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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

With the Pokemon DLC coming I'm trying to finish the biggest part of this chapter before my brain gets completely flooded with Pokemon. I wrote a couple of pages for my fic today, and as long as I don't get hit by the hype train early I should be able to finish the rest of this part tomorrow.
Made some additions to the Viron List and Combat Chip List thanks to some new inspiration, along with changing a few things. First, added in some new Virons: Power Pack Bot, Proto Bot, Fire/Icy/Thunder Bot, and Multi Bot. This, in turn, created new Combat Chips for them: Energy Charge and Power Detonator for the Power Pack Bot (thus giving it two types of obtainable Combat Chips), Bullet Shot for the Proto Bot, and Firewall/Icicle Cannon/Thunderclap for the Fire/Icy/Thunder Bots, respectively (Multi Bot offers random Chip data when killed). In terms of changes I tweaked some of the other entries, such as adding in the Elemental Bash Combat Chips to the Elemental Hammerhead Virons (so now they give two kinds of Combat Chips, depending on luck), created the Steel Body Combat Chip to go along with the Stone/Iron Body chips, and gave all the different Gaia Virons Gaia Hammer to go with said Stone/Iron/Steel Body chips (thus they give two types of chips, depending on luck).
Tired as hell + trying to come up with ideas + writing other stuff at the same time while the deadline creeps closer and closer = losing my mind over what the heck I'm supposed to write for the autumn oneshot competition. This is fine.

Anyways, got some decent progress in a different oneshot I started a few weeks ago.
(sorry for the triple post)

Wrote another page for my fic today. I'm getting closer and closer to the turning point of this story.

Update: I couldn't wait to write more of this scene, so I ended up writing again into the early morning to finish this scene off. It's 2am now though so I'm going to go to bed.
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Wrote the next chapter of Dawn of Courage this morning ("Tendoom's Terror"). It's a bit shorter than I would've liked, thus I had to fill out some space with an extra scene, but since I haven't written a chapter in a while I'm a tad rusty so it'll have to do.

Anyway, it's been a few days since the party came to the checkpoint and met Rayler again. The Holy Paladins have since healed the Spear Dragon and the checkpoint can now be reopened. After escorting the various travelers and merchants through the route Rayler says goodbye to the party. The party begins their hunt for either Captain Tendoom or Captain Carntilage, knowing that both were waiting for them with their railroading attempt. They soon find Captain Tendoom and the fight between the two factions begins. However, it ends up being a relatively short fight, as the party easily overwhelms the Undead Army platoon before burning Tendoom to ashes with their Hellfire Rings. The party makes their way to a magical campsite in hopes of gathering information on where Captain Carntilage's base may be, since Tendoom mentioned that Carntilage returned to his Undead Base since the party took so long to cross the boarder. They find that another group of individuals have set up camp at the magical campsite but are willing to share, with a member of the Grassroot Clan using his ability to talk to plant life to gain the information the party needs to find Captain Carntilage's base. The two groups share a meal before calling it a night. The next chapter, "Battle of the Werebeasts", features a clash between a Werefox and Werecat over morals.
Despite being fairly tired today I managed to write the next chapter in Dawn of Courage ("Battle of the Werebeasts"). It's a much more satisfactory length compared to the previous one which I'm happy about since I didn't need to put in any filler this time around.

Anyway, the party is heading toward the next Undead Base, which is beyond a trader's town. However, they are nearly run over by a runaway firokoko-pulled cart, which accidentally lost several chests and bags of items. The party examines the items in the chests and bags both to satisfy their curiosity and to see if the items had any sort of nametag or indication of who they belonged to, despite Sir Reginald worrying that Kettu would pinch something. They soon discover a nametag in the chests and after examining the goods they stash them away into Nova Digi-Pack in hopes of finding their rightful owner. They soon find the merchant and return his goods, to his relief. They learn that there are still some items missing, namely a sack of Offensive Magical Accessories like Fireball Rings and a sack of Elemental Wards, but the party didn't see them among the items they found. But the merchant is thankful that the party returned everything that they did find before moving on. The party soon runs into Eoleo, who is revealed to have found the two sacks of items and uses the Offensive Magical Accessories against Nova in hopes of one-upping him. Kettu and Eoleo get into a clash of morals, since Kettu, despite being a thief by trade, has a sense of honor and knows not to cross certain lines, which are the same lines Eoleo crosses gleefully. The resulting argument turns into a brawl between their Werebeast forms, though the party knows that Kettu is at a disadvantage since Werecat Werebeasts possess more stamina and strength and are better against head-on attacks while Werefox Werebeasts have superior speed and agility and prefer hit-and-run tactics, thus Eoleo has a clear advantage. Nova predicts it'll become a war of attrition between Eoleo's smaller mana pool and Kettu's lower stamina, but he has faith in Kettu. Sure enough, during the final attack Eoleo's mana runs out, causing him to transform back, allowing Kettu to pin the Werecat and allow the party to recover the stolen items before giving Eoleo the boot. They praise Kettu for his actions of the day before returning the items to the merchant. However, the items that Eoleo used got a bit beat up from the fight and although the party offers to buy the damaged goods at cost from the merchant he instead gives the ten rings used by Eoleo to them as a thank you gift. At the inn Kettu reflects that the last time he used his Werebeast form for that long it was to protect his younger brother, Felix, from Muu, and failed, resulting in him joining the group in hopes of rectifying his greatest failure. Nova and Angelo give Kettu the needed moral support, to his gratitude. The next chapter, "Future Plans in Motion", features the party learning about a big plan the alliance has cooked up with Belzebuth regarding the war with Muu.
I don't know what happened but something threw me off my writing game during these past couple of days, and I just haven't been able to concentrate on it, despite being on the most exciting part of this story. I did manage to force myself through it tonight, but I may end up taking another small break to just refresh. I really want to enjoy these next few scenes I get to write.
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