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What are your (non-Fan) Fiction pet peeves (non-manga/anime)?

Mar 29, 2022
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  1. He/Him
  2. They/Them
On this thread, you can talk about any pet peeve you have about works of fiction that aren’t fanfics or manga/anime, as those specifics threads already exist on the forum.

So, what are your fiction pet peeves?
I'm sure this shows up in fanfics and anime/manga as well, but the "jerk older sibling who only shows they care when things get REALLY bad" character archetype bothers me. Mainly the fact that it shows up so much in so many places and is often presented as the "normal" older/younger sibling relationship. I'm an oldest sibling, and I'm certainly not the world's best at the role but I do try. The fact that so much of fiction just goes "Yeah, older siblings are all naturally jerks" is discouraging.
Species profiling.
Examples: carnivorous dinosaurs, hyenas, snakes.
Luckily The Lion Guard tv show tried to remedy the Species profiling of hyenas by having a group of good guy hyenas introduced early on.
I don’t feel pleasure by having an iredeemable character being badly punished, be they be killed by the MC (not even in self-defense, the MC just abruptly kills them even though they’re not immediately in danger because of them), made immortal and unable to do anything, or neither of them but still cruel it shouldn’t be regarded as an okay punishment (like lobotomy).

It’s apparently called "catharsis factor". I hate that trope.

Also, when time travel/communication (a la The Lake House or Frequency)/simple what-if rewrites the timeline, and a character from a non-ethnical minority is suddenly from the majority. Let's take, for example, a character who's trans. There's this trope used, and in the alternate/new timeline, the character is now cis (same AGAB as the main/precedent timeline) and never identified as another gender. I don't know if such an example exists, but I know variations happened (an autistic character now neurotypical or a lesbian character now straight).

I also don't like the "reverse discrimination". I don't know what those writers want people to react with such stories, because prejudiced people will stay prejudiced and the non-prejudiced ones already agree with the message. We can teach discrimination lessons without doing reverse ones.
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