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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

FULL DRAFT COMPLETE, BABY! Final word count as of this point is 12,422. The next step is to leave it the hell alone. I've been looking at this document almost every day for, like a month, and I'm sure I've been getting all up in my own head about it. At this point best to just leave it alone for a week or two, come back to edit later once I'm out of my own head, maybe ask a beta reader to check up on some stuff, but I'm close now! And I love it!
Was my last one really 4 pages ago? Time does fly. Finished Ch 33 with a little over 15,000 words since. Now working on Ch 34. Finished 2 skirmishes against some Ghost Pokemon. 2 down, 2 to go.
Because a damn dream woke me up too early this morning I decided to get another Pokemon Team done for Battle From the Heart. This time it's for Aegir, Geo's main rival in the Hoenn region. Once again, like Orion, Geo and Aegir have a theme naming gimmick. While Orion and Geo had a cosmic theme (Geo meaning "Earth" and Orion being based off of the Orion constellation, which also ties in nicely with Team Galactic's theme and names), Aegir's name is based off of the Norse God of the Sea, keeping to the Hoenn region's "Land VS Sea" theme when paired alongside Geo's name. It also has a secondary theming in the fact that Geo reforms Courtney of Team Magma (who becomes a mainstay after her Heel-Face Turn), thus further tying Geo to the "land" aspect of the "Land VS Sea" theme of Hoenn. Anyway, Aegir's team has some pretty big bruisers like Swampert and Metagross, the former of which, again, ties into the "Land VS Sea" theme, being the "Sea" to Geo's Blaziken's "Land" (as well as being the usual main-rival-has-starter-with-type-advantage thing that was prevalent in most games before Alola bucked the trend with Hau).
Working on my big story. The document is approaching 100,000 words now, but a lot of that is notes and scrapped passages that I'm keeping separate in case they give me ideas for later things. Currently, I am working on the setup for a scene where the protagonists become intoxicated. (I've never had alcohol, though, so I'm waiting to write the part where they're actually intoxicated until I've done a bit more research, since I don't have personal experience to draw from.) Though that probably won't be the only scene I work on today; I have a very non-linear writing process, i.e. I don't write strictly from beginning to end, but I write bits and pieces all over the story, focusing on the biggest, most intense, or most interesting (in my opinion) scenes first, or just scenes that I get a clear idea for, then I connect the dots from there.
Wrote another Pokemon Team for Battle From the Heart. Taking a page from the anime I've included a Striaton Gym Leader into the main cast. In this case: Cress, especially since Geo will have a Tepig by that point, thus it'll fall in-line with how the games go (which also ties in nicely to Cheren's and Bianca's teams from before). His team isn't a full one like the others but it is rather... unique, to put it simply. It takes pages from both his in-game team and Cilan's anime team, along with several original additions. Should be a fun team to use.

EDIT: Correction. I decided to give him a full team instead of just 5, which will take a page from the anime again with which Mon joins his team. That means every main character in the Unova Saga will have a full team.
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Wrote the first round against Gengar and snuck in an old school Yugioh reference. Round 2 begins but I think I may do a bit of cutting to another ghost fight before I come back to this one.
Wrote a rough draft of the first chapter of Battle From the Heart ("A New Beginning"). Now, unlike how I normally do things, I won't be (semi)briefly going over the details of the chapter, as this was largely an experiment to see how this series might flow. Stuff in it is subject to change, since I'm not actually starting this series just yet. Plus I needed to shake off some rust that I had developed due to the lack of actual writing (as in chapters, not sub-documents like Pokemon teams and such). I nearly lost the data at one point thanks to the weather knocking my power around but things quieted down for me to finish this early draft of the chapter. Again, this is mostly an experiment to see how the story would flow and try to get a feel for it, since the last time I tried to take on Battle From the Heart it was a failure because I couldn't quite get things to flow right. Hopefully this experiment will give me an idea of how the story will look and feel as I go along.
The same day I came up with my AU idea I also came up with a better idea for my pokemon fic rework. I put that on ice for a few days while I worked on this AU, but now I am ready to go back to it. I went ahead and finalized the characters today so I can actually get to writing it soon.
Wrote the next rough draft chapter of Battle From the Heart ("Crouching Croagunk, Hidden Purugly"). Like last time I won't be going over the details of it, since it's still very much a rough draft and the contents are subject to change. Plus, again, it was a writing exercise to see how this story will look and flow. I'm not totally satisfied with it, hence why I want to tweak it a bit more, but I've got the basic idea down, which is more important to me right now, as I can make any adjustments now that the idea is done. Also I'm not sure if I portrayed the star of the chapter, Croagunk, well enough, despite taking a few pages from Brock's Croagunk on his behavior and actions. But like the first chapter, this one showcases how things like Held Items will be used and portrayed, which is something I hope I did well on. I'll tweak it some more over time, along with the first chapter to see how I can improve on it.

Also, side note, I tweaked a few entries in Geo's Sinnoh Team list. Mostly just adjusted a few moves, like giving his Torterra Rock Climb over Shell Smash (which will play a role during the Team Galactic climax, hence its inclusion), but nothing too outlandish or exciting.
Writing a scene where a fresh-faced researcher is surprised at the prospect of Pokémon being gay, and the main protagonist (who is a Pokémon) is confused as to why that's a big deal.

On a tangential note, I recently found a really interesting book, Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity by Bruce Bagemihl, and I would highly recommend it. In short, it brings to the forefront many of the numerous instances of homosexual (and, to a lesser extent, transgendered) behavior among non-human animals that were known at the time (it was published in 1999) and the widespread homophobia within the Western scientific community that has led to such behavior being obscured, dismissed, or rationalized away for the last 200 years. Being 25 years old, some of the ways queer terminology is used in the book (especially with regards to transgenderedness) are slightly archaic, but I find that interesting in its own right.
Wrote another Pokemon Team for Battle From the Heart. This time it's for Korrina in Kalos, taking a page from her anime self. At first she'll only have the Mons she had in her Gym Battle with Ash (Machoke, Mienfoo, Lucario), but she'll expand it as she travels with Geo and Courtney, making her pretty much the only main character in that particular arc to not use all new Mons (sans Geo's Gardevoir and Courtney's Camerupt, which are their starters). Along with acting as the "teacher" in introducing Mega Evolution to them (particularly Courtney). Plus her more perky personality will contrast nicely with Courtney's more sullen and reserved personality.
Forgive the double post but I made a few adjustments to various Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. Mostly adjusting some moves for certain Mons, and most of them were from Geo's various lists, though I did tweak a couple of others. I also did a bit of tweaking to the two rough draft chapters of the same series. The first one, "A New Beginning", looks better after some of the adjustments. The second one, "Crouching Croagunk, Hidden Purugly", still needs some work, but it does look a bit better, though I'm still not totally satisfied just yet. Both still need some work before I feel they're good enough to be considered true chapters, especially given my inexperience with writing Pokemon-related stuff (fantasy stuff, yeah, sure, that's easy enough, given my love of RPGs like Breath of Fire, but Pokemon is an interesting beast to me, given its nature and how the different mediums tend to vary immensely).
More work on C27. Which is actually now C28. No, no new chapter this time, I just changed the order. A point in C27 is that something the very insane Pawniard of Nori's spouts, and a lot of it's ambiguous, gets confirmed to the reader by one more trustworthy, it works better this way and no event is affected from the order changing. Nearly done with it, but I might need another set of eyes for this one. A bit of prompty work too.
Wrote another Pokemon Team for Battle From the Heart. This time Suzette in Unova, who will be Cress' "rival" a la Burgundy was to Cilan in the anime. And just like Burgundy... she won't have much luck against Cress. And to reflect her own "nature" most of her Pokemons' Natures fall into a similar fold (ie: Hasty, Sassy, Rash, etc), creating almost empathy pet-like scenarios for her and her Pokemon. She'll be amusing to write, that's for sure.
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