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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Wrote eight more Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. This time for the Hoenn Gym Leaders. I took a few creative liberties with their teams while largely retaining their general sets. For example, Wattson has Manectric on his team as his ace instead of just Magnemite/Voltorb/Magneton, and uses a Volt Switch strategy. Another example is using Norman's anime team but with Linoone from his Emerald team slotted in. And Flannery uses her anime team (Slugma/Magcargo/Torkoal) plus Numel and runs a Sunny Day strategy. I also opted to use Tate's and Liza's Emerald teams to make them more challenging and give them better synergy with moves like Tailwind. I also tried to include their signature TMs as much as possible in their teams (or HM in Wallace's case, though in this series HMs are treated just like regular TMs and are labeled as such). Took a bit but I got it done.
After 3 drafts of a scene I finally found one version that I'm comfortable with. I've now been able to write a scene that gives information to the team for their upcoming battles. I've gotta say, that scene was fun (it's not the 3 draft one). I always wanted to write a bar scene where information is obtained from the bartender. Feels very old-school cinematic even if this one doesn't take place in a shady district's bad guy bar. Hmm, there's an idea for another future bar scene :sneaky:.
Wrote two more Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. This time for Lillie (Alola) and Faba (Alola). Lillie becomes a main character during the Alola arcs and is something of a composite character between her different versions of her character (namely, her game and anime versions), and she's (currently) the only non-villainous team member, and the only main character, who doesn't have a full team (only possessing three Mons, and none are fully evolved) due to inexperience (at least not yet, I'm not sure if I'll expand her team and/or evolve her Mons, since part of her character development is learning to become more assertive, confident, and independent). Faba, on the other hand, has a full team because he acts as the main antagonist for the Alola arcs, also being a composite character of his different versions (this time his game and Adventures versions). In his team I swapped out A-Raichu and gave him both Slowking and Malamar (which, in a sense, acts as the "evil" counterpart and foil to Courtney's Malamar back in Kalos, where hers is friendly and noble, if a bit of a harmless prankster, while his is malicious and relishes causing mayhem and misery).
Wrote another Pokemon Team for Battle From the Heart. This time Lusamine (Alola). Like Lillie and Faba she's something of a composite character of her different portrayals (specifically, her USUM and anime versions, though leans more toward the latter). Likewise, her team is also a combination of her game and anime teams: possessing Clefable, Beware, Lilligant, and Milotic from the games and Absol and Salazzle from the anime, with Clefable being her main Mon. Unlike the games she's not an antagonist in this series (since Faba now takes up that role), acting more like an ally, and has a better, if still strained, relationship with Lillie and Gladion (considering she gifts Lillie her first Mon, albeit as an egg, shows she does care about her kids), though she does possess her game version's obsession with UBs and Ultra Wormholes, albeit for different reasons.
Somehow forgot to post both Monday and Wednesday but I might be slowly getting back into the swing of working and writing. I've started doing some very rough chapter by chapter summaries. I'm still nowhere near ready to actually writing this story, but I wanted to write some ideas down on what I would want to take place in the novella. I might rewrite these later once I have a better idea of who these characters are.
Wrote the next chapter of Battle From the Heart ("Bibarel Chews On the Problem"). I had actually started it days ago but several things prevented me from concentrating (namely, migraines, low energy, and my next-door neighbor playing country music very loudly outside for days). Anyway, this one features an evolution, more showings of Vivi's ambitious nature, a battle, a Chekhov's Gun from an earlier chapter, and an Easter Egg to the games. I feel pretty confident with this one, though it could probably use some fine-tuning with an extra scene or two. But overall it feels pretty solid for what is primarily an evolution chapter and a stepping stone to the next Contest chapter (though that won't happen right away, as the next chapter features some prep-work in that regard).
Wrote five more Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. This time for the Sinnoh E4 and Cynthia. With the E4 I combined their teams from DP/BDSP and Platinum to fill in some blanks and give them full sets (ie: giving Aaron Scizor, Bertha Gliscor and Rhyperior, etc). Flint's Team is exclusively his Platinum team, albeit with more modern movesets and better Natures, though thanks to the lack of Fire Mons in the region I had to take a small creative liberty and add Magcargo to his ranks (it's technically in the region, as it resides in Stark Mountain, just not accessible in the main games until the post-game) so I could fill out his team to a full set of six. They also have similar, and sometimes the same, Natures as listed in their BDSP teams (with some alterations). As for Cynthia's Team it's largely her BDSP team with some extra moves, new strategies, and some changes in Natures (ie: she has her Spiritomb copy Geo's Spiritomb's use of the Will-O-Wisp/Psychic Counter Shield strategy, her Lucario having a Bold Nature instead of Timid, Garchomp has Shadow Claw in her arsenal, etc). Overall, a pretty solid set and shows just how formidable the Sinnoh E4 can be.
Wrote five more Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. This time the Hoenn E4 and Champion. Because of some... issues with the dex (I was using the ORAS dex) I had to take a few creative liberties with their teams. And, as a result, some of them include freakin' legendaries to fill out some space and/or replace a Mon that I felt was redundant. And, coincidentally, the first two E4 members (Sidney and Phoebe) all have a Mon that the following Trainer uses (Sidney has Sableye and Phoebe has Froslass) in order to give them a full set of six. Glacia's team was especially hard to do since there are so few Ice Mons in Hoenn, so I made her two Froslass and Glalie have different strategies (Glalie 1 has Ice Body and Froslass 1 has Snow Cloak, both using Snowscape strategies, while Glalie 2 has Moody and Froslass 2 has Cursed Body, along with both being shinies), and, taking the creative liberty here, gave her Regice to fill in the last slot. This is repeated with Drake, who has two Salamences (one with Intimidate and one with Moxie, with the latter being shiny), and a Latios in the last slot. Steven's team is largely the same but keeping with his theme (and the "theme" of the E4 that I had to make in compensation for the dex's limitations) I swapped out Claydol for Registeel and made his Metagross shiny (since it'll tie into the Kalos arcs later when it can Mega Evolve). This... was not easy, to put it mildly, but I got it done.
I posted a cute one-shot a couple of days ago that I'm quite proud of; and the day before that, I wrote and posted a prologue to a longfic that I feel I may have gotten myself a liiittle carried away with... I am not a longfic writer—my fleeting drive and commitment to long projects precludes me from finishing anything that isn't told and wrapped up in a single short story—hence, who knows if I'll actually write the first proper chapter of said longfic...
Aaand another post, although this one is smaller yet still significant. I changed a few things in Geo's Hoenn Team and Team Galactic's Hoenn Teams. First off, I replaced Geo's shiny Seviper (which was named Jessie as a Mythology Gag to the anime) and replaced it with a shiny Zangoose. Originally, Geo's Seviper was going to be the "good" counterpart to Vivi's Seviper, albeit his had better moves compared to hers. But in keeping with the theme of sorts that I've been giving certain version exclusives between Geo's friends and Team Galactic (like giving Vivi the Lotad line and Danny the Seedot line) I swapped it out with a Zangoose. Plus it would make confrontations between them more noticeable. Also, Geo's Zangoose has Toxic Boost to effectively punish Vivi's Seviper's tactics against it. And, as a result, I buffed Vivi's Seviper's moveset to make him more formidable and give greater credibility to the forever war between Zangoose and Seviper, and by extension the forever war between Geo and Team Galactic. A small but noteworthy change that ups the stakes in the battles between Geo and Team Galactic.
Forgive the double post but I updated many, MANY Pokemon Teams for Battle From the Heart. Most of them were for Vivi, Victor, and Weavile, giving them new/extra moves, changing around some Mons, and fixing some issues. I also updated Mars', Jupiter's, Saturn's, and Cyrus' teams with stronger and extra moves to further reinforce their threat level. In total I think I updated 10 different teams, having to do various bits of research to ensure I got it right, to the point I'm sore where I sit. Oi...
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