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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Forgive the double post but I made three more Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. This time it's for each of the Miss Fortune Sisters: Charm, Clover, and Coin. Like with the Team Galactic Commanders I took a few creative liberties to make their teams feel more threatening and so they're not just the TRio of Hisui (see: joke villains), effectively making them more of a credible threat to the Diamond/Pearl Clans and Jubilife Village. As such I've expanded their teams to four each and gave them more threatening moves. I also gave each of them a "creative" was to escape whenever cornered, usually a Flying type with Haze to replicate the "smoke out" effect they have when fleeing after losing a battle in-game (Golbat for Charm, Drifblim for Clover, and Honchkrow for Coin). I also took a few Mons from their "descendants" canon teams and put them in to further expand their rosters. Overall, I feel their teams are an improvement from their in-game teams, both playing homages to their "descendants" and making them more threatening than just a Goldfish Poop Gang like the game makes them out to be.
Managed to expand the most recent chapter of Battle From the Heart with an extra scene or two, making it a bit longer and showing some more character traits of certain characters. Plus it helps set up a future event better that was largely hinted in the previous chapter. Still not totally satisfied but I do feel it's an improvement.

Also managed to expand on one of the Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. I expanded Danny's Hoenn Team, increasing his team ranks by two, giving him a full team of six. I also increased the amount of moves his Mons have as well as fixing a few other ones. Now his team looks more complete and powerful compared to what it was before.
Wrote the next chapter of Battle From the Heart ("A Sweet Combeenation"). Yes, that is a nod to the Pokemon anime episode's title. Anyway, I feel more confident with this on than the last one, thus I feel it's more "complete". It completes the capture that has been hinted for the past two chapters (three including this one), produces a few more Chekhov's Guns (one of which was also an idea I was toying with for a bit now), shows Geo's innate good luck "stat" (and an early hint at his heritage), has a battle, and gives an early example that Vivi, Victor, and Weavile are Punch-Clock Villains, as they don't do anything villainous (they're actually trying to avoid Officer Jenny's attention this chapter by not doing anything villainous out in the open) and instead acquire some nice things and money in a rather legit way. Overall, I feel this chapter is more solid than the last one.
Slight update but I was able to add in an extra scene to the previous chapter of Battle From the Heart. It's a small scene but it's also very cute, and it shows further development of Jodi's character and potential career as a Coordinator. It beefed up the chapter by another page but I feel it's good enough now.

Also, I changed one Mon from Courtney's Alola Team. Originally she was going to have a Buzzwole (to act as a counterpart to Geo's Naganadel), but I decided to change it and gave her a Melmetal instead, which is both a nod to the anime and shows her potential as a hero which will come into play later. Plus it fits her preferred archetypes of Mons: Mighty Glaciers. I feel that's a better inclusion since it would fit her better and not feel as random as an UB when compared to Geo's Naganadel, who will be plot-related.
Forgive the double post but I wrote another Pokemon Team for Battle From the Heart. This one is for Collin (Sinnoh), who is a Coordinator and one of Jodi's rivals (along with being an Easter Egg to the Super Contests in BDSP) and is effectively the "Nando" of the series (by which I mean in terms of personality and style, not in terms of partaking in both Contests and Gyms). Got an interesting assortment of Mons ranging from Sylveon, Crobat, Bronzong, Mr. Mime, Chatot, and his "starter" Mismagius, so he's an fascinating beast in terms of team builds and moves, but there is synergy (ie: Rain Dance Bronzong + Thunder Mr. Mime or Boomburst Chatot + Soundproof Mr. Mime). So he should be fun to write.
Wrote several new Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. This time for Team Skull. Specifically, Guzma, Plumeria, and three Team Skull Grunts: Acacius, Aranza, and Amil, who are basically the "Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp" of the series (notice how all of their names start with "A" and have a theme around their names). Guzma's team is largely his USUM team with Scizor from his anime team added in, Plumeria's team is her Title Defense Team in USUM minus Gengar, while Aracius, Aranza, and Amil all have Mons that are common among Team Skull (ie: A-Grimer, A-Raticate, Zubat, etc), totaling three Mons each. There will be other Team Skull Grunts but Aracius, Aranza, and Amil will be the most common ones (and in direct conflict with Team Galactic a fair bit... and often outshine them in the incompetence department). That should finish Team Skull up.
Forgot to post this last night. Yesterday while at work I was suddenly hit with a type of idea I hadn't had in quite a while. I used to write romance novellas years ago but i haven't had an idea for one in almost 6 years. it just hit me suddenly during a slow moment. I haven't thought of it much for it yet, but I did some idea speculation last night. I thought about possibly having a story where that switches back in forth between the past and the present, from when the characters met in the past in high school to when they meet again 10 years later and fall in love. Idk though.
I did some more idea speculation for this potential novella this afternoon and came up with some ideas for character backgrounds and a bit more plot. Also, I have somehow already come up with the title. I am notoriously bad at coming up with book names. I will spend weeks griping over a name, heck sometimes I never even choose one! The novella I finished last year? Yeah I still have a placeholder name for that. So atl east if I ever get to writing this I will already have a solid name for it.
Restless mind syndrome struck again last night. But it spawned an idea for a sub-plot that would tie into the main plot of the Sinnoh Saga in Battle From the Heart. As a result I edited two Pokemon Teams with the new inclusions from said sub-plot. Specifically, Geo's Sinnoh Team and Jodi's Sinnoh Team, adding in two for Geo and one for Jodi, but they all have a connection to one of the Mons Irvine, Geo's father, possesses. It creates an interesting situation where Geo and Jodi get ahold of some major powerhouses around the 7th Gym Badge mark for Geo (though they use them sparingly, treating them as secret weapons/Godzilla Threshold Mons, with Geo in particular calling one of the new titanic beasts and his Giratina later on to stop Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre in Hoenn). In reality, Geo obtaining one of the Mons was a remnant from the earlier version of Battle From the Heart years ago but I was unable to justify it back then. Now, however, thanks to Geo's father and the sub-plot he unwittingly creates I found a way to justify it and give the Mon back to him when I had omitted it from the "newer" version because I now have a means to give it to him in a believable way.
Forgive the double post but I made a change to one of the Pokemon Teams in Battle From the Heart. Specifically, I changed Cress' last Pokemon from Beheeyem to Haxorus, since he was having bit of a type overlap with his Sigilyph. Plus none of the main cast members have a Haxorus so I wanted to give it some representation. And, as a side note, it'll show what Iris' Axew should have been like during its stint as a main character in the anime instead of being a head, or rather hairpet that pulled too many cheap wins, along with uber moves, out of its arse completely randomly when it struggled to learn Dragon Sneeze... er... Rage. Plus Haxorus is a pretty cool Mon in general.
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