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What video games are you playing now?

Super Lesbian Animal RPG: Played through the first (and second?) dungeon so far and it is terrific! Super gay, great comedic writing, and fantastic energy.

XCOM 2: Forge facility located from the Blacksite Vial coordinates has been raided. Successfully retrieved a "blank template" of the aliens' genetic experiments. Mostly human, but ready to have the DNA from any one of the alien species inserted to complete the creature. This template is also notably high in psionic potential. Clearly an intentional design choice, but why? With all (applicable) soldier upgrades from Shen fully complete, plus a good deal of Guerilla Tactic training completed, the next order of business is investigating the coordinates extracted from that Codex before it double-killed itself, conveniently the contact I made with the Western US resistance cell gives me immediate access to the mission whenever I wanna start it. Almost like I planned this, some some kind of tactical strategy employed in this game.
Meant to mention this a while ago but RL has been a royal pain lately. Been doing double duty on the games lately.

First, MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge. Completed all the B Rank tournaments (Fireworks, Verdant, Stream, Thunder). IceMan pretty much handled Fireworks on his own, netting me HeatMan's Navi chip. I've since swapped out TorchMan for HeatMan. HeatMan may have slightly less MB, but has much higher HP (650), better dodging (B), and a stronger Navi attack (70 Fire that pierces shields) makes him the vastly superior choice to TorchMan (and pretty much Mr. Match's best Fire Navi). HeatMan then scorched the Verdant tournament single-handedly. Then ElecMan zapped the Stream tournament, netting me SharkMan, who has since replaced IceMan. While SharkMan does have lower MB, HP, and special attack, his dodging and accuracy rate is much higher (and IceMan was already pretty slippery), and his Navi attack deals chip damage while IceMan's attack is stronger but is just plain damage. ElecMan then handled the first few rounds of the Thunder tournament with WoodMan taking care of the clean-up. It's at this point I've come to really notice WoodMan's low MB, as it makes it harder to give him decent chips. Not to mention most Wood chips are astonishingly high cost (ranging from 30 to 50 MB on average) despite being pretty meh over all (only Spice 3 and Gaia Blade are pretty good before modifiers, and Spice requires Grass Panels in play to use, thus is rather situational, and they still cost a whopping 50 MB to use). And this is also including the fact that my entire back column of chips consists of 0 MB chips (2 Panel Grabs and 2 Recover 30) that basically act as fodder and damage sponges to protect my better chips and give me more MB to work with. Might be time to start adding in more Navi Codes in the free tournament section so I can get Wood Shield MegaMan, since his MB is only slightly less than base MegaMan and, and while his HP is lower (400) and his attack is meh (30 damage to all chips), that higher MB and better dodging ability make him more useful. I know I said SnakeMan outstrips WoodMan but you can't get SnakeMan until the post-game, and PlantMan (which I got in the Verdant tournament) is even worse. So it might be time to invest in getting Wood Shield MegaMan if only for the MB and better dodging ability.

Secondly, picked up Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition again. Took care of the events in Under Zero, defeating "Yuugo" and then taking control of Nokia and her newly created Omnimon to whup Fei into oblivion. Then after dealing with the next events had a chat with Omnimon to learn what the Paradise Lost Plan: an invasion by some xenophobic Royal Knights to destroy the real world in hopes of getting rid of the Eaters. There is a serious flaw the Royal Knights' plan that is, strangely, never addressed in-game (destroying the real world will destroy the Digital World, too, as the Digital World depends on the real world's cybermatrix to exist despite being technically separate, thus destroying one destroys both). At least Omnimon seems reasonable. Then we meet up with Kyoko for our strategy meeting (and humorously watch Nokia's brain overload from the technobabble) before heading into the Nakano Underpass, where a Digital Shift has formed (technically it was already there but it was incomplete at the time) so we can rescue Yuuko from Keshibie, with Fei tagging along. Did a bit of extra grinding while I was down there and I'm now heading into battle with the first true villain. My team consists of Tsunami the Neptunemon, Blitz the Kentaurosmon, Lunalight the LadyDevimon, Mary Ann the Sistermon Ceil Awakened, and Solaris the Ophanimon. I've since boxed Bai Tzu the Kazuhumon and Airazor the Valkyriemon because both are at max level while I'm trying to get Lunalight to become a Lilithmon but she still needs a few points of INT before she can Digivolve.
Am trying to enter Blueberry Academy but there’s a glitch. I can’t tell Cyrano.
  • Raided the Codex Brain Coordinates and retrieved a psionic gate. Upon analysis within the Shadow Chamber it was revealed that a Codex's signal would kick it into an active state, leading to a location that appears to be the aliens' stronghold. Unfortunately, a second key is required to make our way through, a biological key. Continued research necessary.
  • Skull-jacked a live Codex in the field to attempt to gain full access to the Avatar network. Upon connection, a new creature leapt upon us: an Avatar. After killing it and bringing the remains back for analysis, Tygan discovered that it contained the full biological key needed to travel through the gate and assault the aliens in their home base. Only problem is that we'll have to make our own Avatar (we need a living specimen to travel through the portal), and I'll have to pilot it.
  • Turns out the elders are not happy about us having killed one of them by taking down the Avatar they were piloting, and are about to round up every human they can get their hands on to accelerate Avatar production with a global broadcast. A broadcast we can hack. We'll storm the tower, hijack the transmission to tell the world what's really happening, and use that moment of confusion to strike on the alien stronghold. This is it, the final battle for Earth.
Resident Evil Revelations 2
Very good game but boy do those invisible bug enemies fill me with rage, especially at that part with the sluice gates with Barry/Natalia. I don't think those enemies get brought up in "what are the most annoying enemies in the franchise?" threads enough. Like, I'd rank them up there with the Eliminators from RE0, Reapers in RE5, and the moths from the infamous moth hallway in Code Veronica.

game also would've been improved if Steve Burnside was there, but it is what it is
XCOM 2: Earth has been liberated! The final mission to the Elders' stronghold got kinda dicey in a few places, a few soldiers got pushed to their limits, but we managed to destroy the Avatars they'd produced and wipe out the entire facility and every last Elder inside with no casualties (on Rookie).
  • Colonel Eva "Flatline" Castro: Sharpshooter
  • Colonel Zahara "Dr. Feelgood" Kekana: Specialist
  • Colonel Jane "Diamond" Kelly: Ranger
  • SPARK Paladin "Trident"
  • Major Mike "Seabreeze" Grant: Grenadier
  • Major Galina "Defcon" Malakhova: Grenadier
With special shoutouts to:
  • Colonel Gertrud "Breaker" Fischer: Specialist
  • Colonel Emma "Game Time" Fontaine: Sharpshooter
Who joined Diamond on the transmission tower raid, but came out of it too wounded to be viable deployments for Operation Leviathan.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG: Currently exploring the Amber Woods to find Jodie, who has gone missing. Just defeated The Trash King, who, despite the group's assumptions, is not Beast-Folk, merely a regular bird who likes trash.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Started up a playthrough of the original PS4 release. I've actually never played this one before, only Hacker's Memory, which does make it rather fun to watch various scenes happening and think "Keisuke and Erika were literally just here until Erika collapsed and they had to leave before we arrived and that's why we never saw them". It's technically the intended experience of playing HM and thinking "Aiba is doing this other stuff while we're here", but reversed because I played them backwards and I think that's neat. In terms of progress I've just cleared the first Digital Shift in Shinjuku. I chose Terriermon at the start, and my current squad is: Galgomon, GeoGreymon, Garurumon, Gaogamon, Tyrannomon, Tailmon, Leomon, Veedramon, Angemon, Dorugamon, & Ikkakumon. Digimon are cycling in and out of the active party depending on circumstances as I'm forced to grapple with the greatest enemy this game has to offer: Party Memory.
F-Zero 99, there's a Christmas Event where the Knight League's tracks have an icy theme to them ! I have yet to play Silence though, so I'll see how it goes :D
My main Switch was acting up so I had to move onto my Switch Lite. As a result I ended up starting a new file for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. Changed things up slightly, as I picked the female PC, wanting to see the differences between her and the male PC (like animations, expressions, voice clips, story bits, etc). Started with my usual "starter" of Terriermon (because we all need some Moumantai in our lives), naming him Blitz, plus having both the Vaccine type and Wind attributes are pretty useful in the early game. I spent too much time gathering up Scan Data from the Mons I can get right now (Koromon, Poyomon, Tsunomon, Pabumon), as I wanted to get 200% of all of them, which resulted in Blitz reaching Lv11 before I even completed the prolog. Now I'm up to Chapter 1 after Kyoko rescued me but had to stop because my Switch Lite's battery is nearly gone (I guess I hadn't recharged it lately given the past few days have been hectic).
I’ve recently been playing through Dead Cells, Cassette Beasts, and Geometry Dash!

Dead Cells:
I recently managed to get the Hattori’s Katana, and that’ll definitely help in future runs if I can get lucky and find either an L or S version of it since it’s absolutely broken.



Cassette Beasts:
I’m playing with my main character I named after myself (so no photos lol-), and have mostly been working on completing my Bestiary and whatever remaining quests I have. That being said, it’s gonna be tough since Bootlegs (Cassette Beasts equivalent of Shinies) are pretty rare, and there’s one version of them for each of the 14 types. Now, there are 140 monsters currently useable. So, 14 x 140 is… 1960.

Wish me luck.

Geometry Dash:
Update 2.2 finally came out yesterday. It’s been really fun so far, and I was even able to get to 74% on the new level! For now I’m gonna wait until I can beat it to check out the new Platformer levels, but it’s been really fun!

I forgot to take some photos so, umm… I’ll add some later I guess!

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Started up a playthrough of the original PS4 release. I've actually never played this one before, only Hacker's Memory, which does make it rather fun to watch various scenes happening and think "Keisuke and Erika were literally just here until Erika collapsed and they had to leave before we arrived and that's why we never saw them". It's technically the intended experience of playing HM and thinking "Aiba is doing this other stuff while we're here", but reversed because I played them backwards and I think that's neat. In terms of progress I've just cleared the first Digital Shift in Shinjuku. I chose Terriermon at the start, and my current squad is: Galgomon, GeoGreymon, Garurumon, Gaogamon, Tyrannomon, Tailmon, Leomon, Veedramon, Angemon, Dorugamon, & Ikkakumon. Digimon are cycling in and out of the active party depending on circumstances as I'm forced to grapple with the greatest enemy this game has to offer: Party Memory.
I’m glad to hear someone else is enjoying CS! I enjoyed my time with the game (even tho I have the complete edition on Switch, lol-). I’d recommend taking time to level up your team as much as you can if you’re gonna do NG+, since CS is much less forgiving than HM, especially at the later stages. Either way it’s still gonna be really sad, lol-

Edited to add more info that I forgot to add since I was rushing a bit! >~<
Still working with my new file of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. Just finished the hospital investigation after "rebuilding" my "current" body with junk data and I'm now working for Kyoko proper. And experienced my first "death by coffee" (which is probably the PC's second death thus far in the game). I knew coffee was the most evil of all drinks and Kyoko proves it. I've since upgraded my team to Blitz the Terriermon, Solaris the Nyaramon, Mary Ann the Tokomon, and Gizmo the Motimon. All of them are at max level right now because of my quest to gather 200% Scan Data of all the available Mons (and I'm still short on Motimon from the hospital computer system but I hit max level on everyone before I could collect the last bit of Scan Data). Blitz will become a Gargomon, Solaris will become a Salamon, Mary Ann will become a Sistermon Blanc (albeit I'll have to first divert to Patamon since Mary Ann is still short on CAM to reach Sistermon Blanc), and Gizmo will become Hagurumon. At least that's the plan right now.
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Defeated two more Eaters in Digital Shifts, one big one in Akihabara and a tiny one in the Metropolitan Building. We're also finally at the point where Jimiken properly forms the Demons and goes on a crime spree, Quite a few of the squad have hit their thresholds to make the jump to Perfect: Rapidmon, RizeGreymon, MetalTyrannomon, GrapLeomon, and MachGaogamon. They're all going to have to degenerate eventually of course, so they can reach the ABI value needed to make the jump to Ultimate, but having them like this for now is good. I also added a Goblimon to the rotation when sneaking into the Avalon Server, since I needed a Virus attribute for Stealth Hide and Tyrannomon wasn't going to evolve for a while. It's a Growlmon now!
Return of the Obra Dinn - I've been wanting to play this since it came out, and I finally started it a few days ago. I've solved just over half of the fates, and the storm is ready to spawn, but I haven't gone back to shore yet. It took awhile for me to get into the flow of the gameplay, mostly because the UX is a little obtuse, but I'm into the swing of things now. The visuals and sound design are stellar. I like the variety of available information that can lead to an identity. I don't like when I'm forced to view multiple memories in a row before I can make any notes about what I'm seeing, though.

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire - In anticipation of the 3DS online service going down next year, me and a bunch of friends are playing through ORAS again together. It's been really fun! I'm deliberately taking it slow to make use of daily events and side content.
Didn't get as much done as I would've liked because I had an early morning migraine (damn weather changes getting to me again) but I did make progress on Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth later on. I've since beaten Jimiken for the first time and I'm heading to the Shinjuku Labyrinth. I played a clever game with Jimi when I fought him this time. I had Gizmo (now a PlatinumSukamon) use Character Reversal (which inflicts Bug status ailment, reversing the type effectiveness chart) on his two Meramons so Solaris (now a Sorcerimon, albeit this is a temporary Digivolution, mostly for ABI and attacks) be able to deal super-effective damage to both Meramons and Devimon with Crystal Cloud at the same time (3x on the Meramons and 2x on Devimon). I also added Hawkeye the Aquilamon to the ranks and temporarily boxed Blitz the Gargomon (since I had a few too many Vaccine types at the time, and Party Memory space being an issue, as usual). My Patamon, Mary Ann, became a Reppamon for a short time so I could pick up a few extra techniques (and more ABI, among another reason that'll become clear later) before De-Digivolving back to Patamon (and will De-Digivolve back to Tokomon shortly, but I want to build up some levels first so I can get more ABI when I De-Digivolve again). This is for preparation for Sistermon Ciel Awakened, since she requires 60 ABI to reach (among other requirements), as she's a beast in battle, figuratively and literally (and I like Sistermon Ciel, plus I nicknamed her after my aunt, who is a nun). Got a few extra Mons in the DigiFarm that I'm also working on for later down the road.
Forgive the double post (although it's almost been a day since the last one) but I'm still playing Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. I didn't get too much further because I was out most of the day but I completed the Shinjuku Labyrinth case and I'm now working on side cases before moving on to the Pentagram Scramble case. Since this is the part of the story where the Hagurumon case ("A Life Crisis", in case anyone is wondering) opened up I've been using it for grinding my Mons (and getting Scan Data), and I unintentionally ended up with Team Waifu because of the types of Mons I was trying to train at the time. I currently have Mysti the LadyDevimon (she's going to become a Mastemon eventually, though it means I need to raise up her ABI and a second Angewomon along with complete certain plot events first), Mary Ann the Sistermon Blanc (she was a Sistermon Ciel but I've since De-Digivolved her to get more ABI), Solaris the Lilymon (she was going to be an Angewomon but I had to divert paths again because of Party Memory issues... and I also need more ABI before I can get her final form of Ophanimon), and Lunalight the Keramon (she's going to be a Lilithmon eventually, but like everyone else I need to spend time building up ABI and stats before she gets anywhere near that form). I also have boxed Gizmo, now a Vademon, Blitz has since become a Rapidmon, and I've combined Hawkeye the Aquilamon with Cathy the second Gatomon into Sylphimon, though he (she?) has been boxed for now because of the aforementioned Party Memory issues. There's also a few other Mons in the DigiFarm that I'm working on, too.
Digimon Story Syber Sleuth: Took down the Demons, did some other stuff, and then we turned up late to the Under Zero raid, a bunch of people got Eaten (including Chitose conveniently just off-screen), and Rie kidnapped Yuuko, so we've gotta deal with that now. Given that I'm around halfway through the game at this point I feel like I'm at a decent point to start commenting on this stuff, and I'm honestly not really sure I'm feeling this one quite as much as Hacker's Memory? I dunno, maybe it's just the fact that I've played through Hacker's Memory, like, half a dozen times, but I just feel like it does a better job of engrossing you into the world and characters. I can only assume because Hudie, being an explicit team from the start, immediately have a more defined rapport than the little ragtag group you've built by the point I'm at in CS, plus they're always around rather than just kinda bumping into Nokia and Arata randomly, so it's able to get stuff rolling faster and more smoothly. I have heard that CS starts picking up steam around the time where Paradise Lost kicks in, so hopefully that does hold true and things pick up once we're really in the trenches.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG: Reached the Celestial Wasteland, and finally found Jodie (turns out she's actually, like, fine) after a boos fight with a giant robot. So now we've got the full party of four, finally rounding out our healer and two DPS with a tank, and it's glorious. Especially since equipping her with the Spellblade book lets her add a little extra damage while she's soaking up hits with Counter Stance. Currently searching around Javis' new base to try and sneak into a staff meeting to find out what his plan is. The game is still incredibly charming btw, fantastic sense of humour and wonderful writing.
Taking a small break from Cyber Sleuth (not like I've gotten much further outside of grinding to the high heavens) to play a new file in MegaMan Battle Network Legacy Collection. Specifically, Battle Network 1. I only just beat TorchMan/FireMan but I've been spending a lot of time grinding for chips and Zenny both before and after beating him. I also have Buster MAX on so I can get through Viruses more easily. One of the chips I've been grinding for are MetGuard A chips, since you need 30 of them in order to get the BusterGuard chip later on. So that means I needed to purposely tank my Busting Rank to farm them. Fortunately, as this is the game where Mega heals after every battle (sans the Power Plant) it made it a pretty painless endeavor (not literally, obviously, as Mega needs to take damage, or rather flinch, to lower his Busting Rank). I've succeeded in farming 31 of those MetGuard A chips (and a couple of MetGuard G ones for other purposes) and I've since streamlined my folder to become a 3 code folder (K, F, and S), which includes the special downloadable Bass chip, though I know I need to streamline it more but at this early stage in the game your options are limited. MegaMan has 200 HP (I cleaned out the Net Merchant) and his Buster's Attack/Speed/Charge is 2/1/2.
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Paradise Lost has officially come to pass, and the physical and digital worlds have meshed. After successfully saving Yuuko, Arata's gone on the run and just now thrown his lot in with Suedo, and the rest of the gang are working on keeping the peace around Tokyo and finding a way to fix things on their own time. Omnimon suggests we find Royal Knights biding their time around the city and try to sway them to our side, and though we had a bad run-in with Duftmon and Dynasmon, it didn't come to blows and we managed to link up with Gallantmon, which is good! Also yeah, the character writing's definitely been picking up, too. Immediately after Paradise Lost the whole Eater Eve event (while extremely rude as a boss) was a great moment for several characters, and Arata throwing his lot in with Suedou is also an interesting development, and also gives good context to why he had that arm in Hacker's Memory. Bosses are definitely becoming much more troublesome at this point of the game as well. I really don't think it should've been legal for Ebemon to have that many turns, but we're getting through it, even if we've had to use a lot of items to get here. A bit of a grinding session may be called for by now, at least until I can get Russell to his Ultimate level as a SaintGalgomon, maybe one or two more Ultimates to help out as well? Lester and Arthur at the very least are back into Perfect with enough ABI score to reach Ultimate, but they really only just got there, so that might be spending a little too long on grinding at that point, we'll see.
Got a Victory Royale in Fortnite tonight, then got on Splatoon 3 to do my daily win (did Salmon Run, since I don't mind this weapon set even if I HATE Marooner's Bay as a map), and now I'll probably do a little of the last chapter in Resident Evil Revelations 2. I took a break from it for a little because of some stuff getting in my way of playing, but I'd like to finish it within the next couple of days. Last time I'd left off with Claire, I had literally no ammo left because of the boss fight in chapter 3, so we'll see how things go. As much as I love Claire and she's my favorite RE protagonist, I honestly enjoy the Barry chapters more (minus those invisible enemies, which can kiss my ass lol).
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