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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Wrote another Pokemon Team for Battle From the Heart. This time it's Garvit (Unova), who acts as Geo's "main" rival (Geo does have Cheren and Bianca as rivals but they're on the friendly side and often work together/help each other). He takes a few pages from Trip, most notably with 3 of his Mons (Serperior, Unfezant, and Jellicent), with 2 of the remaining ones playing homages to Trip's Mons (Sawk for Conkeldurr and Simisear for Lampent), with only Durant being the "original" addition. Though considering his name means "prideful" and "superior, which he clearly sees himself as such, he's nowhere as good as he boasts. Yes, his team has some pretty impressive moves and members, but he's not as strong as some of Geo's past rivals like Orion. Though unlike Trip, who plays favorites with his Serperior, Garvit will use his other team members more routinely, so they won't get relegated to forgotten status. That should sum him up.
Finished the last two ghost battles. Incorporating the public swimming pool into the Gengar and Yamask battle was fun, especially since I got to write Dragonair driving them into the water with Dragon Rush as an explosive finish. Now to tie up some loose ends.
Thanks to some advice from my good friend @Steel_Justice I was able to clean up the second chapter of Battle From the Heart to more favorable levels. Now it looks like it's actually complete and feels a bit more organic when Danny joins up with Geo. Also spent a bit of time polishing up the third chapter of Battle From the Heart, fixing some overlooked errors or moments that might have not made sense. Still need to go over it again to ensure I got everything but at least it looks a bit cleaner and coherent.
Forgive the double post but I managed to get the next chapter of Battle From the Heart done ("Team Galactic's Cosmic Clash"). Or, well, like usual, the rough draft, since I feel it could use a bit more work. But, for the most part, it has now established the "power trio" of Geo, Danny, and Jodi, along with introducing Vivi, Victor, and Weavile (and Team Galactic as a whole) as the "main villains" of the Sinnoh arcs. It also shows Geo's affinity for creative tactics like combos, as well as the first evolution in the series, which the next chapter will further display. It could still use a bit of fine-tuning, and maybe could use a few extra scenes in it, but at least the basic idea is down, which matters more to me. Thus I can tweak it at will where needed. But now the first main cast has been established.
Because the forums were down for maintenance yesterday I wasn't able to report this but I got the next chapter of Battle From the Heart done ("Shooting Staravia"). Like usual, more of an early version, as I feel I could add a bit more to it, but I feel a bit more confident in it than past ones since the premise of this chapter was basically a stepping stone to the next chapter, where some bigger events happen. It also shows Geo's creativity in battle again, as well as his immense good luck when it comes to secondary effects of certain moves. But overall this one feels a bit more complete than the last few since it is designed to act as a stepping stone to Orion's debut.

Also, since I've been having trouble sleeping I was able to write up another Pokemon Team for Battle From the Heart. Specifically, Professor Kukui... I mean the Masked Royal's Alola Team, since he acts as both a "rival" and the last obstacle to Geo's Alola journey. It takes elements from both his game team and anime team, with one original addition. Kukui... I mean the Masked Royal has Mons that act as rivals to two of Geo's Mons: Incineroar (shiny) and Lycanroc Midday to Geo's Incineroar and Lycanroc Dusk. I also included strategies that wouldn't look out-of-place from a competitive team like Snow Warning/Aurora Veil A-Ninetales and Stealth Rock Lycanroc. Should be interesting.
Wrote the next chapter of Battle From the Heart today ("Chit-Chat Chatterbox Chatot"). Like usual it's more of a rough version, as I feel it could probably use a few extra scenes, but I got the basic premise down. It involves both a capture and meeting Orion, Geo's soon-to-be main Sinnoh rival, along with revealing Orion's "motivation" of sorts and why he immediately antagonizes Geo and Jodi (and by extension, Danny). Plus it shows how TMs in this story work, as Geo offers up one of his TMs to Danny to teach the titular Chatot a new move (he obtained a few from his father prior to setting off). Along with showing how certain abilities like Intimidate and Trace would work (I hope I portrayed them well enough). Might tweak it a bit later but this'll do for a start.
Wrote the next chapter of Battle From the Heart today ("Fossil Feud"). This one I'm a bit more confident in because it feels more complete, but I do feel it could use some tweaking. Basically in introduces how Gym Battles will go, Orion's tactics, his treatment of his Pokemon, and how the rivalry between Geo and Orion has formed. It also takes a page from Adventures in having special sections of Oreburgh Mine specifically for training against wild Pokemon. But overall it's pretty complete compared to some of the other chapters in this series.
Forgive the double post but I got the next chapter of Battle From the Heart done ("Rocking Rampardos"). I feel pretty confident about this one, but it probably could use some tweaking. It not only shows Geo's creativity in battle, but Orion's cruelty toward any Pokemon that fails him, introduces a new recurring character (Freya) who becomes a love interest for Geo, and also has the return of Vivi, Victor, and Weavile (who don't play a role in the chapter other than being spectators). Also includes a couple of 4th wall jokes to pepper in some humor (and some self-depreciation on my part). But overall I'm pleased with this one. And the next chapter will not only show more of what the new recurring character can do, but produces several Chekhov's Guns for future events, including one very important one that ties in heavily to the Sinnoh Saga plot.
Finally wrapped up the haunted hotel case. Probably would have finished it sooner if my new PS4 wasn't so distracting :lapras::bulbaFacepalm:. Bit over 28k words for the 2 parts. Hopefully I can be more focused on the next case.
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