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What video games are you playing now?

Bug fables: the everlasting sapling.
I'm currently in chapter 3 (which ironically shares a name with my favorite stage theme in the Kirby series). It's really solid. Good music, fun combat, and vi is a very well written protagonist. Shame it's so easy to compare to the superior paper Mario 64
Been digging into Mole Mania. Puzzle and action are two genres that don't sound like they come together all that well, but Mole Mania mashes them both together in a way where they complement each other. I also appreciate that it's super forgiving: Health refills are plentiful, completing a room creates an autosave, and time is counted but doesn't contribute to score (which is more of a completion percentage than a "score"). Really, all a modern remake would need is an undo function. Up to Level 3 (but levels are more like worlds in this game and every room is more like a level) and so far I think I am enjoying it.
Bug fables: the everlasting sapling.
I'm currently in chapter 3 (which ironically shares a name with my favorite stage theme in the Kirby series). It's really solid. Good music, fun combat, and vi is a very well written protagonist. Shame it's so easy to compare to the superior paper Mario 64

I'm playing Bug Fables too! I just started chapter 5.

On Switch I'm also playing Animal Crossing and Smash these days. On Gamecube I'm playing Pokemon Channel and Pokemon Colosseum, and on mobile I'm playing Pokemon GO, Old School Runescape, Devil May Cry: Peak Combat and Sonic Runners Adventure.
Picked up a few demos to try. Indie game The Pedestrian was nice, and I attempted the new Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown only to immediately uninstall that one on principle of not supporting offline play. Okay, I understand that a distinct "demo build" is some extra workload for a development team in general, but the expected level of online functionality here is "Pokemon or less" aka. a primarily solo adventure, where any online features are a fun sideshow.

Meanwhile, back in my usual habit of Gems of War, I am nearing the end of one of the game's more infamous RNG grinds (the six craftable Gem Dragons) -- it took a few months to save up the necessary resources to make a run on the last dragon (the brown one, Garnetaerlin), but I did complete the set, and now I'm saving for the final dragon (Diamantina). Then -- oh boy -- it's time to plan out the new "Cosmic Dragons" which follow the exact same grind only they cost 10% more. Also, the devs announced that in mid-March they will abruptly sync up the Switch version to par with the PC content schedule, which is going to be interesting and ultimately a net benefit, though we will miss 4 Campaigns (including the one that debuts the next Kingdom, "Mydnight") in the process.
Pokemon Sword. I'm trying to find a (female) Eevee.
Power Wash Simulator: I got this one for free last month and I've started playing it in the past couple weeks. It's like, fine? The gameplay is like, whatever, it's kind of exactly what it says on the tin. You're going around blasting a bunch of stuff with your pressure washer. It's nothing exciting. The thing that is keeping me playing this game - I cannot fucking believe I'm saying this - the thing keeping me playing the Power Wash Simulator is the story. The fucking STORY TO THE POWER WASH SIMULATOR. It sounds fucking deranged but that's where I'm standing with this game. There's something fucky going on with the town's cats, the town's mayor, the local volcano, and an ancient culture from out in the desert. Once again I cannot fucking believe that the Power Wash Simulator has a mystery story compelling enough to keep me playing despite its whatever gameplay. Go figure.

Pokemon Violet: Finished the DLC stories, they were pretty good! I enjoyed Kieran's arc throughout the whole thing, and the larger stories he existed within were also pretty neat. Terapagos is way cuter than I was expecting, even if its inclusion in the story was generally less revelatory to certain mysteries than I was expecting? Ah well, overall still neat.
Been playing a game on Steam called Die in the Dungeon: Origins.

It's a fun, simple Rogue-like that's available for free. (Since it's a Demo for the full Die in the Dungeon.) Nothing about it really leapt out at me, but I do think it's a fun little game I see myself playing if I'm bored.
I do recommend it, since it is free and shouldn't take up too much of your time.

As for Sonic Battle; I think it's a lot more fun now that I've upgraded Emerl past the point of uselessness.
Power Wash Simulator: Coming up on the grand finale. Currently cleaning the Lost City Palace. Why is it this big? There's so much palace to clean what the actual fuck guys? I've played two whole-ass sessions of the game trying to clean this shit and I'm barely 60% done. I get that they're going real big and grand and I respect the vision but it's SO MUCH. I feel like there's probably one more job after this and I can only pray it's more reasonable.

Pokemon Violet: MOCHI!! Played the epilogue story. It was a neat little denouement to the story, neat little excuse to bring the cast from the main game and the DLC together to wrap things up. I do kinda wish that Carmine was able to get some more significant interactions with the Paldea Gang as opposed to being incapacitated for 99% of the runtime. I also would've liked to get some of Pecharunt's backstory from that video they put out in the game itself, rather than being a completely separate thing. Like, the little guy's got real motivations and kind of a bittersweet story to him, and I feel like it could've been interesting to work that into the story here.

Bowser's Fury: Collected 80/100 shines already. This game is not long, but it's a fun time nevertheless. I am as usual very amused by my general tendency to go for high completion percentages early on in collectathons, third giga bell was already active immediately after I cleared the second fight. I've completed all the shines in the main islands, and since I know that some of the incidental shines around the lake don't actually show up until you've hit the credits once, all that's left before the cleanup is to beat Bowser up enough that he turns back to normal and the credits roll.
Power Wash Simulator: Ok, it took forever but I finally finished the palace, and by extension the game (No I'm not playing the bonus jobs). So, yeah, gameplay is whatever, not really my thing, but the story is startlingly engaging for a Power Wash Simulator. Not too bad once, but I don't think I'll ever be going back to it.
Bowser's Fury: Finished this one too! All 100 shines! It's a pretty fun little experience, I Enjoy.

Super Mario 3D World: Figured I might as well start this one since the cart's already in the Switch. I'm partway through World 3. it's a decent enough game so far.
Super Mario 3D World: Now up to the boss stage post-World 6? I think? I think this is the one where Hisstocrat comes back with his girlfriend. Some cracks are definitely showing in the game by this point, unfortunately it's basically impossible to tell whether the problem is with the game or with the fact that these joycons drifty as fuuuuuck.

Resident Evil 4make: Just started Chapter 2, wrapped up after meeting the merchant for the first time (love this man, truly fantastic). The opening was uhh... Eventful, quite a time. Totally screwed myself early on in the square by thinking I was sooo smart and going into one of the houses to jump back out through a window. Chainsaw Man was at the window. Also learned the hard way with Bull Hammer Man that enemies are not going to just decide that I'm no longer worth it because I crossed a bridge or something. Hopefully things'll go smoother now that I'm kinda used to things, we'll have to see.

Crash 4: It was hot and unpleasant last night so I didn't wanna start RE4 yet. Been playing a couple mid-late-game stages for gems to unlock more Coco skins, which I apparently just stopped going for at some point, despite continuing to get Crash skins that I don't even like very much for a few worlds, yet. Kinda makes sense in hindsight, given that I apparently never cleared a single stage using Coco before last night, even got the trophy records to prove it.
Just finished Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth for the second time and enjoyed it even more than I did the first time. Such a good game. I keep hearing that another Stories game like it is supposed to be in development, and I really hope so. Survive was good, but not really up my alley. I'm tempted to buy Next World Order, but I've heard that it's not as good as CS so a bit torn.

For now I'm thinking I'll go back to Rune Factory 4 since that's another one I left my run unfinished. Was having fun but got a bit burned out on it and got a little tired of having to save Venti... really hope this is the last time I have to do it. Hopefully now that some time's passed I'll enjoy it again.
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