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What is your favorite nickname you have given to a Pokémon?

Dec 12, 2022
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  1. He/Him
So, nicknames. They can be used to build bonds with Pokémon, pay homage to their inspiration, or just be silly! So, what is your favorite nickname(s) you have given to a Pokémon?

I have two: the first was my first Pokémon I nicknamed, my shining pearl chimchar. Without the knowledge of many peoples distaste for humanoid starters, I named it something along the lines of “Human?!?!?” I think this one is funny in retrospect, as I blindly stumbled into many peoples biggest complaint about some starter Pokémon. I think my actual thought process went something along the lines of “oh hey! Monkeys and humans are kind of similar! This monkey looks especially humanoid! I should name it something to do with that!”

My second is my indigo disk incineroar, which I named “Hulk Hogato”, just a fun port-manteau to reference its inspiration.
A few off the top of my head, that I was either proud of or that just have some sentimental value to me:
  • PAT (Pikachu, Diamond)
    • This was one of the earliest nicknames that I gave to a Pokémon as a kid, at least that I can still recall. In retrospect I don't know why I picked this specifically, other than the fact that it began with P, but I still think it's cute. I ended up naming my Pikachu in Brilliant Diamond the same thing 14 years later.
  • Full Moon (Blaziken, Emerald)
    • Conversely, this was the first name I gave to a Pokémon after deciding one day "I want my Pokemon to have COOL names!!!"... so I went to the Name Rater and renamed my starter Blaziken — originally "CHICKIE" — to the coolest thing my 7-year-old self could think of. And it was awesome.
  • Butter (Pikachu, Channel)
    • The Trainer name I chose in Pokémon Channel back in the day was "Toast" (a reference to Hotel Mario, if you must know). And obviously what goes better with Toast than Butter??? ...well I thought it was funny. I still have my beloved Butter on my old GameCube memory card so I check up on him every now and then.
  • Jacred (Porygon-Z, Brilliant Diamond)
    • This one was a reference to JACRED, a unique glitch Trainer found in Red & Blue that's likely to crash or softlock your game when engaged in battle. Porygon-Z, of course, is a glitchy, unstable Pokémon born of a programming error. fitting, no?
  • Pooka (Weezing, White 2)
    • This is pretty recent, being from my latest playthrough last year, but I got fond of it quickly. I named it after the enemy of the same name from Dig-Dug (which, like all enemies from that game, puffs up with air and explodes, just like Weezing). The origin isn't particularly important to this one though; it's just the fact that giving it an adorable name like that instantly made it the favorite of my team.
Honorable mentions go to "GARDOFWAR" the Gardevoir and "SHINY!!!!!" the Shiny Electrode, both from that same childhood Emerald save file. Very apt.
When it comes to nicknames, I generally use characters from my favorite series' or names of pets I have/had. Every dog Pokemon I catch I make sure it's a female and name them Daisy, my late mixed breed (didn't know specifically what breeds she had, but she was a true mutt for sure); I also do the same name as my current dog, Coco (a pit bull Australian cattle dog mix), though I use different dog 'mons and also make sure they're female. Another name I use is Shadow, which was my recent late black cat's name, for male cat Pokemon. So, I'd say those three would be my favorite nicknames due to how often I use them and what they mean for me.

For other nicknames I liked: I was fond of Griffith the Gallade in Violet, Mikey the Lucario also in Violet, and Mitchy the Yamper in my Shield replay.
Mine was Eclipse the Umbreon in SoulSilver, as well as Garcia the Garchomp in Black 2 and Alucard the Crobat in HeartGold.
IDK why but I like my Meowscarada's nickname of Sprigan.

The nickname came from the fact that, for some reason, if you search for 'Sprigatito plush' on Amazon, it'll 'correct' it to 'Spriggan plush' and IDK I just started calling Sprigatito 'Sprigan'.
I own a Shiny Revavroom that I generally use as Tera Raid support. I gave her the name: Chemtrail, after a conspiracy theory that was featured in Shin Megami Tensei IV as a Fiend. Out of all the nicknames I've given I feel it was a win, especially since it fits Revavroom even without needing to know the context.
i have a very special fondness for my 2020 ORAS starter mudkip who i named puppy. i think of him often and i think he was genuinely the peak of nicknaming for me i loved him so much and instantly. i also have a dear memory of my very first pokémon game i played (x) and a traded sylveon i got who i loved very much and mentally named beauty because i thought he was so pretty (i was 9). also, i'm not sure this quiiiite counts but i think it's close enough--i named my partner in explorers of sky viv, and the nickname just worked so much for him it added to my fondness of him & i turned out to love him dearly (and he's what turned shinx into my favorite pokémon).
I tend to get creative with nicknaming my Pokémon, and I’m kind of proud of these:
-Lyle (Skeledirge, Pokémon Scarlet)
-Chuy (Drednaw, Pokémon Scarlet)
-Flora (Flamigo, Pokémon Scarlet)
-Dancarino (Quaquaval, Pokémon Violet)
-Panfilo ((Shiny) Dachsbun, Pokémon Violet)
-Ester (Espathra, Pokémon Violet)
-Gonzalo (Baxcalibur, Pokémon Violet)
Additionally, I named my trainer in Sword Bristol (after my OC of the same name) and my trainer in Violet Xiomara (after my mom’s friend, whose son was an early childhood friend of mine), both of which I’m proud of.
  • Garmys (Audino - Short for "Garde Mystik", Pokémon Alpha Sapphire)
  • Photon Moon (Oranguru - From a combination of "Photon Geyser" and "Moongeist Beam", Pokémon GO)
  • Mitsuki (Shiny Greninja - Reference to Mitsuki from Samurai Warriors 5, Formerly Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. I no longer have this Greninja)
  • Demon Slayer (Sylveon - Hardcarried me in the final fight against Volo, Pokémon Legends Arceus. Yes that's precisely why I gave Sylveon this name)
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Violet the Gligar--she was traded from my cousin, but my cousin caught it for me and asked me what I wanted to name it. All I knew about the critter was that it looked cool, was a girl, and was purple. So Violet it was. It's not a brilliant name, but I have very fond memories of her. When I caught a Gligar for my team in Legends: Arceus, I made sure it was female and named her Violet.

Tide the Totodile--my first starter in my first game (Heartgold). I still think this is a pretty good name for a Water starter.

Oven the Fuecoco--it's a Fire starter with a big mouth that I want to put a pizza in. That's the only explanation. I do think it was a pretty good nickname for not knowing exactly what the evolution line was going to do, since being a crocodilian it would probably keep that big mouth regardless of what else changed.

Paxton the Smoliv--male name that contains "pax", Latin for peace, which olive branches symbolize. I'm just pleased I came up with something etymologically appropriate that was a bit more creative than Oliver.

Scarecrow the Rowlet--specifically my Rowlet in Legends: Arceus. I picked the nickname based on the silhouette of Hisuian Decidueye and was very happy that it did, in fact, end up looking like a scarecrow.

Lucky the Paras--from my file on the 3DS Virtual Console release of Pokémon Red. It was originally named...Portobello, I think, or some other type of mushroom. But I pulled it in to fight Misty when I was getting absolutely walloped by her Starmie and was expecting to lose. It landed a Stun Spore and paralyzed the Starmie. Every single move after that point either missed or was stopped by the paralysis kicking in, allowing my Paras to slowly whittle away the health bar and win the battle. Afterward, I changed its name to Lucky as soon as I could.

Xerox the Ditto--pretty much every Ditto I've ever caught has been nicknamed Xerox. I just think it's a good name for a Ditto.

(I have more, but this has already gotten long...)
I used to watch a lot of those cringy Pokémon sun and moon meme comps and picked Litten naming it after a meme I found extremely hilarious “it’s Lit” it may not have been funny but it was nostalgic
As a total geek I often name my mons after popular characters, but there are times where the name fits frighteningly well...
  • Rani the Poliwrath: References Rani (a character from the Tinkerbell books associated with water, named after Rain) and also rana, Spanish for frog.
  • Poof the Togekiss: It referenced Poof from The Fairly Oddparents, and with the species becoming Fairy-type eventually it became hilarious in hindsight.
  • Ivan the Chesnaught: References Ivan from Barbie in The Swan Lake (who was a porcupine) and also feels like the stereotypical name of a Russian strong man.
  • Darwin the Blastoise: I don't remember where the association came from (maybe turtles=Galapagos Island=Darwin?) but it fits pretty well.
  • Shang the Gallade: References the Mulan character, and both share bishonen vibes!.
  • Scarlett the Chandelure: While being a pretty name on its own it references the blaze that Chandelure emits.
  • Eva the Crabominable: References a Total Drama bully character, a famous boxer named Eva Wahlstrom AND it's also fitting that a proto-human would be named after the (according to the bible, in Spanish) first woman in history!
  • Maui the Incineroar: My character was named Moana so it was a no-brainer.
  • Trapos the Mimikyu: Named after the Latin American name of Scrump, the Lilo & Stitch character who is a Hawaiian ragdoll. Also means literally "rags" in Spanish!
  • Arlo the Skeledirge: Named after the singing croc of the same name, what's curious is that I chose that name before I knew Fuecoco was going to become a singer!
  • Namor the Palafin: Named after the superhero, and also includes the Spanish word "amor" which means love as the heart in Palafin's logo!
Sanalite the Fidough - An homage to my favorite hololive member tsukumo Sana and how her community were portrayed as sentient bread dogs. She also "graduated" or left behind her persona as Sana shortly before S/V released in July.
Sanalite the Fidough - An homage to my favorite hololive member tsukumo Sana and how her community were portrayed as sentient bread dogs. She also "graduated" or left behind her persona as Sana shortly before S/V released in July.
On the topic of Hololive VTubers, I gave a Dedenne the nickname Baelz once, referencing Baelz Hakos (yes, this is my default order in referring Hololive VTubers by their characters’ full names). Both are mouselike and I was once told that Baelz is a hamster (for some unknown reason), which Dedenne kind of resembles.
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