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Unovia's White 2 Team Replacement Run


Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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Welcome to Unovia's White 2 Team Replacement Run. Before we get to the Rules of this Run, let me post my Previous Runs:
What Are The Rules For This Run?
1. I can collect what Team Members I want to in this Playthrough, but I have to change my Team at the conclusion of each Gym.
2. I can keep my current Team until I get a new Pokemon for the next Gym. A New Pokemon does not include a Pokemon that is an evolution of a previous Pokemon.
Ex: I have a Lillipup during my first Gym. If I run into a wild Herdier setting up during the run for the second Gym , I can't catch it because it is the evolved form of the Lillipup.
3. I will post accessible Pokemon at the run up of each Gym, both for my own reference as well as the people who are following along.

Special Thanks to:
@team_____grunt & @Greninjaman for the idea of this Playthrough.

Can I get through the Region of Unova by replacing my Team? Let's find out together!
Log #1-Starting Our Journey
Ok...I have never done a challenge like this, so it's going to be interesting.
Current Season: Summer
I started White 2, selected the female character, naming myself Hope (as in, Hope I can do this, lol.) :D
My rival was named Hugh (they really should have given a female rival option as well...anyway. I met with Bianca, who gave me my Starter. Under ordinary circumstances, where I would keep my Starter through the whole game, Snivy would not be my choice. However, I decided that, since this is a challenge I have never done before, I would pick the Starter I wouldn't normally pick (I don't like Snake like mons), naming it Jade. I defeated Hugh and his Tepig he raised from an egg (how did that work?), got 10 Poke Balls, then began to catch a few Pokemon, a Purrloin (Level 4) & Patrat (Level 4). I did some training in the grass, then moved on to Floccesy Town, where I met Alder.

My Team:
Snivy (Jade)-Level 10
Purrloin (Level 7)
Patrat (Level 7)

Once my Team is Level 9-10, I will move on. In the next Log, we will catch up with Alder and continue on. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Yeah. I imagine that this challenge would be tricky. I think allowing yourself to go back and catch stuff if you need to would be a good idea.
The truth is, I will have to be aware of the HMs, who can learn what, that kind of thing. Let's see what happens while it's in development. :D
Log #2-Floccesy Town, Route 20, Floccesy Ranch, & Learning From Alder
I trained Purrloin & Patrat to Level 9, then traveled into Floccesy Town. Alder met with me, seeing the second Town Map, encouraging me to head onto Route 20. On the Route, I caught Pidove (Level 4) & Sewaddle (Level 4). I trained them up to Level 9, then battled the Trainers on the way to Floccesy Ranch.

Floccesy Ranch
On the outer edge of the Ranch, I captured Psyduck (Level 5), Mareep (Level 5), Azurill (Level 5), Riolu (Level 5), & Lillipup (Level 4). I trained Mareep, Riolu, & Lillipup to Level 9. At the Ranch, the Rancher's Pokemon, a Herdier, went missing. While I was there, I battled Hugh and his Tepig using Mareep. I also battled a few Trainers here on my journey to find the Herdier. Eventually, I found the Herdier, who was held by a guy who claimed to be from a "Team Plasma".

My Team:
Snivy (Jade)-Level 10
Mareep (Level 10)
Riolu (Level 10)
Pidove (Level 10)
Sewaddle (Level 10)
Lillipup (Level 10)
Floccesy Town
Once I got back to Floccesy Town, I was invited by Alder to train with two of his students. Jade took out both a Panpour (Level 9) & Pansear (Level 9), which set Jade to Level 11. In all of my captures, I have no more Poke Balls, though Lillipup picked up a Nugget during training, which I cashed in, so I have quite a bit of money now. I also got a Great Ball. I think the only Pokemon I have not captured here yet is Sunkern, though it's going to be in the Box anyway.

I ended up running into a man named Mr. Medal, who invited me to join the Medal Rally, and gave me a few Medals. Alder encouraged me to take on the first Gym, Aspertia Gym. Before I go to the Gym, I have decided to train my Team for a bit. The First Gym is Levels 10-14, and I don't feel ready yet.

Planned Team Levels:
Servine (Level 17)
Flaaffy (Level 17)
Riolu (Level 17)
Pidove (Level 17)
Sewaddle (Level 17)
Herdier (Level 17)

In the next Log, we will be taking on Aspertia Gym. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #3-Aspertia Gym (Gym #1)
I got my Team to Level 13, as I felt that Level 17 would be a bit overkill for the Aspertia Gym and for the next parts of the run. For this Gym, I reduced my Team to:
Snivy (Jade)-Level 13
Riolu (Level 13)
Mareep (Level 13

Aspertia Gym

Going into the Gym, I saw how the Gym also doubled as a Trainer's School. I trained more using the students, alternating between Jade, Riolu, & Mareep. Once I was ready to take on Cheren, I took a deep breath, then began the fight. I started with Jade against Patrat (Level 11). Jade & Patrat would fight back and forth, and both of us used a Potion each to complete the battle. Jade got to Level 14. Next for Cheren was Lillipup (Level 13), same as the rest of my Team. I switched to Riolu, concerned I should have at least trained to Level 15 to have Force Palm. All I could use was Quick Attack, though I guess I could have used Counter. Lillipup almost beat Riolu, and then I switched to Mareep, Paralzing Lillipup, then finishing with a Thunder Shock. This won me my first Badge, the Basic Badge.

Outside the Gym, Bianca and Cheren met up after 2 years, then Hugh went to battle Cheren. In the next Log, we will go back on Route 20 on our way to Virbank City. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #4-Back On Route 20
Having defeated Cheren, I was not sure how to proceed. I could not quite retire my Team yet. I ran into Bianca as I headed back onto Route 20. She introduced the Habitat List, which will be super helpful in this Run. She also told me about rustling grass. I took my entire squad to explore Route 20, since there was a hiker who blocks the stairs. I was a bit worried, so I had Jade battle him (he had a Riolu, not a Rock Type, like I thought). I battled a few Trainers, mostly a Kindergarden class and their teacher, mainly because I didn't know when the rustling grass would be available first. My first squad was Level 14. During this time, I ran into Cheren & Hugh, who introduced me to Dark Grass, where you can find Wild Double Battles.

1st Squad
Jade (Snivy)

Heading back to Floccesy Ranch, I finally saw the first shaking grass, where I captured an Audino & Dunsparce. After I had captured them, I deposited my first squad back into the Box. I trained Dunsparce & Audino to Level 14, then finished the last few Trainers. I took a moment to look at what Pokemon were available in the Dark Grass, picking up a Venipede, training it using Audino at Floccesy Ranch

As of this Log, my Team is:
Dunsparce (Level 14)
Audino (Level 14)
Venipede (Level 14)

As I passed into Virbank, I got a few Great Balls.
Virbank City
When I walked into the City, I found myself in the middle of a discussion between a rocker turned Gym Leader, Roxie, and her dad, known as Pop Roxie. Pop Roxie headed off to the north, while Roxie went back to her Gym.

In the next Log, we will be going to the Virbank Complex. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #5-Virbank City & Complex
Heading into southern Virbank, I had the following Team:

In the Virbank Complex, I decided to make my first mission to capture all of the Pokemon at the Complex and train them up before I took on the Trainers. I captured Growlithe, Elekid (which took a bit to capture), Magnemite, & Koffing (which took a bit to find). In the Complex, the foreman asked me to go around and remind all of his workers to stop being lazy. Before I did that, I trained my new captures up to Level 14. At Level 16, I put Audino in the next Box, which I named Virbank. It took a while to beat all of the workers, but once I did, I took a little bit of time to farm Audino in the shaking grass, getting my Team to Level 18.

As of this Log, my Team is:
Growlithe (Level 18)
Elekid (Level 18)
Magnemite (Level 18)
Koffing (Level 18)
Venipede (Level 18)
Dunsparce (Level 18)

Now, I know from previous experience that Roxie (who is the next Gym Leader I will face) has a Whirlipede, who evolves at Level 22. When I battled Cheren, it didn't matter as much when I battled him, since he used Pokemon I had already captured (Patrat & Lillipup). Because Roxie has a Whirlipede, I want to get my Venipede up to that same point to make it even. As a result, I will be getting my Team to Level 22 before I take Roxie on. Because I am using Audino farming, it should not take me that long.

In the next Log, I will be taking on Roxie! Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
If this was me, I would just get whatever from anywhere. Even if I already got something there.
Edit: Plus: I just remembered. There is an alternate name for this challenge: The 'N' Run. You can probably guess why this is.
Last edited:
If this was me, I would just get whatever from anywhere. Even if I already got something there.
Edit: Plus: I just remembered. There is an alternate name for this challenge: The 'N' Run. You can probably guess why this is.
I was considering calling this the "N" Run, mainly because I remember how he was.
I was considering calling this the "N" Run, mainly because I remember how he was.
While it would make sense, the current title that you have for this makes more sense since it would tell those who have not played Pokemon Black & White what this is about, since "the 'N' Run" does not say anything about this at all. They would think that you are only use Pokemon that start with the letter N.
Log #6-Virbank Gym (Gym #2)
Koffing & The Toxics.jpg

Virbank Gym
Virbank Gym doubles as a punk rock club, a base for her band, "Koffing & The Toxics". I took out her band members. Interestingly, I think Roxie is the only Gym Leader who has a real voice you can hear sing. When I started battling her, she opened with Koffing (Level 16), and I opened with Magnemite (Level 22). I had Magnemite use Spark, which took it out easily. Next for Roxie was Whirlipede (Level 18). I thought about sending out my own Whirlipede, but Growlithe (Level 22) was the best Pokemon I could use in this fight. Two Fire Fangs and Whirlipede was done.

Pokestar Studios
Not much to say here. Roxie's Dad's Movie flopped, and I went in there to show him how it was done. I was rewarded with Lemonades from a fan of my work. This should be the last time I go do this, but we will see.

I battled a few Team Plasma grunts, both in Virbank and also on Route 20. Hugh and Roxie battled some of them as well. With the boat to Castelia ready to go, Roxie gives me Cut (HM01), then departs.

In the next Log, we will head to Castelia City. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
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