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What other famous game composers would you like to see work on Pokémon?


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Aug 6, 2019
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Recent games have had Toby Fox of Undertale fame compose songs for them, so which other well-known composer in the video game industry would you like to see do music for future Pokémon games?

One pick of mine is Nobuo Uematsu. Who of course is known for his work on the Final Fantasy series. He would probably make the most epic-sounding music for Pokémon in history. To give an example of his music, check out the opening theme of Final Fantasy VIII:


I don't believe further elaboration is needed. Get Yoko on a game before she dies/retires, a guest track at the very least.

Honorable mention: Yuzo Koshiro, although that one's REALLY a pipe dream
I would love to see Lena Raine work on it she’s my second favorite composer after toby fox and her style is distinct and unique that i‘d love to see it happen
Yasunori Nishiki would be great for Pokémon too. He was responsible for the phenomenal rendition of One-Winged Angel in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

His music for the Octopath Traveler games is also stellar.

Pokémon Warriors, anyone? :3
For spooky areas and/or legendary Ghost/Dark/Poison Pkmn as well as more melodic theme's, I'd certainly love to hear Michiru Yamane's work in a Pkmn game.
She's most well known for her work in the Castlevania series.
Count me on the Yoko Shimomura train. I think her style would bring something very special to Pokemon. Her BW Route 10 remix in Smash 4 is so good, I'd love to see what else she could do.

And this one's a bit of a longshot, but Jun Senoue, fairly frequent composer for Sonic (along with being the guitarist for Crush40), I think would be great too. I can imagine battle themes going insane with his guitar.
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