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What Pokemon do you lean on as your "Catcher"?

Mostly used my entire team to help me with catch Pokemon that were feisty. My team was a Samurott, shiny Golduck, Goodra, Zoroark, and an Hisuian Arcanine, if I recall correctly. I don't remember my sixth Pokemon unless I actually boot up my game to check.
My Alpha Yanmega, Megaguirus, is my go-to in terms of focusing on Pokemon to catch; it has Hypnosis.

It's usually when I feel like catching a Pokemon and/or I fear it running away (Ex. a fleeing Shiny Pokemon); most Legendaries and Mythicals that aren't Regigigas, the Forces of Nature, and Giratina I actually never directly engaged in battle. I just felt throwing Sticky Blobs and catching them without a proper fight is more satisfying because of how humiliating/goofily anti-climactic it must be for the deities in question.
Likewise I never engaged in battle with Dialga-Origin and Arceus; though that's moreso because I was so on-edge with dodging their onslaughts that I didn't figure out I could battle them with my Pokemon.
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