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VG Weekly Poll #54 Have you used a player character of the opposite gender?

Have you used a player character of the opposite gender to your own?

  • Yes

    Votes: 76 66.1%
  • No

    Votes: 23 20.0%
  • I was a girl playing in Gen I-II; I had no choice.

    Votes: 16 13.9%

  • Total voters


The Possibly Fake
Sep 25, 2005
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Hello Everynyan! Welcome to the fifty-fourth installment in the Video Games Forum's new weekly series of polls!

Centered around the Pokemon series of video games, these polls will be based on the various different aspects of the popular video game franchise. Every Monday, a Video Games staff member will post a new poll that'll remained stickied up on top of the forum. Suggestions for polls and questions can be sent to Joshawott or Zeb and they could possibly used for new polls (credit will be given, of course).

With that out of the way, here is the poll:

Have you used a player character of the opposite gender to your own?
With credit to Water Max for the poll.

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Thank you for voting!

-The Video Games Forum Staff
Yes, I have. I've played through Platinum as Dawn, Black as Hilda, and I plan on playing Black 2 as Mei.
When I was young I would play as the boys, I tend to play as the girls more now. I was a weird kid.
Girl here. My first game was Red, so obviously I had no choice but to play as a male character back then. After Crystal came out, I never chose the boy protagonist again. (Mostly because I don't like their designs at all. Not even one of them.)
Never, although I've often wanted to, mainly to see if there is a difference story-wise.
Yes, but never with my 'main' games, only when I get the other version to play through the game again. I love to discover every single line of dialogue in video games, so I'm interested to see even the smallest differences caused by picking the opposite gender.
Yep. First game was Red too so I had no choice yada yada, but I've played every gen as a male and female thus far since I have a tendency to replay my games plus sticking to the same gender isn't that fun. :p
Sometimes, mostly to differenciate different playthroughs.
It counts for different versions of the game, too. I played Lucas in Diamond and Dawn in Platinum. While naturally I played Gold in... Gold, though that was after Crystal.

Though for my "main", first runs, I choose the girl most of the time (except Red because duh, he's pretty cool anyways. On that note, they managed to make Leaf about as cool too)
So yeah, I guess "second runs" like everyone else.

And also never Brendan. I don't like his design. He's my least favorite PC, and I have strong memories of him and his stupid Mudkip.

To be honest, I'm thinking in playing as the guy in Black 2 first. I don't really like the girl's design that much, specially after Black's.
I do sometimes, but I generally play as the male PC. I've played as Leaf a few times, since I rather like her design and because FR is the game I happen to replay most often. I also always pick May, since I really don't like Brenden's design.
I chose to be leaf because I wanted to know what playing as a chick in a game where you get a choice (discounting fighting games) is like. Didn't like it felt weird don't think I'll do it again for a long time.
Yes, a couple of times. Just to try it for a change. Although I ended up spending way too much time thinking of a decent girl's name since my own name isn't gender-neutral and it's what I normally use for the player character.
I have played as the opposite gender back in the days of RBY and GSC.

But when the gender option came into being, I chose the female player characters and never looked back.
Ever since 2003, I've always chose to play as a boy character, even though I'm a girl. In every game that offers a gender option, even outside of Pokemon.

Crystal and Ruby were the only games I played as a girl in. It's because I can't stand the disgusting fanservice all the girls have been, and I don't want to play Pokemon dressed like a-- OKAY basically it makes me mad and I rant. o3o; That and I very much prefer the boys looks, they're so much cooler.
I played Red once in a run of LG, and Lucas in Pl, also Ethan in an 80% finished run of SS.
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