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What video games are you playing now?

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Not very much story progress today, all I really ended up doing was helping Hackmon realise what he truly needed as a guardian and helping him evolve to Jesmon, securing an ally in the fight to protect the world. I also got jumpscared by Kentaurosmon in Eden while I was working on a sidequest, but fortunately that wasn't a real fight and he just wanted to flex on how slow we are before speeding off. Catching up to him's gonna need help from UlforeceVeedramon, who was unfortunately revealed to be dead(?) in Hacker's Memory, so Mirei wants us to get some stuff from other Royal Knights so she can tear open a portal to a parallel universe to bring over Rina Shinomiya and Veevee from Re:Digitize. However, I did get that grinding session done to sort out a few evolutions to Ultimate. Newly minted Ultimate Digimon are: Russell the SaintGalgomon, Lester the MetalGarurumon (both of whom required an emergency bout of stat training in the farm for INT and DEF respectively if I didn't wanna wait another dozen levels to hit the thresholds naturally), Arthur the Gaiomon, and Desmond the SaberLeomon. This I feel like is a sufficient batch of buddies to push through current bosses, letting my other Digimon gain exp naturally as we go, a lot of them are staring to get close anyway.
ArmA 3. After I use mod tools to port all the content from ArmA 1 and ArmA 2 in and edit some paramteters so some gunsights can go on weapons they normally can't.
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Recruited Magnamon to our side thanks to Nokia's unbounded kindness, and using the item he gave me with the one Jesmon gave me let us go get Veevee and Rina to let us beat Kentaurosmon, who is currently a neutral party, though spending time with the two of them may shift their opinions somewhat. After that a bunch of Eaters showed up in Asakusa, when we beat them up, Arata was there and assimilated the Eater to get that arm he had in Hacker's Memory. Hits a lot harder here, too since he actually seems to be massively deteriorating mentally, plus the animation for Inspect Handler looking a lot freakier when he's doing it to you. Also helped Yuuko destroy the Yuugo account, that was a really good quest. After he fucked off we gathered up our allies for an assault on Examon before he could start destroying Tokyo, which failed, and he started destroying Tokyo. Also Arata ate Gallantmon. Great googly moogly, it's all gone to shit! We started kinda picking up the pieces by cutting off the digital waves Examon's using to recharge between rampages, killed Craniamon to do that, but now we're just waiting for him to run out of power so we can take care of him. Also evolved every Digimon barring Zudomon into the Ultimate forms. By complete happenstance I ended up with the entire Savers Squad on my team too, so hopefully I'll be able to bring them up to the point of entering Burst Mode by the end of the game. No idea if I'll actually wind up getting there though, even the SaintGalgomon who's literally never left my team since I started is only around level 60, and ideally they'd still hit level 80 before making the jump to score the last skills from their current forms.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG: Cleared the Neon Labyrinth and learned the rough outline of Javis' plans, and then on our way to get a new warp pad back to the island working (they smashed the one we used to get here) Melody developed a negative mirror of herself that may or may not have been hallucinated? And now we're back in a glitchy and fucked-up Greenridge and we need to get everybody out.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Playing through the Booster Course Pass after finally getting the game again (I lost my old cartridge a while back). Just going through the Grand Prix in 200cc mostly.

Diddy Kong Racing DS + Mario Kart DS: Really just playing around in em to relive some old memories.

huh, been on a real racing game grind recently huh
In Pokemon Unite, I completed all the goals to unlock Meowscarada. There was also a Christmas present for a free Unite License unlock (mostly starter Pokemon but also includes launch exclusive Zeraora, which I already have) so I picked Dodrio.

In Pokemon Scarlet, now that the DLC is fully released I'm playing through the DLC, starting in Kitakami. (It was odd for Clavell to inform me that I could head to Blueberry Academy if I chose to, but the plot is currently in Kitakami so...) Kieran is a kind kid at this point ... Carmine, not so much. (I may be aware of some minor spoilers for those two.)
I am currently on a Pokemon break right now, but I am playing genshin impact, honkai star rail and I'm probably going to start playing Xenoblade (the first one) we will see though. I have a hard time playing a lot of games at once, I get burned out much easier compared to when I was younger.
I ordered a replacement charger for my Switch because my other was missing after my trip. So I've started playing on my Switch again and am starting with finishing up the first Scarlet DLC and then moving onto the second.
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Every Royal Knight bent on destroying the human world has been defeated. Along the way we discovered the truth about the gang's relationship, having been friends 8 years ago before having their memories blanked when Yuugo got Eaten, as well as the truth of Kyoko's dual-identity. Only thing left to do now if mop up some quests old and new from the agency, one of which is from Arata, who is better now after I jumped into his brain and sucker-punched him, and then it's off to the Digital World to raid the Mother Eater and extract Yuugo from the network to fix everything. Which I'm sure won't have radical knock-on effects and cause massive changes to both worlds.
Also managed to get the four Savers Digimon into their Burst Modes after all. Thanks I'm sure in large part to the Tactician USB I picked up giving me a significant boost to EXP from each battle. That actually makes the entire squad I'm planning to take to the final battle both fully evolved and all 11 present in the team at once thanks to finally building up that critical mass of memory expansions to accommodate 11 Ultimate+ Digimon. So I guess we might as well do final rollcall now that we're all teamed up:
  • Russell: SaintGalgomon (Starter Terriermon)
  • Kirby: Seraphimon
  • Paulo: ShineGreymon Burst Mode
  • Rani: Ravemon Burst Mode
  • Lester: MetalGarurumon
  • Desmond: SabreLeomon
  • Rosa: Rosemon Burst Mode
  • Gryphon: MirageGaogamon Burst Mode
  • Arthur: Gaiomon
  • Megan: Darkdramon
  • Susan: RustTyrannomon

Super Lesbian Animal RPG: We've returned Greenridge to normal, but shit's absolutely gone south with a literal goddess out to destroy the entire planet. Which is bad. On the plus side Jodie and Claire now have skills to summon their girlfriends for a kiss during battle to get a stat buff. However, Melody and Allison are going through a rough patch, and they've lost their skills to kiss each other! I sincerely hope these girls an make up and come back stronger than ever soon because I am legitimately enraptured by these characters and want them to be happy. Next order of business is staking out the valley on the way to the goddess' fortress, and heading off to find Faith's mentor for assistance on the whole ordeal.
Picked up Gato Roboto last night on an eShop sale. Beat it in about 3 hours, missing only a few pickups here and there. The playthrough had a lot of highlights, with my only real gripe being that it has little to no (immediate) replay value. Which, for an indie title, shouldn't actually be a fault.
Haven't done much gaming lately due to RL events but I managed to get my main Switch back up and running and thus was able to continue my main file of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Compete Edition. I'm up to Chapter 13 now. I battled Crusadermon, witnessed the Paradise Lost Plan get executed, and helped free Yuuko from Eater Eve, along with meeting the real Yuugo. Met up with the gang and now Arata is a national fugitive so the rest of the gang can save the day without law enforcement getting in our way. Now it's time to take on my first case without Kyoko, from Makiko no less. My party consists of Solaris the Ophanimon, Blitz the Kentaurosmon, Tsunami the Neptunemon, Mary Ann the Sistermon Ciel Awakened, and Lunalight the Lilithmon.
Still playing Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition. I'm up to Chapter 14 now and we've begun our search for the Royal Knights in hopes of turning the ones that harbor doubts about the whole "destroy humanity" thing like Gallantmon to our side. I also took care of several cases prior, both side ones and plot-relevant and it's becoming apparent that the PC's half-cyber body is starting to destabilize and is slowly (and painfully) dying. And... I ended up with Team Waifu again (sans one) while trying to get my team more balanced in the type department. Anyway, my team consists of Solaris the Ophanimon, Lunalight the Lilithmon, Thorn the Rosemon, Mary Ann the Sistermon Ciel Awakened, and the only guy on the team: Blitz the Kentaurosmon.
i'm playing wind waker for the gamecube, currently in the middle of the earth temple with medli. also playing pikmin 4, i'm in the middle of trying to 100% the second area. also may be playing link's awakening (switch version) as well, i started it recently but we'll see if i stick to playing it...
Reset My ANCH save file and ohhh my godddd I forgot how good this game isssss it's so relaxing >u<
Still working on Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Compete Edition. I've since been reunited with best detective waifu, Kyoko, lost Arata to Suedo, and am now trying to recruit the remaining Royal Knights to our side. Triggered the battle event with Kentaurosmon, which trigged the event to start hunting for the Steel Will and Harmonious Will so Mirei can help us gain a new UlforceVeedramon, since the one associated with these Royal Knights is lost in the dimensional gaps. I've taken care of several side-quests and am now at the point where I can recruit Magnamon.

However, I spent a TON of time grinding, as I realized I was very short of Data types (I only had two: Rosemon Burst Mode and Kuzuhamon). So I spent way too long grinding up new and old Mons to try to fill in some voids in my team. As a result I boxed most of my team at the time so I could work with the new Mons. And after all that effort, I now have some new Mons at my disposal: MetalGarurumon, UlforceVeedramon, Leopardmon, Sakuyamon, MetalSeadramon, and Megidramon. Now that I've bulked up some of my types it's time to recruit Magnamon. My team consists of Lunalight the Lilithmon, Mary Ann the Sistermon Ciel Awakened, Chaos (formerly known as Bazooka) the Megidramon, Supersonic the UlforceVeedramon, and Schubaltz the Leopardmon. I'm going in with a bunch of Virus Mons because I know a battle with Dynasmon, who is a Data type, is coming up. Plus it'll give Supersonic and Schubaltz a chance to level up, as they've only just Digivolved.
Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Game's done! Overall the ending was pretty good, I liked the character drama that unfolded around the end there. Suedou's whole rant at the end was a whole bunch of nonsense, and I'm glad the game gave me the option to have Aiba verbally acknowledge this, but it's largely meaningless to the overall ending except for the fact that he decided not to destroy the world for some reason, but everything else kept happening as it should have. Overall the ending was good, though a lot less bittersweet than I expected coming in from Hacker's Memory. One thing I am confused about though is the state of EDEN? 'Cause the CS epilogue says that EDEN still exists, but in HM Keisuke says that EDEN doesn't exist anymore after the reset? It's weird.
Also did all the postgame Great Challenges. Most of them were pretty unremarkable, but the last one was kinda wild. By the mechanics I only needed Rosa the Rosemon Burst Mode to survive two hits before I was guaranteed the win, but through a combination of the Safety Guard skill and a lot of evasion buffs she went above and beyond to survive all five shots from Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. She's a beast, a monster, an absolute demon. Fear her, for she is the Paladin Mode now.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG: Made some more progress, great character development, stunning plot revelations, all remarkably well-written, did not expect such sympathy for this antagonist when she was introduced, and yet Bobby's gotten me there. Extremely curious to see how this plays out. Currently doing a bunch of prepwork for going in to the final battle. Lotta powerups, character-specific gear, bonus little resolutions to a bunch of hanging plot-threads, very cool stuff. Melody and Allison are in a better place, too. They're talking to each other again, their relationship has come out of this stronger than ever, they have their kissing skills back, it's great.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Cleared the first area. Took a little bit of a learning curve, but especially once the game taught me how to manual I've been getting into a solid groove of moving through the terrain and getting good trick combos and stuff. Combat is rather janky without a lock-on given how fast you're moving around, but overall the game's pretty fun so far.
I was out for most of the day taking care of some things so I didn't get much done. But I did continue on in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Compete Edition when I got home. I've since recruited Magnamon to the protags' cause and kicked Dynasmon to the curb. But wow, Dynasmon's AI did something pretty bizarre. He was down to critical health after Mary Ann, Lunalight, and Chaos used their signature moves (Lunalight deserves a mention as she shaved off a good 2/3rds of his HP in one attack). But then he decides to use Wyvern Wing, and the resulting recoil KOed him (and thanks to Magnamon using Defense Charge Field the Wyvern Wing did even less damage). The last time I saw his AI do that was back in my very first playthrough in his final fight in that run. I wonder why the AI is so suicidal? Anyway, that means we got the Harmonious Will. Now it's time to get the Steel Will. Which means I need to help Hackmon.

But first, since I realized that I don't need the Will items to get her in the Complete Edition, I've since gone back to the dungeon where Magnamon was and am now grinding up an Angewomon and LadyDevimon to get a Mastemon. This'll be the third time I've spent the time grinding for a Mastemon, and since the Digital Shift dungeon has some of the best enemies to turn into punching bags at this point in the game (along with liberal use of Tactician USBs) at least the process is going quickly. But since I need to get both Angewomon's and LadyDevimon's Attack to 120 means I have to spend time training in the DigiFarm (especially Angewomon, as her Attack stat growth is terrible, while LadyDevimon can reach that number on her own). For the best results I even changed Angewomon's nature to "Fighter" so that her stat growth from training will go mostly to Attack (which I plan to change when I actually get Mastemon). But first I need to get their ABI up to 80 and get their CAM to 100, then I'll focus more on the actual stat growth. As a result of this change in plans my team has been changed for the time. It consists of Aphelion the Angewomon, Wuya the LadyDevimon, Rika the Sakuyamon (no points for guessing where the name comes from), Shendu the RizeGreymon, Gyro the Datamon (who I'm working to become an GranLocomon), and Titanic the Titamon (who's been in my reserves in the DigiFarm for quite some time).
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