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What Video Game Would You Like To See Get a Remake?

Also, give it an actual translation. From what I remember, BoF II had a lot of issues.

Yeah, that's sadly true, though at least it wasn't as bad as the pea soup of Engrish that was Monster Rancher Battle Card for the GBA. And like I said in my post, it was also the game where Ryu's dragon forms were programmed the worst. Instead of each one (sans Kaiser) having an elemental affinity like they were supposed to, they all ended up being neutral element due to bad programming. So fixing those problems as well would be very much appreciated in a remake/remaster.
I think a simple remake for Four Swords Adventure would be nice to have. Tri Force Heroes was a sad excuse for a multiplayer Zelda. Anyways, I think Four Swords Adventure deserves a remake where it's not complicated multiplayer-wise, because that game had a ridiculous requirement for multiplayer: each player needed a GBA with a Link Cable connecting to the Game Cube.

Heck, a simple port that abandoned that ridiculous multiplayer requirement would suffice because the game would've been great when played with others.
I anxiously waited a Crash: Team Race remake and a Mount and Blade remake/continuation. And, today, i realise that both are reality. LOl
Bannerlord needs improvement, though.

Yet, a Victoria 3 would be nice.

Victroria 3 will be reality very soon too. Nice, very nice. Lol
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Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is really close to being a great experience. All it needs is a more detailed map screen and a smoothing over of certain puzzle mechanics and it would be there. At the very least, the release on Switch Online probably will endear more people to it.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Yes, really. I feel like only a few minor mechanical changes are needed to make it sparkle, even if a remake would have to scrap the idea of having the inventory always visible on the bottom screen. Also, I really want to learn something about the titular "Sticker Star", since the place is only mentioned by Kersti and there really isn't a reason to make a Sticker Star specific sequel.

Massive Assault, because it was the only strategy game I ever put up with and I'd like to have another go at it in adulthood.
Would love to see some more Spyro remakes when/if the series keeps going after Reignited. A Legend of Spyro remake would be amazing as someone who still loves the trilogy even with its problems, but I doubt that'll ever happen.

Also would like to see the first Monster Hunter Stories make it to the Switch, though it might still be a bit soon for that. Stories 1 is great, but it could really benefit from the stuff Stories 2 added... also would like multiple save files. But it came out in like 2016 I think so might still be too soon for that if ever.
Isn’t a really popular choice, but really any of the paper Mario games. The thousand year door is getting a remake coming out next year, and the rest of them getting remakes too would be cool! (Also, paper Mario colour splash. I loved the game but sold my Wii u so now I can’t play it :( )
meanwhile me and my Blinx obsession
Chances are near zero but one can hope T_T
I recall Blinx and Vexx coming out around the same time, really enjoyed both of them despite not getting to play them much. I just recall Blinx being an early version of trying to have an Xbox mascot before Master Chief became the mascot.
At the very least, a port or remaster of Heroes would be great!

I would love to see Black & White get a remake. For those of you who missed it, it was a god game for PC developed by the genre's founding father, back in 2001. It became a cult classic, but it's basically abandonware at this point. Also, the graphics are trash lol. But the gameplay is timeless, and I'd love to see them do it again.
There should be remakes of the original Sly Cooper trilogy in the same matter as the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Although certain aspects of the trilogy, notably "Rumble Down Under" (the second chapter of the third game), would have to be altered to fit modern sensibilities. It would then be followed by a proper fourth game that completely ignores the highly controversial Thieves in Time.

Spyro: A Hero's Tail should also be remade, but instead of being shot-for-shot, it should be a reimagining that continues from the Reignited Trilogy (ignoring the also-controversial Enter the Dragonfly), expands the plot, adds more characters (and has the existing ones be truer to their portrayal in the RT), retcons Moneybags' portrayal as being a "cousin" of the amoral one we know (along with three others for each homebase), and has a different ending.
Hard to really say because I don't love the idea of Remakes in general. I think something for Trails in the Sky (my favourite game) would be cool though. Would be nice to see Liberl with current-gen technology.
I really wouldn't mind seeing a Kingdom Hearts 1 remake. The original game's biggest fault is the controls and gameplay not really aging the best. Experiencing the same general story and setup but with refined gameplay could go a long way. The Tarzan world would probably be off-limits now due to rights issues, but that's their opportunity to retcon it with something else (Jungle Book is right there)
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