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What is your favorite nickname you have given to a Pokémon?

I can't really put the nickname I gave here. Their are really limit in term of acceptability haha. I like to imagine peoples face when they see their names online haha.

I still have a couple of Pokémon with acceptable nicknames. Like my female Infernape from BDSP called Caulifla from Dragon Ball.
So, nicknames. They can be used to build bonds with Pokémon, pay homage to their inspiration, or just be silly! So, what is your favorite nickname(s) you have given to a Pokémon?

I have two: the first was my first Pokémon I nicknamed, my shining pearl chimchar. Without the knowledge of many peoples distaste for humanoid starters, I named it something along the lines of “Human?!?!?” I think this one is funny in retrospect, as I blindly stumbled into many peoples biggest complaint about some starter Pokémon. I think my actual thought process went something along the lines of “oh hey! Monkeys and humans are kind of similar! This monkey looks especially humanoid! I should name it something to do with that!”

My second is my indigo disk incineroar, which I named “Hulk Hogato”, just a fun port-manteau to reference its inspiration.
So, I named my mudkip sausage. bcz i thought mudkip, kip, kippers(im british), sausage, SAUSAGE THE MUDKIP
I’ve only nicknamed Pokémon for nuzlockes and personally my favorites are
Ares the Ceruledge, named after the god of war and courage; fitting since it fainted against a Pokémon that had two super effective attacks and almost won too
Xiangqi the kingambit, named after a version of chess from China
Demeter the Dachsbun, named after the goddess of harvest, grains and the like
Terpsichore the Oricorio, named after the muse of dance
Clotho the Spidops, spins the thread of human life
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