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What question would you ask the avatar above?

he wears shirts SOMETIMES. (i have no idea why he goes traipsing about barefoot in a sleeveless gi ninety percent of the time though, you'd think he'd get cold! but he has weird magical fire powers so maybe not. he wears an actual shirt in v and a big ol jacket in vi tho)

may i... pet the four dark devas of destruction? pretty please?
How did you get so buff? Please I need to know

They both first met at a cafe in Viridian City! Well to be more accurate Harlow just blitzed past Rainer and the latter followed out of concern.
that is so cute! when he was 12 his parents decided they didnt love him anymore and shipped him off to a guy in the mountains to learn karate (the explanation was that they wanted to teach him discipline and how not to be a spoiled brat but if you examine the rest of ken's childhood you will realize pretty quickly it's a load of bull, they just wanted an excuse to get rid of him)! he stayed there training under a really harsh tutor every day for a little over a decade so, i guess it makes sense! (if you google shotokan karate training though, the closest irl equivalent to the ansatsuken derivative used by ken, it's SUPER hardcore, so... not really recommended)

what's your favorite activity to do together?
ohhh me too. my favorite genre of game easily and ken is totally my favorite. i could write a literal dissertation on his character and how much deeper he is than people think and how capcom has actually been screwing him over at every turn for YEARS
in terms of street fighter i'm also a really big fan of cammy (my first love T.T) and juri (usually my main, i love rushdown characters with good projectiles). some of my other fav fighters are guilty gear (i play accent core plus, strive, and xrd rev 2. ramlethal is my fav but i always play chipp and baiken), tekken (i've only played 7 but i love the lore. kazuya is probably my favorite but i play mostly lili and hwoarang), and kof (my current team is kula, terry, and king, but it changes constantly)
so uh... who are you lot? you look familiarish but i cant place the people in your pfp to a specific series
the person he just beat up. or the viewer. he breaks the fourth wall sometimes. according to him his own game is shit, because he doesnt like one character

where'd you get that sick hoodie
I love Tekken. :) Hwoarang kicks butt. :) What do you think of Ken and Ryu's friendship?
I love Tekken. :) Hwoarang kicks butt. :) What do you think of Ken and Ryu's friendship?
oh yes, hwoarang is awesome ^^ i adored it in the older games, their dynamic in alpha/zero is perfect, but i feel like their relationship has been increasingly one sided over time... sfvi just makes me sad, i just really wish ryu would try and reach out to ken (as someone who's also been suicidally depressed before, we dont usually reach out to people. one of the biggest signs of suicidal idealization in someone is withdrawing almost entirely from their friends and family), i know he has his reasons... but still...
i will always treasure the story behind ryu's headband though!

why are you two so damn adorable together?
I have no idea. But I would love to get a Switch or whatever a Steam deck and just play games all day. Is orange a lucky color for you (Ken)?
mm, his favorite is actually red! i think the lighting just makes it look more orange ^^

if the things that happened in stand by me didnt, like, actually happen... how long would you have stayed friends?
Defo forever. You know? Like bffs. What is the strangest thing you've eaten?
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