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What video games are you playing now?

Just finished the final boss of Super Mario RPG Remake, though I still have the new post-game bosses to fight. Game has a lot of nice improvements though there are one or two minor things I regret (the big one being adding Difficulty settings but only for an Easy mode, not a Hard mode).

Relatedly, if the Pokémon BW remakes get developed by another dev team again I'll note that ArtePiazza has a good track record for RPG remakes...
Made some progress though the third chapter of bug fables. I like that the chapter is (most likely unintentionally) named after one of my favorite Kirby songs. It's quite good so far I'll admit. Even if it isn't as good as paper Mario 64.
Wish I could say I was playing something interesting currently, but I am currently finishing up my Nanowrimo story this year (and it just feels ... wrong without its forums to post to), but once November's a wrap I have picked up several new titles lately so I really should start playing at least something outside my usual haunts....

For example:
  • Detective Pikachu Returns
  • Disney Illusion Island
  • Super Mario RPG remake
  • Super Mario Wonder
MegaMan Battle Network 6: In celebration of the events from my last update, we went back home to ACDC Town to hang out with our friends from the last five games. Said friends were promptly kidnapped by the NNNWWW deserters, who used the opening to (try to) beat the shit out of MegaMan, even after beating them though, MegaMan was tired enough to be kidnapped and forced to submit to Gregar's will. Thankfully old frienemy ElecMan was available to help out and beat MegaMan off with a stick and knock him out so he could take back control. Afterwards we had to fight off Colonel after he made his best effort to kill both ElecMan and ProtoMan (Chaud's here btw, arrested the mayor for being evil, no big). And afterwards the NNNWWW deserters who can't decide on a name for themselves kidnapped Iris. She's been around but I've just never mentioned it before for some reason despite knowing that she's important. Anyway, now we've gotta figure out where they took her. Hopefully they bragged about it on the Bad Guys Forum they have in the Bad Guys Section of the internet.
Playing a lot of stuff at the moment:
  • Super Mario RPG: Just finished this, it was alright.
  • Octopath Traveler: Started it up last week, enjoying it so far. Only a few hours in.
  • Vampire Survivors: Replaced Suika Game as my new "timewaster" game. Lots of fun. Reminds me of Cookie Clicker but with vampires and zombies and weird milk elementals.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake: About halfway through this hard mode replay, in Wall Market. My girlfriend enjoys watching it so I only really play it when the two of us are around together.
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: Playing through this with some friends & taking advantage of the online functionality stuff before the 3DS online shuts down early next year. Been a lot of fun so far, through 5 gyms.
  • Donkey Kong Country: More just a casual playthrough to appreciate the level design. Spoilers: It's really good, though I prefer the modern entries.
  • Chrono Trigger: Picked it back up so I can finish it & see it through to the end. Going to use a walkthrough to finish the endgame sidequests because I'm lazy.
  • Spiritfarer: Got through a decent amount of the game, about 40% according to the progress tracker. Through about 4 spirits with an additional 5 on my boat atm. Enjoying it, though I do find the gameplay can get a little monotonous.
  • Baldur's Gate 3: Playing through this one with three friends using all custom characters. We're about to enter Act 2. Once we do, I'm gonna start a singleplayer playthrough with all the gals, I think.
They weren’t lying— That company IS lethal.

After much hesitation and wondering if I’d like it— I tried out Lethal Company for the first time and had a blast— the game is literally the ship of Theseus and lends itself SO much to comedic timing and irony. Don’t think I could play it consistently without getting sick of the gameplay loop but I’ll definitely be enjoying it for a while.

Haven’t haf much time to game otherwise, but I had a gift card so I splurged and bought Super Mario RPG. I never played the OG but I heard time and time again it was good!
Pokemon HeartGold: My second time playing HGSS, and I'm having much more fun than last time. Kind of forgot how garbage the level curve is, it feels... unnatural to be heading into the 7th gym with a level 31-32 team

Metroid: Samus Returns: My third (or fourth?) time around, but this time on Fusion mode, the highest difficulty. Lemme tell you, this shit is HARD. Every enemy deals huge damage, and I've only collected enough energy tanks to survive like, 4 hits before dying.
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Recently played Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. It's a quite easy, short game and once you've figured out how to play the first few hours, you've figured out the rest of the game. Still, all is forgiven by its beautiful world and beautiful cel shading, plus the gameplay elements Jet Set Radio had in a upgraded, much smoother form. JSR was the shit back in the day (big art inspo too) but its controls feel like molasses now. I'm invested in the BRC characters now, story DLC when?
making very slow progress atm on trails in the sky: second chapter, but that's because of work reasons taking up most of my time. going to see how far i can go this weekend, but so far i'm enjoying it as much as i did the first chapter which is to say, quite a lot!
MegaMan Battle Network 6: Let's see, where were we before? Ah, yes, kidnapped friend. The bad guys themselves didn't end up bragging on the Bad Guys Forum, but luckily they have fans who do it for them. Iris successfully saved, a shocking betrayal revealed, the betrayer forgiven because Lan's just that kinda guy. Next up was an invite to go see the expo early! Lan invited all of his friends, and apparently this is the climax of the game? Just kinda dropped on you out of nowhere, it's literally not until right now that Lan really learns what the fuck is going on, and the game is almost over. Once we fought through the baddies it was time for the final exposition dump, and the final boss. I beat it on my second try but it was very nearly as close to the wire as a BN6 fight is physically able to get. Started the postgame, didn't get very far since these things keep asking me to grind chips and I'm just not about that, so I'm done with Battle Network! Great games!

XCOM 2: Started a rookie difficulty run of the original version, but I didn't quite realise what I was doing in setup, so I have the Alien Hunters DLC turned on... So that's... Annoying. I put down the Viper King after a few missions with him but every second of it sucked so much ass. I am dreading the arrival of the next ruler-class alien. In terms of progression I've
  • Done the Shen's Last Gift mission, free SPARK unit for my trouble, we love to see it
  • Identified the implant within ADVENT Officers' skulls in the autopsy, and development is underway on the skulljack to hack a live officer.
  • Raided the ADVENT Blacksite and retrieved the vial of... Whatever it is for analysis. Tygan is currently occupied with armour research, but it's the next task on the agenda.
DKC Tropical Freeze - Been playing through some of my favorite levels in the game for art inspiration (This game is super gorgeous oml)
Sonic Mania - Tried out the cheat to unlock everything in the game, and I actually got it to work, so I played through a file with the Knuckles & Knuckles version. This is great.
Nothing new yet, but November is over and not having to set aside several hours for writing means I can spend it on other things. (My story hit 54k words so that's a win! -- full analysis pending though)

In Gems of War, for example, I managed to get the Mythic troop (Fenix) that released last Friday. Yes I was trying somewhat more than usual (definitely not nearly to the extent the "wailords" do), but with an expectation that I was not going to actually snag it for some time (best drop rate = 0.1%). I'm also approaching milestones to craft a few other rare Troops in the Soulforge crafting menu (Xathenos and Skroll Reborn).

Pokemon Unite alerted to a (server-side?) game update, and Meowscarada (whose data was probably included with the latest clientside update) releases in just 2-3 more days. I've already saved up enough Aeos Coin to afford it.
XCOM 2: Initial research on the aliens' encryption system was completed, to unsatisfactory results. Extracting any real information from here on is going to require the construction of a Shadow Chamber installation on the Avenger for dedicated analysis of their cipher. Skulljack development was completed, and the tool has been successfully deployed against an ADVENT Officer. The Codex that sprung from the link was successfully terminated, and its "brain" has been retrieved for future analysis. Significant research breakthroughs include the development of Predator Armour for all soldiers, and a single suit of E.X.O. Armour, bestowed to Grenadier Defcon to improve her capability as a frontline demolitionist. Contact has also been made with the local resistance cell of eastern Europe, granting access to one of the alien facilities working on the Avatar Project.
Picked up MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge again for a change of pace. Started as Lan and MegaMan (because why not?). Beat the first three beginner tournaments (Novice, Guts, Heal) and gained access to the "create-your-own-tournament" function, which I've been abusing with fodder Navi Codes to farm Zenny and various Chips. I'm slowly adding in more fodder Navi Codes to the create-your-own-tournament so I can gain access to some of the most valuable Chips, including Mega's Style Changes, along with using custom codes that I made to get certain hard-to-obtain Chips like LifeAura1. Once I get at least one Style Change I'll enter the next round of tournaments.
  • Construction of the Shadow Chamber was completed, and its first task, analysing the blacksite vial, revealed the horrible truth of what they're doing in the gene clinics, but we still don't know the why. The next stage of information gathering is a strike on a facility in East Asia, but we'll need to make contact with the local resistance cell first.
  • The Shadow Chamber's second task, hacking the retrieved Codex brain. We now have a set of vague coordinates in the Western US, and a metric buttload of data that's going to take two extra scientists to fully decode.
  • Met the second ruler, the Behemoth Queen. She super sucks, but might not be quite as bad as she seemed at first? Especially if you can cut the chaff before engaging and lock down the focus on her. I might be proven wrong later, but for now I'm cautiously optimistic about my chances, especially if we keep meeting her in open areas where we can spread out.
  • The aliens continue to work on the Avatar Project. If I'm going to slow them down, I'll have to move fast.
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