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What ethnicities were you mistaken for?

So I’m Filipino and Guatemalan. Everyone knows the Philippines but they always think I’m Mexican. “Oh isn’t that in Mexico?” “So you’re Mexican? Just say that.” “Guacamole.” Like no, I’ve dealt with this since I was a little kid and I just hate it. Remember: Guatemala not Guadalajara
Once a kid thought I was Indian or Malay
I have naturally wavy hair so sometimes I get mistaken for being fully Jewish (I'm not even 10% that according to those genealogy websites), or, rarely half-black, also I usually have a goatee so I sometimes get mistaken for some kind of paler Hispanic.
I'm mostly British (about 50%), Italian (25%), French Canadian, and Irish, but I do have some Native American/First Nations DNA, probably less then 5%. I wonder what the rest is. How much of me is from extinct species of our genus? Also, am I a descendant of Genghis Khan? Who knows?
Back when I was still in school, some kids thought I was Arab or Indian. Sometimes it was just genuinely not knowing and asking, sometimes there was unfortunately racism involved (namely 'joking' that they need to be careful around me because I might blow up the school because brown skin = Arab = Muslim = terrorist, hahaha fuck off).

Also there was once where someone asked if I was Japanese, which really confused the hell out of me because I don't even remotely look Japanese or East Asian at all.

I'm mixed Puerto Rican on my maternal side and like English-Irish-Scottish on my paternal side, but I'd usually just say I'm Puerto Rican.
I'm Bermudian, but I don't really have a "Bermudian" accent, so people think I'm American most of the time just because of my accent/the way I speak. I don't really care, I just let 'em know and move on.
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