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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Woo! 1519 words. It was a fairly slow start with the part I was at, but once I got past a point, it felt super-easy... Looking at it now, that was for seven minutes of the musical, so I feel like I might not be on the best track; though, quite a bit happened in those seven minutes compared to the five that had wrote before. I also was able to figure out one of the character's names, which was nice because I felt pretty limited before. I think when I get the musical transcribed, I'll go over it to see if there's anything I can trim out...
372 words today since I had to figure out the logistics of the set and had to replay the following scene a lot. Ended up finding some of the characters' names in the end credits, which I never thought to look at, and pretty much got the name I figured out yesterday correct while finding I heard another character's name correctly, but thought it was supposed to be something of similar origin to Ondrej.
Finished a Ash v Cross battle with a fair bit of foreshadowing, build up, technique, and the two fire types in battle arguing what a Pokemon should do for their trainer beyond just winning battles for them.
1750 words of completely unshareable noncanon DE content that maybe three people in the world besides myself will ever get to see. Written around 3am. Great.
440 words continuing on. Knew what I was up against when I had the energy to write, and quickly figured out what to write.While I'm getting somewhat close to the end of the musical, it's probably goign to get packed again... maybe.
There will be some real life anatomy of the pokemon based on thier appearance.

When Litwick (or Charmander) is doused in water, it becomes weak and ill. The flame doesn't come back on until it dries off. The only way to get its flame back by using a fire type move or a lighter. Occasionally, it comes back on its own.

Since Drifloon, Qwilfish, and Jigglypuff are balloon pokemon, they should not drink so much liquids or they'll turn into water balloons. It can be very uncomfortable to the point of having a stomachache and it takes a while for them to digest. They can drink carbonated drinks and eat a bit of vinegar, but not much (due to how vinegar and baking soda works). If they're allergic to something, they'll expand very easily and run into a risk of exploding if not treated right away. Also, they'll run out oxygen and suffer suffocation.

Since Stufful and Banette are sentient plushies, putting them in a dryer is a bad idea (even if they did survive) so the best way to wash them carefully by hand. Mimikyu's cloth also get washed if it's dirty, but they can bring a replacement cloth or a paper bag to conceal Mimikyu's true appearance. I do see Pikachu markings on Mimikyu's cloth drawn with a permanent marker.
207 words and some slight tweaking Saturday, though I gave up fairly early because of the lack of good speakers and headphones. Was too distracted and offset Sunday to write, and too ill yesterday to write. 359 today getting through the fairly emotional part, but hit a roadblock with the musical's scene transition, which I'll have to figure out.
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447 words before getting hit by another roadblock of having a sentence that's difficult to tie in to the ongoing conversation because it lacks a subject. Only thing to do is try again tomorrow.
I do some writing at times, won't be able to share them anywhere
my two Espeons (Jyo and Elise) - can't say much other than nsfw writing
Instead I focus more on drawings

about 2000 words in writing
Even though I have an irrational fear of The Walking Dead, to the point where it’s to blame for my zombie phobia and I cannot read the wiki and the tropes page of season 1 without getting the creeps, I somehow managed to browse through the trope pages of seasons 2 and 3 without much fear and found another trope (Downer Beginning) to smack into the Entity NEO tropes page without having to draft it on my google doc first, and found a way to add Not Too Dead to Save The Day onto the list, albeit in the most lazy way possible. (I literally just said “See Back From The Dead”, that’s it. That’s the trope example.)

Update: Oh yeah, I hid this tidbit in the Edit Page section for future use!...hopefully it doesn’t get used.
Trauma Conga Line: There’s going to be some point I’m gonna have to add this trope here, and if I’ll be honest with you? I kinda don’t wanna. Same goes for Empty Shell and Despair Event Horizon, which may not be present now but have a really high (IMO) probability of happening later down the road, because off the top of my head I can name four examples of Heroic BSOD that has happened to Napstablook, and considering that’s all within the first 23 chapters (and how I can’t predict when EN could foreseeably end), I’m both scared and surprised to know that they haven’t crossed the Despair Event Horizon (even if they probably approach it in chapter 14). Honestly, the only thing I can do now is make educated guesses and hope that future me is mentally prepared to detail a whole paragraph or three of shit hitting the fan, so...surprise me. You probably will.
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I figured something out that probably should work, but was too tired to write anything else. I'll have to double-check it a bit whenever I write next (hopefully tomorrow), but I'm really close to the musical's ending.
472 words to finish off the musical and get some dialogue in after the group reconvenes. Musical turned out to be almost 4.4k words, and like I've been saying, I'm gonna see if I can trim that down, otherwise, I might stick some section breaks before and after it to kinda give it its own spot. A little bit weird to finally get back to the actual characters, but I'll get back on track.
203 words to get to the end of the event. Need to figure out whether to write a scene that I've kept pushing lower in my notes as I've been writing, or to push it lower in my notes again. It's just a vague-ish idea and I kinda have one detail that technically would work, but feels a little weird and anti-climatic. I guess I'll "sleep on it" and see tomorrow.
Decided yesterday to shift it down, since there's a large gap of time that would allow me to be more flexible with it, and got 75 words today. Gotta figure a bit of stuff out before I can move on.
Finished the Exotic Eye Designs example, the Fake Arm Disarm example, and wrote something for the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown example, all I need to do now is decide whether the second example I want to put in NHBB actually qualifies as a downplayed example or shouldn’t be fitted in at all.
I've decided to remove the subplot of a pokemon abandoning its trainer because it was not necessary, but however I'll add it in future pokemon fanfics.
The replacement subplot of of a swsh fanfic about the foster children finding thier birth parents since they barely remember about them. They only remember being in a foster home since they were little kids.

The campers and hikers will help trainers set up camp in wild areas and other camping spots.

I'm having trouble deciding that I should let Bebe be a fairy type gym leader or just add a male OC fairy type gym leader.
Some tweaks and 163 words before I hit another roadblock, but while trying to figure the stuff out, I continually lost my focus. Trying again tomorrow.

Ended up hyper-focusing for about an hour or so on finding a wedding venue plot that was close enough to what I had in mind when writing msnn, but I found something I can use, so I'll be able to continue when I'm able.
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Slapped the aforementioned tropes onto the tropes page just right now. I ended up deciding that the second NHBB example doesn’t qualify even as a downplayed example of NHBB, since the beatdown really only consists of one (1) laser beam shot and then the poor girl’s dead.

Edit: Oh yeah, I wrote a couple of bullet points yesterday while concepting a new character and their personality + backstory.
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Figured stuff out and got 398 words in... Shouldn't be too hard from here, for now.
423 words of narration and 2-way radio chatter, some of it likely needing some tweaking later. Also figured out call signs for each of the squad members that I don't feel weird implementing.
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