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What are you going to nickname your team in SV?

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
Just something to think about in the lead-up to release. Any ideas as to what you'll name some of the Pokémon you catch in Paldea? Do you have a naming scheme you tend to follow, or not so much?

At the moment, my party's names may end up being something like this...
  • Sprigatito: Nermal
  • Paldean Wooper: Choco Baby
  • Wiglett: Udon
  • Ceruledge: Sledgehammer
Feel free to elaborate on your name choices as much or as little as you wish :)

(P.S. Please remember to mark all mentions of leaks with [ISPOILER] tags!!)
Idk which ones specifically will be which except my Sprigatito will be Thorn. Otherwise I have a bunch of names picked out so far (I always raise more than 6 pokemon now)
Spade, Cider, Hark, Akiharu (from digimon survive), Sabbath, Pan, Asher, Nix, Harbinger and Fortune.
I usually just name all my caught Pokés the first name that came to my mind that I like after seeing the line (usually the final evo is most important). If I can't think of anything I just input some random letter and go from there. :confused:

Quaxly: Don, Axote, Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Mayura/Mayuri, Paon, Rito, Revalii
Fuecoco: Coco, Miguel, Loco
P. Wooper: Haku, Stein
Pawmi: Pikachu IX (just as the other PikaClone before them)
Gonna be naming Quaxly Ferdinand for sure. Uhhhhhh for other mons? Fidough might be Figaro (pronounced FIE-gah-roe) or Columbo. or I name Fidough and Greavard Martha and Skits

Maybe I'll come up with a Spanish colors/flowers/something else theme for names.
I always do a naming theme and which are nearly always based around the Pokemon Adventures Pokedex Holder's naming themes. So they can range from being a specific theme where all Pokemon are named after something in particular (like members in a band) or taking part of the Pokemon species name and just using that as the name, or taking part of the species name and adding a suffix. Right now, I'm a bit overdue for a new suffix theme (last one was W2 I think) so I decided to do that this time.

I wanted to do something significant to the games so I deiced that I'm going to be taking part of the species name and adding one of the syllables from Naranja since I'll be playing Scarlet and going to the Naranja Academy. So right now, I only know I'll be using Quaxly and Pawmi. For Quaxly I think I'll be going with Lyran since it's kind of hard to do anything with the Quax part of its name. Pawmi will likely be Mina or Mija depending on what other names I decide. Since I'll have a team of 6, I'm going to try to use na, ran, and ja on two Pokemon each.
I don't think up nicknames out in advance. That's something I keep blank while playing the game, at least until an idea hits me later on. For once it's something where I actually do better at without a plan.
I usually don't nickname Pokemon on my first playthrough but I am thinking of nicknaming a Greavard "Present" after the fact that it was revealed on my birthday. I also decided on the name "Tito" for my Sprigatito in a previous thread. Other than that, I'll have to see what my final team looks like.
Here’s my nicknames!

Sprigatito: Phantom (name of my real life cat)
Fidough: Velvet (name of my real life dog (alive))
Toxapex: Sting
Smolive: Leif

Now ones that aren’t confirmed yet but if they are this is their nicknames :)

Skitty: Kiki (nickname of my cat)
Ninetales: Cookie

Edit: I have made adjustments
Sprigatito : Phantom | Fidough : Velvet | Toxapex: Sting | Smolive : Leif | Tinkaton : Cloud | Gallade : Shine

Edit 2: New team cause I just found a shiny
Meowscarada: Phantom | Toxapex: Sting | Tinkaton: Cloud | Goodra : Hearts | Shiny Weavile : Sparkle | Flareon : Comet
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I never plan my Pokemon names ahead of time, and I'm trying so hard to not even see the new Pokemon anyway.
But I think I'm gonna name my Quaxley Dewey. I can't deal with going through the game with a Pokemon name Donald, and Quax resembles Dewey Duck the most after Donald Duck.
I have a psyduck inducing headache coming up with a nickname for the starter which is going to be quaxly at this point. Normally, I'm able to come up with something on the spot for pokemon nicknames.
I never nickname my Pokemon during my first playthrough, cuz i want to learn the Pokemons real name first and the best way to do that is playing without nicknames. Especially now with some Pokemon have names that are hard to pronounce.
I hadn't really thought of what to nickname my team until quite recently, and whether I would go with a theme or not. I ultimately settled on giving them Spanish names, which are as follows (only five because I still can't decide on a sixth member):
  • Fuecoco/Crocalor/Skeledirge: Salvador (M) or Soledad (F)
  • Rellor/Rabsca: Rodrigo (M) or Rosario (F)
  • Smoliv/Dolliv/Arboliva: Alejandro (M) or Azucena (F)
  • Cetoddle/Cetitan: Cristóbal (M) or Carmen (F)
  • Nacli/Naclstack/Garganacl: Guillermo (M) or Gabriela (F)
i've been considering naming my pokemon after scientists or writers. i'll probably end up playing more than once so i'll probably do both. I'll try to be thematic (Sprigatito = Schrodinger for instance) but may just go with whatever
Ended up nicknaming my team as following:
  • Quaxly: Mayura, from Sanskrit for peacock. The main inspiration is Mayura from MLB, but I like it because it's sounds like a feminine name to me despite being a word used specifically for the male ones. It also sounds flashy, very fitting for Quaxly's final evo imo.
  • Paldean Wooper: Haaku, which actually came from a riddle about the Pokémon back in the leak season. The riddle is related to Spirited Away, and that's what sticks with me the most about P. Wooper I think. The second a is just added for no reason.
  • Tinkatink: Orth, from Thor because she has a big hammer as her main weapon. Inversed just to add some variety to the naming.

And for the rest I just did some portmanteau from words that popped to my mind when naming them:
  • Nymble: Saltarada, from saltamontes enmascarado, masked grasshopper, since she's a masked grasshopper not a masked rider. Saltarada because she's a female Nymble.
  • Wattrel: Pátrica, from jaro eléctrico, electric bird, quite self explanatory. Pátrica because again she's a female Wattrel.
  • Capsakid: Pimaño, from pimiento picante, spicy pepper. The ñ is there just for aesthetic purpose.
For nicknames, I'm going as follow : I picked Quaxly at the start, and jokes to myself that the MC is actually italian and nicknamed Quaxly "Paperino" (which is Donald Duck's italian name), and the rest of my Pokémons are shortened spanish names for the equivalent species. For example, I nicknamed Gastly "Tasma", as in "Fantasma". Or Rockruff being "Guija", which is the spanish word for pebble, stone, etc.
Meowscarada - Sam
Dondozo - Dan
Ceruledge Ceru
Tinkaton - Tina
Farigiraf - Girafadaf
Garganacl - Garga

Falinks - The lads (only there so I can walk with it and have joy)
My final nicknames were:
  • Tik-Crok the Skeledirge
  • Tumble the Brambleghast
  • Pikachu the Mimikyu
  • Plasma the Rotom
  • Maiden the Froslass
  • Monke the Annihilape
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