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Video Game Quotes

Even More quotes from FNF

...Don't make me do this.― Whitty

I have no money― Julian


Anyway you tryna watch Hamilton.― Carol

One can only stay wealthy under the exploitation of the working class.― Sunday

I'm always ready.― Hex

Anyways, I like you. You're like me, just trying to make it in this world through music.― Cyrix

A defective bot like me doesn't belong on the outside.― Static

I swear I can do better!― Pompom

It worked! The shift worked! We can be together forever, The Boyfriend!― Sky

May God forgive you... But I won't.― Sarvente

I'd say break a leg, but I might end up breaking yours literally, and I'm gonna make this as painful as possible for you... ...And your little girlfriend.― Ruv

Expect me to talk a lot but y'know I don't care if it annoys you a lot.― Selever

I'm lost― Ski

Welcome back, my new apprentice.― Sky (to Ski)

Does "Skylar" ring a bell?― NuSky

Ah fuck... why are you... Why are you so... so funkin perfect?― Skyblue

Hey, you found my cat!!! <3 I lost Rami at the outage earlier.― Sarusky

oh them, they're nothing more than accessories. in fact, they were holding me back― O!sky
Do I need a reason to want to help out a friend? ~ Unleashed
Talk about low budget flight! No food or movies? I'm outta here! I like running better. ~ Adventure 2
Time to scramble some Eggmen, Super Sonic style! ~ Generations
You may know everything I’m going to do but that’s not going to help since I know everything you’re going to do! STRANGE, ISN’T IT?!! ~ OVA
Heh, think I'd miss this? Time to crack that Eggman wide open... Yeah, let's party! ~ Heroes
Defeat me? You and what mustache? ~ Generations
Careful? Where's the fun in that? ~ Frontiers
You've Got Brains Like Eggman, Speed Like Me, And You Can Fly With Your Butt. It's Okay If You Need Help Sometimes. That's Just Part Of Growing Up. ~ Frontiers
Oh, I Hate That Hedgehog. But That Doesn't Change The Fact That He Is A Formidable Adversary. I Respect Him, But I Don't Have To Like Him. ~ Eggman, Frontiers
Be Careful... Dear Daughter. ~ Eggman, Frontiers
What is your end goal?
It varies. Sometimes it's a spinning sign, sometimes it's a big ol' ring. ~ Sage + Sonic, Frontiers
“What do you say when you are about to do something really reckless?”
“Throw cation to the wind?”
“No thats not it…” “Wait got it!” “YOLOOOOOOOO

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- Super Lesbian Animal RPG
"Aim your Zapper Gun (you cannot beat us)
Even with your robot partner (you cannot beat us)
Discover new worlds (you cannot beat us)
Score: 1000000 (you cannot beat us)
We are Nintendo. You cannot beat us." - Mr. Sys - Unbeatable - FNF: Mario Madness v2

Hey look! I'm doing the only strategy you've had this whole battle!
throws up their shield to block
- EveryName - Ribbit: A Deltarune Mod

I'm just a harmless girl who lets others think my carefully laid plans are simple actions gone awry. Caster (Tamamo-No-Mae) - Fate/EXTRA
"Knowing your shadow can greatly help you, but be ready to see what you'd rather not be".
"The mask you wear serves it purpose well, but be careful not to lose yourself in it."
The white cat, Spooky's jumpscare mansion.
Sometimes when colors clash and mix, you end up with mud. But every now and then, you get to see a beautiful rainbow! - Marina (Splatoon 3: side order)
From the Game Boy Advance game Kuru Kuru Kururin:

“Let me give you some advice. You’ll be all right. Trust me.” -Teacher Hare

“I want to go home but also want to eat sweets here.” -Loverin

“I was buried deep in mud! It was very hard!” -Gekirin

“Stars are so brilliant like me!” -Maririn

“Wow, I tripped over some rocks!” -Pokorin
"I want you to live for the future. There may be nothing left for you... But despite that, you must look forward and walk a path of hope, trusting that it will sustain you when darkness comes.
Farewell... This is the only world that your ancestors were able to leave you.
Please...forgive us."
from king daphnes nohansen hyrule in the legend of zelda: wind waker ........:confused:
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