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UNITE What Pokemon do you want to see added to Unite?

Given we have five Eeveelutions playable, I would love to see the last (first?) three added:

  • Vaporeon (Defender)
  • Flareon (All-Rounder)
  • Jolteon (Speedster)

They could even make it a special event like they had for Umbreon and Leafeon.
I'd like to see Dracovish as playable in Pokémon UNITE. So, how likely do you think it is for a playable Pokémon for this game? Why?
Braviary, primarily because they could run a Legacy Trainer Showdown event with Phorus and Erbie. I guess I'm legally obligated to mention the "Merica bird" meme could make for interesting Holowear. (And yes, plenty of games celebrate distinctly American holidays even when the developers aren't American because a large amount of the audience is American. It's a money thing.)

Galvantula is the evolution of my favorite Pokemon, so duh. In fairness, Joltik does make more sense as something to squish than something stomping about a stadium, and it did make it into the pre-release as a wild Pokemon before getting cut in the final.

Magmortar honestly looks like a MOBA character already, what with the prominent cannons.

Some kind of horse, because it would have a very distinct set of animations. There are plenty of options, but I would pick Mudsdale for the distinct rear kicking scoring animation.

Archetops, because Defeatist would be one of the worst abilities ever conceived of and would probably break new design ground. Instead of filling up good gauges, it could try to avoid filling up a "negativity" gauge.
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