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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Wrote multiple Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. In this case I wrote teams for each of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders. That means a whopping 8 teams. Granted, I used both the games and anime for inspiration, taking elements from each to make each team and their movesets while adding in more "recent" additions (like Stomping Tantrum) to the lists. I also tried to incorporate the Gym Leaders' signature TMs into their movesets (at least to the best of their ability, as some, like Fantina, only have one Mon that is compatible with their respective TM). I also gave Volker a proper Electric type team (none of that Ambipom or Octillery nonsense), being more in-line with his Platinum team than his DP/BDSP team, and, by extension, removed Candice's Medicham in favor of a Froslass. But this way I will have all the info needed whenever I write a Gym Battle chapter, since when it came to Roark I was largely winging it (as I wrote those chapters before I made these team lists).
Restless mind syndrome strikes again so I did one more Pokemon Team for Battle From the Heart. This one is Sophia (Sinnoh), who is Jodi's main Contest rival a la Zoey from the anime. She's also one of the few characters outside of the main cast that obtains a Shiny: specifically her Purugly, which is also her "starter". Her team is an interesting beast, to put it simply, with a lot of surprising choices like Chimecho and Noctowl (and, obviously, Purugly, as you'd be more inclined to see a Glameow in a Contest compared to its evolved form). But this way I can put some rather underrated Mons from the Sinnoh Dex in the spotlight (figuratively and literally).
Started a file for Villainous Teams in Battle From the Heart. Started off with Team Galactic's Commanders and Cyrus (sans Charon, since he's a Non-Action Guy). I took a few creative liberties with their teams, taking some inspiration from both their game and Adventures versions and gave them more unique teams, while also retaining their respective aces. For example, Saturn has an Alakazam, Magnezone, Octillery, and Toxicroak that runs a Rain Dance-style team and moves/abilities that abuse it (ie: Magnezone has Thunder, Toxicroak has Dry Skin, Octillery's Water-type moves, etc). Cyrus' team is more-or-less his Platinum team but I swapped out Crobat for Drapion (since Crobat makes no sense on a guy who rejects emotions and bonds). I had a bit of fun with this, I admit, and it makes the Commanders more threatening compared to their normal game counterparts.
Forgive the double post but I reworked Akari's Team from Battle From the Heart. As I plan to work her into the story more than LA did I wanted to give her a better team. Plus, thanks to a suggestion from my friend @Steel_Justice I reworked her team to have more Hisui-exclusive Mons like Hisuian Forms, while retaining Pikachu as her "starter", along with retaining the previous original addition of H-Arcanine. Now her team looks more interesting and I feel making those changes was a good call.
Admittedly I've been out of work for a while so now that I'm back it's hard to get back into the groove of working and then having enough mental energy to write in the evening. I've had some good ideas come to me while I'm working, so I'm sure I'll get back to writing at least semi-regularly soon. Meanwhile, I'll keep doing what I can. Today I had a cool idea for my character-building/roleplaying game so I wrote that down and some history for the characters that the idea includes.
Put the final touches on my Flowering Love one-shot before finally posting it for your reading pleasure. Afterwards, I began to write a one-shot that I just pulled out of my ass and... well, it's actually quite good prose for a stream-of-consciousness writing (though that's when most of my best writing has taken place: when my brain's turned off, so why am I still surprised?).
Wrote the next chapter of Battle From the Heart today ("The Bug Stops Here"). I had actually started it a while ago but weather-related fatigue and stress over my car prevented me from concentrating on it back then. This one contained a lot, consisting of two captures, some Contest practice, a future capture in the works, and showed more of Vivi, Victor, and Weavile, along with giving more depth to their characters (like Victor's kindness and knowledge and Vivi's ambitions and overconfidence), topped off with a 4th wall joke. Next chapter will introduced Jodi's soon-to-be Contest rival (albeit a friendly one) and Contests as a whole for this series. That'll be a tricky one for me.
Wrote and posted a Glacia-centric one-shot, which I wrote and revised within an hour. It's merely me waxing poetic about winter while also giving Glacia a bit of headcanon backstory.
Wrote two more Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. This time for Geo's parents: Irvine and Tanya Shard. Irvine's team is a powerhouse, which makes sense since he used to be the head of the Battle Tower in Sinnoh before stepping down and giving the role to Palmer so he can take care of Geo. It even sports one of the Legendary Golems on it (Registeel) just to prove a point. While Tanya, who is a former Contest star, possesses more graceful/flashy Pokemon like Milotic and Clefable, but also some bruisers like Absol and Alakazam. Despite both being "retired" they still have it, as Tanya puts on shows for Twinleaf Town while Irvine keeps training to protect the family, especially during the Twinleaf Festival that the Shard Family hosts each year.
Wrote the next chapter of Battle From the Heart ("Taking the Stage"). This one I'm not so sure of. Since it introduced Contests to the series I'm not entirely sure if I portrayed them well enough despite using the anime as inspiration. It's also a bit shorter than I would've liked, especially since it introduces both Jodi's main Contest rival, Sophia, and further hints a soon-to-be capture in the upcoming chapter. I'm not sure if I can call it "complete" yet since I feel it could use some more work, especially in increasing its contents. But, like normally, I got the basic idea down at the very least, which is more important. But I'm hesitant to call it "complete" since it feels a bit lacking right now. Might revisit it later to see if I can beef up more.
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