which made me nervous. Glad I have gotten to the point I am at. :)
You and I both know that the death of Chesnaught, Talonflame, Blastoise, Tyrantrum, and Lucario will really hit hard seeing as you had them for so long.
If I lose any of them, it will devastate my Team and yes, really hurt. I don't know if I would be able to replace them in any real way. Even though I have a Box of Pokemon that have helped through the journey, I would be scrambling to be able to make any of them work.
Log #42-Couriway Town
Before I started the Couriway Town part, I went to the Battle Chateau, getting my entire squad to Level 70. I also evolved Lampent (Kerosene) to Chandelure using the Dusk Stone I managed to get in Terminus Cave.

Couriway Town
I explored the town, checking out the houses and talking to people. As I headed into the southern part of town, I ran into Professor Sycamore. He apologized for Lysandre, then challenged me to battle. He started with Venusaur (Level 50) and I started with Chandelure. One Flamethrower took it out. Next for Sycamore was Blastoise (Level 50) and I sent out Chesnaught. It didn't take too much to take it out, with a Needle Arm and Grass Pledge. Lastly for Sycamore was Charizard (Level 50). I decided to beat it down with Mega Blastoise. One Water Pledge took it out. Sycamore took his leave, and I finished checking out the town. In the next Log, we will go to Route 19. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Route 19
Welcome to this Episode of "What Might We Find". In this Episode, we talk about Route 19. This Route is between Couriway Town and Snowbelle City. It also features a Swampy area, so we have 2 areas to cover, those being First Encounters and Swampy areas.
Route 19
First Encounter:

1. Drapion (30%)
2. Weepinbell (20%)

Swamp Encounter:
1. Quagsire (30%)
2. Stunfisk (20%)
3. Sliggoo (20%)

In the next Log (#43), we will reveal our captures. Until the next time, stay tuned!
Log #43-Route 19 & Snowbelle City

Route 19
First Encounter: Weepinbell
Swamp Encounter: Quagsire

Route 19 is a hard Route to take on! There are many high Level Trainers here, some of which almost lead to some Faints for my Team, but I managed to get through slowly but surely. In the first patch of grass, I captured a Weepinbell I named Ring, while when I got to the water like Swamp area, I captured a Quagsire I named Quags. As I would battle and take on quite a bit of damage, I would go back to Couriway Town as needed.

On the bridge to Snowbelle City, I ended up in a gauntlet of battles with my friends. First was Shauna, then Tierno, and finally Trevor. Trevor, to this point, only focused on "Pokedex Battles", so it was surprising to actually battle him. The three trainers were really challenging to take on, especially since I had to take them on back to back. Even so, I eventually triumphed, with my entire Team getting to Level 71.

After all of this battling drama, I am a bit worried about the Gym battle coming up, considering that most of the Teams here were Levels 49-51 and they could still almost match me, despite me being significantly higher. I found my way to the snow-bound City of Snowbelle. In the next Log, we will check out the City and go to Route 20. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Route 20
Welcome to this Episode of "What Might We Find". In this Episode, we discuss Route 20, a forested Route, and one of two Routes near Snowbelle City, the other one being Route 21. Let's cover Route 20!
Route 20
First Encounter:

1. Noctowl (30%)
2. Amoonguss (25%)
3. Jigglypuff (20%)

In the next Log (#44), we will explore Route 20. Until the next time, stay tuned!
Why are you worried about Wulfric? You have 2 fire types and 2 fighting types. Granted, Chesnaught is weak to Ice and Talonflame does not resist Ice.
Mainly because the fact that Level 49 Pokemon stood up easily to Level 70-71 Pokemon. Wulfric is Levels 56-59, so even though I have 2 Fire Types & 2 Fighting Types, I am still on edge. I think I will be leaning on Chandelure for the Gym Battle, since Chandelure will be the strongest Pokemon that can take it out.
Log #44-Route 20

Route 20
First Encounter:
Route 20, or "The Winding Woods", is truly a winding path. I saw 2 twin girls in Snowbelle who told me that the only way to properly get through the Winding Woods is to "track the big tree", that "The big Tree is the hint". When I got into the forest, and walked into the first patch of grass (which happened to have a Mossy Rock), I found and captured a Jigglypuff I named Puff Puff. Leaving the woods temporarily, I remembered a girl in Snowbelle who was offering me a Bisharp in exchange for a Jigglypuff. I decided to participate in this trade, collecting Pierce the Bisharp.

Once that was done, I headed back into the forest, battling many trainers along the way. Eventually, I found my way to a actual path, which lead me out to an area known as Pokemon Village. At this point, my Team was Level 71-72.

In the next Log, we will explore Pokemon Village & meet a strange older guy in a heavy jacket. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Pokemon Village
Welcome to "What Might We Find". In this Episode, we explore Pokemon Village, a hidden area within Route 20, or "Winding Woods". This is an area where Wulfric, the Snowbelle City Gym Leader, likes to be with wild Pokemon that have been mistreated. Good for him! Anyway...

What are our Options?
1. Gothorita (30%)
2. Amoonguss (20%)
3. Ditto (20%)

The bad part about getting Ditto is that I wouldn't be able to use it, due to not being able to breed. In the next Log (Log #45), we will state what our capture is. Until the next time, stay tuned!
Log #45-Pokemon Village

Pokemon Village
First Encounter:
As I came into the Pokemon Village, the hidden & secluded area within the "Winding Woods", I ran into a man wearing a heavy blue jacket who was watching over scared and abused Pokemon. When I found myself there, the Pokemon around the man scattered, and he introduced himself as Wulfric. Wulfric is also the Gym Leader of Snowbelle City's Gym. Once he recognized that I was there to challenge him, he departed and I decided to do my encounter for the area, which was a Gothorita I named Gothic.

I flew out of there, going to the Battle Chateau, where I balanced my Team to Level 72, then flew back to Snowbelle City, getting myself ready for the last Gym Battle.

Some Considerations
I have 4 Pokemon that I could use for this fight. There are 2 Fire Types (Talonflame & Chandelure) & 2 Fighting Types (Chesnaught & Lucario). Chesnaught is weak to Ice (2X), same as Tyrantrum. Tyrantrum has Rock Slide (got it at Level 68). As a result, when it comes to taking on Wulfric, that means that I will likely have Talonflame, Chandelure, & Lucario as my main 3.

In the next Log, we will take on Wulfric for the last Gym Badge. Until the next time, we will see you!
I know I already asked this before, but that was when you had just beaten Korrina: What Pokemon has surprised you the most? Which one has disappointed you the most?
I have to say, the answer for surprised is Chandelure. I have never used Chandelure (I don't think), and the moveset is very balanced. I really like it, and I have an appreciation for it due to this playthrough. As far as disappointed (though I do like it), it has to be Chesnaught, and only due to its moveset. In Gen 6, it learns no Fighting Type moves, other than Hammer Arm, naturally. This Pokemon, who is supposedly a Grass & Fighting Type, seems to have the Fighting Type side mostly not handled properly in the natural Level up moves.
Log #46-Snowbelle City Gym (Gym #8)
Snowbelle City Gym
I took my entire Team to the Gym, where I switched my Team around to battle the trainers. I then reduced my Team to Talonflame, Chandelure, & Lucario, all Level 72. The next part of the challenge was to figure out the puzzle. Sliding the pieces around was very tricky, but eventually I got through it. Getting to Wulfric, I sent out Talonflame against Abomasnow (Level 56). Abomasnow set up Hail, prompting Hail damage for the rest of the battle. One Flame Charge took it out. Next for Wulfric was Cryogonal (Level 55) and because I was looking for an aerial fight, I switched to Chandelure. One Flamethrower took it out. Lastly for Wulfric was Avalugg (Level 59). Because I was concerned about Avalugg and its levels and bulk, I switched out to Lucario & Mega Evolved. One Aura Sphere took it out. With that, I got my last Gym Badge. Upon leaving the Gym, Wulfric met with me, congratulating me on my win and wishing me good luck with the League.

Before we post the next Log, we are going to set up an old favorite with my Playthroughs,Gym Leaders In Review. This one will be a Nuzlocke Edition. Until the next time, we will see you!
Gym Leaders In Review: Kalos Nuzlocke Edition
Hey Folks!
I have decided to revive a popular posting, "Gym Leaders In Review". This Gym Leaders In Review will cover the Kalos Nuzlocke experience with these Gym Leaders. For each, we will compare each Gym Leader level & my level, along with looking at my Team for each Gym. Let's get started!

Gym #1: Viola
Type: Bug
Level: 12
My Level: 13

To face down Viola, I sent out Fletchling (Normal/Flying) & Pansear (Fire), both Types that are super effective against Bug Types. Pansear was the one that landed the final hits here, winning me my First Badge. There was a 1 Level difference between the two Teams.
Gym #2: Grant
Type: Rock
Level: 25
My Level: 26

For the battle against Grant, I brought Machop (Fighting) & Sandile (Ground/Dark) to the fight. Machop was the main fighter here. I was surprised that Machop managed to get through the whole fight in one piece, but it was amazing. Grant could have seen a Gym death or collapse to the Nuzlocke. There was a 1 Level difference between the Teams.
Gym #3: Korrina
Type: Fighting
Level: 32
My Level: 36

In this battle, I had 3 fully evolved Pokemon. These were Talonflame (Fire/Flying), Swanna (Water/Flying), & Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy). I mostly swept Korrina away, since I had a very strong Team. There was a 4 Level difference between the Teams. Starting at this point, my Levels started to move away from the Gym Leaders.
Gym #4: Ramos
Type: Grass
Level: 34
My Level: 40

In this battle, I didn't even use 3 Pokemon. I was down to Swanna & Talonflame. While Swanna did some damage, eventually I felt that I had to switch to Talonflame to finish sweeping Ramos. Once I did, the battle with Ramos quickly ended. There was a 6 Level difference between the Teams.
Gym #5: Clemont
Type: Electric
Level: 37
My Level: 45

My 3 Pokemon were: Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon), Krookodile (Ground/Dark), & Lucario (Fighting/Steel). This was the first appearance of a Mega Evolution in a Gym Battle during this Playthrough, and it definitely showed my power against Clemont. There was an 8 Level difference between Teams.
Gym #6: Valerie
Type: Fairy
Level: 42
My Level: 49

My 3 Pokemon were: Lucario, Drapion (Poison/Dark), & Tyrantrum. I specifically trained a Skorupi/Drapion for this Gym, since I didn't have much of a response for Fairy Types other than Drapion. Even so, Drapion could have been defeated by Valerie, and I argue she was the toughest Gym of Kalos, mainly due to the Typing. Valerie lulled me into a false sense of security when Lucario OHKOed Mawile. Sylveon was the toughest and bulkiest of her Team, and could have defeated Drapion somehow. There could have been another Gym death. The only way Drapion survived was through the held item Black Sludge. There was a 7 Level difference between Teams. I think the surprising closeness of this fight impacted the way I handled the future ones.
Gym #7: Olympia
Type: Psychic
Level: 48
My Level: 61

My 3 Pokemon were: Drapion, Lampent (Fire/Ghost), & Tyrantrum. Compared to the Valerie fight, Drapion easily swept through Olympia. It was funny that I could use Toxic Spikes to basically take down the majority of her Team. The combination of Toxic Spikes & Venoshock was a very effective combination against Olympia. Drapion once again did the majority of the work for the Gym. There was a 13 Level difference between Teams.
Gym #8: Wulfric
Type: Ice
Level: 59
My Level: 72

My 3 Pokemon were: Talonflame, Chandelure, & Lucario. It was not a hard fight, but I was a bit nervous. The only damage Wulfric did came not from his Team but from the Hail set up. Each one of my Pokemon had a share in the fight. There was a 13 Level difference between Teams.
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