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Was Trip/Shooti A Good Rival?

Was Trip A Good Rival??

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Trip is good rival. His passion for photography was awesome. I admire him since his first appearance, his improvement of strategy, his intelligence, and his drastically changing nature in Unova League.
Trip was hella bland and there was really no reason for them to even care about competing with each other until the league. It was like Ash kept running into some random youngster. Not to mention his skills were inconsistent. Sometimes he uses strategies, other times he just sends out a Pokemon and orders attacks.

There were no good rivals in Best Wishes.
Trip wasn't a good rival in my personal opinion. Honestly, I think that the only reason that the writers added Trip as a 'rival' is to have a rival for rivals sakes. Outside of that, I felt like the rivalry was more one-sided on Ash's side due to difference between how Ash dealt with things and how Trip did things , that Trip's and Ash's goals were different then each others and very little real reason for them to have a rivalry, and the fact that Trip rarely appeared to get any meaningful conflict, much less any meaningful character development as a rival.
Trip was not a good rival. It was like they couldn't decide if they wanted him to be as negative as Paul was at first or not, so he wasn't really a consistent character. Also his brand new Snivy beating Pikachu (even without electric attacks) was absolutely ridiculous and a terrible start for Trip. To make that scenario even more annoying, Pikachu shouldn't have beaten Serperior in the Pokemon League as it only connected on one attack and Serpierior had hit Pikachu many times. These two battles exemplified the inconsistencies seen in BW.
I wish I could change my vote in a way. One the one hand I no longer think that Shuuti was a bad character but I have to admit that he was no great rival. It's a shame really since there was a lot of potential in his character if they'd have handled him a little better: explained his skill level a bit or made the battles with him and Satoshi a bit more close. They could have gone the other way too and explored how fair it is to constantly beat a noob just because you can and they want to battle or if it's crueler/foolish to not give them your full strength. I personally would have prefered the first one since it keeps more of Shuuti's personality in tact.

The problem with Shuuti is that he came right after Shinji and even the biggest Shinji fans wanted something different. Shuuti was but by the time that was made clear too much time had passed. The thing is that being Shinji like isn't a bad thing for the character to be. Indeed, Shinji has due to the nature of his writing got lots of traits that could never really be explored that I could totally see a creator wanting to explore and if Shuuti was an outlet for that, I don't blame them to not wanting to risk ruining Shinji's character. Shuuti's Cheren like traits and traits that were all his own were fun to watch. It's a shame that it's so easy to be distracted by his battle recorder.
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