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What are you currently thinking about?

I've been scouring Amazon for all the things I want to make my perfect pink gaming set-up. There's the keyboard, the chair, the mic, the stand for my controllers, etc....
So far I just got the new silicon cover for my Switch Pro Controller :) It came today :D
It's cute and purple.
What I should do in my remaining two hours before I must go to bed. Should I pull out my tablet and do more art? Should I play more PMD? Should I detail my fakemon in a Google Doc? I'm veering towards that last one, because whenever I pull out my tablet, I inadvertently spend hours on it and mess up my sleep schedule.
Just how many "theorem" videos does False Swipe Gaming has? There is a Quagsire one, a Regigigas one and even a Rampardos one
Anyway, right now I am thinking that Registeel is the coolest Regi, although when I was younger I liked Regice more
Currently thinking that I am a bit too tired too early compared to usual, despite having extra coffee. I really did not sleep well last night :(
how i'm too fucking sensitive. what's wrong with me :sadsola:
Hormones can be weird. Just brace yourself please, these things usually pass :bulbaHugs:

As for what I think... How to get used to staying more at home again now that summer season is mostly over.
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