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What question would you ask the avatar above?

Seeing your dad casually barging in to the lounge to chat with that trainer you're acquainted with in Pasio must be an awkward sight, isn't it?
yeah man :/
wasn't your hair red? why is it brown now?
i think that's just the adventures art style. he's way paler in the game art too. unless maybe he dyed it?

aaaanyway, proto man, how do you feel about my cousin who sucks at names constantly calling you "zero"?
for how long could one fusion bolt at maximum power provide electricity for a medium-sized city?

How long have you been determined?
a long time probably, he's giovanni's son and got abandoned as a child and now he's trying to become the strongest trainer in the world in a mixture of spite for his father + bc he thinks you have to be strong in order to be worth anything
if u could be the most powerful being in the entire universe in exchange for never being allowed to wear your hat again, would you do it?
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