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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Meant to post this earlier but I had to eat. Wrote another Duel Script for Psychic Duelist Django. Features a Duel between Draco with his Red-Eyes monsters and the Shadow Stalker Paradox and his Gate Guardian deck (notice the mythology gag?). This is Draco's first encounter with a Shadow Stalker, since during the time they were "relevant" they were targeting Django, his friends, and Kain, so Draco only heard about them, thus never actually encountered one. Draco wins but it gives him his first taste of what the Shadow Stalkers are like and what Django had to endure during Cyber Clash.
Finally got around to writing Z-Move training for my characters. Had to do a lot of research on how the anime portrays all aspects and mechanics of the moves to keep the lore straight. Pretty disappointed to find so many unanswered questions and a shocking amount of inconsistencies. But hey, I have some wiggle room as a result so that's good news.
Finally got around to writing Z-Move training for my characters. Had to do a lot of research on how the anime portrays all aspects and mechanics of the moves to keep the lore straight. Pretty disappointed to find so many unanswered questions and a shocking amount of inconsistencies. But hey, I have some wiggle room as a result so that's good news.
What sort of inconsistencies?
What sort of inconsistencies?
First thing I was looking for was how does a character become allowed to use Z-Moves. Episode 1-2 of Sun and Moon suggests that only those participating in the Island Challenge are allowed to use Z-Moves. Kiawe also says that only those who desire to do good for Alola are allowed to be Z-Move users. Both of these kind of fly out the window when Team Rocket manage to get the ability to use Z-Moves. The closest they get to doing Island Trials are getting into that scuffle with a Totem Raticate and later saving Acerola from that big Gengar. In the latter TR gets to do Z-Moves before beating the Gengar which makes the task seem a bit iffy on being an Island Trial. In either case, nothing seems to be officiated for TR being Island Challenge participants but here we are. And considering TR's intentions are still criminal ones after beating Gengar, we can safely label what Kiawe said about Z-Move users needing to be benevolent is pretty much Rapidash dung. It kind of seems like as long as someone with level of authority over Z-Rings or Z-Crystals says it's okay for someone to use Z-Moves it's fine. The trials are also pretty different in what is required to pass them to get a Z-Ring. Not all of Ash's classmates had to battle something, Mallow just worked at an Oranguru's cafe for a day while Tapu Koko was around.

The 2nd thing I looked for is how easy it is to use Z-Moves. It seems at best to be a case by case basis. Ash used Gigavolt Havoc on his first try without even seeing how the dance is supposed to be performed. The movements are important as shown in a later episode when he tries to use Bloom Doom but does the movements incorrectly as Mallow tells him. How in the world Ash managed to do a correct and precise series of movements ending with a pose without even seeing or even knowing it the first time is some pretty fishy stuff. He also likely didn't invent the Gigavolt Havoc movements either considering that Gigavolt Havoc was recognized by the other characters, meaning that the move has been done before and the accompanying dance would already exist. James also did Blackhole Eclipse successfully on his first try against Gengar. Jessie also masters her Z-Move very fast compared to Ash's friends. Sophocles and Lillie failed their first time and the latter took 11 episodes until she could use it successfully. Guess TR is just built different? In a good way? Maybe Ash's classmates (minus Kiawe) just kind of stink at using their own culture's moves.

I also looked for how long it takes between Z-Move uses. The anime is like the game in how it says "once per battle" but that is also pretty vague considering that not all battles last the same amount of time. If one battle takes 5 minutes to conclude before the next one allows for a new Z-Move then what sense does it make if a different battle takes 10 minutes to conclude before the same reset happens? The only answer is one I can infer. Ash practiced and failed to do Bloom Gloom in training before his battle against Olivia. The battle seems to have been done later that day and probably wasn't more than a few hours. If Ash was practicing that move for Olivia's battle then it would make sense that he'd be able to use it again had he performed it successfully, otherwise it wouldn't make sense for him to practice on that day since doing it right would mean he can't do it at all in the battle he needs to actually use the Z-Move in. Not exactly an inconsistency but an unanswered question nonetheless. I'll admit that I haven't finished all of the SM anime so there might be an instance of Z-Moves being done repeatedly with small gaps in between that I haven't seen. If anyone knows which episode does that, I'd appreciate learning about it so I can see it for myself.
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I've been reviewing this AU idea I had and I realized I might not be able to finish it, even if it's just a short, unless I make a major change in the story. I decided I would keep going until that point where it becomes a problem, hopefully I figure out a way to fix it before then. Wrote another page for my fic this evening.
I've written the first words of my special, non-Pokémon related writing project. For the first two chapters, specifically. They are:

"Our name means despair." (for Chapter 1)


"Hope for the hopeless!" (for Chapter 2)

Yeah, that doesn't seem like much, huh? But my biggest fear as a writer is a blank canvas, so here's hoping, haha, that this small progress here can turn into something amazing in a few months!
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Got cripplingly sick for a bit, which is usually when I do my best work if it's just physical, but it was mentally draining too so that didn't help me at all. But I did a tiny bit of editing today to try to start back into it.
Hope you feel better soon! I get you, I was sick like that last week.

I struggled to write a half-page for my Pokemon one-shots fic today, so I'm probably going to go back to my AU short tomorrow unless I get another rush of inspiration.
A little bit of something related to Pokemon Adventures: Ruby and Sapphire. (After I read the first volume of it.).
Will tell you what it is when it is done. (Possibly)
Psychic Duelist Django is on hold for now, as I need to hear back from Draco's character owner to go over some details he wants in the chapter. Instead, I wrote the next chapter of Shooting Star Rider ("Poison Ivy's Toxic Snare"). I started it a while ago but got engrossed in Psychic Duelist Django again, so I finished it today.

Anyway, it's the following day after Torchfire's attack on the Glimmer household. Lyn is still nursing some damage, something that Cherry notices is familiar to her, thus is temporarily out of commission. The gang talks about how Torchfire's attack may be connected to organized crime, but they wonder why Julia's home was targeted. Meanwhile, Dr. Cosmo is talking to another underling, Klara, and gives her instructions. The gang heads to Ethan's Chip Shop, only to find that his computer and register have been ensnared by cyber vines. Obsidian is able to get rid of them but knows it was just a temporary fix. The gang buys some new Combat Chips before Obsidian detects the source of the cyber vines. Pride, Julia, Thomas, and Daxter send in their Cyber Guardians to confront the enemy while Lyn sits the fight out due to her injuries and Obsidian slips away to transform into Star Rider and follow them. Their opponent is Poison Ivy, a Wood Cyber Guardian, who is using her ivy vines to ensnare businesses so Klara can send ransom emails to the owners. They are confronted by the gang and a battle begins. Knightmare, as always, proves to be the main powerhouse and defensive wall of the group, and Julia shows a bit of character development by using a combo for the first time. Star Rider soon joins the fray and it's revealed that Torchfire and Poison Ivy are part of the same group, along with learning that Torchfire's attack on Julia's home was to hold her for ransom. Star Rider is able to force Poison Ivy to Pulse Out and Pride comes up with the theory that this new criminal group needs to build up their funds, hence why they tried holding a rich woman like Julia and several business hostage in exchange for money. Meanwhile, Dr. Cosmo is furious that Star Rider (and now the rest of the group) uprooted another plan, revealing he does need funds in order to create his master plan. The next chapter, "Elecbolt's Electric Panic", features the titular Cyber Guardian in action in yet another scheme.
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