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What question would you ask the avatar above?

Are you taking a selfie?

What do you study in your lab?
My title is actually unrelated to the character in my avatar. I haven't seen her series yet, but from what I understand, she's actually a detective. Lab Woman was a title I was using on certain Discord servers for a while based on the trainer class LAB MAN in Pokemon Stadium. I just thought it fit Rin's [this character's name] appearance perfectly.

For the sake of this thread though, the image of the character in my avatar is being used to represent me. As such, I will answer that this LAB WOMAN studies the intracies of the soul and emotion.
Okay, but... how exactly can you determine what each unconscious individual would personally see as a nightmare in their own perspective; and what exactly do you even 'play' as if said unconscious dreams end up materializing fears that couldn't easily translate into an anthropomorphic form?
If you're supposed to be Ash Ketchum, then aren't you technically still ten? How do you have over ten years of experience as a trainer!? Because I'm not Ash Ketchum... I'm auragod from the Australian region (pokemon League Assosciation haven't given us a name yet)
is the blue part of your clothing or your hair?
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