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What video games are you playing now?

Still on my replay of Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinso as I wait for my import of the second game to arrive next month. Currently on chapter 5 (was hoping to get closer to chapter 10 but I've been quite busy lately), defeated the yakuza guys at the Chinese restaurant and now I have to do the annoying quest of finding Toda and talking to the NPC's around the city.

Decided to dust off my PS1 and replay the original Spyro trilogy again as well, since I've already replayed the Reignited trilogy so much. Started with the first game of course and currently in Magic Crafters, my favorite homeworld and flight level, but the other levels are my least favorite lol. Usually these levels (except Crystal Flight) make this part of the game a bit of a slog for me, not sure why exactly but they're very meh to me compared to other levels in the game.

I'm also thinking of playing Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast. I have the physical Japanese import untouched still, so maybe sometime tonight I'll play it. I hear it's better than Blast Unleashed though because there's more combos and it's more balanced since there's no power up option apparently. I've been in and out of this fandom after the original anime ended, and it seems now I have the itch to get back into Zoids again lol.
Oh, right, I started a second playthrough of Cassette Beasts (this time with the DLC region available prior to postgame).

And somehow, I'm overleveled. Anyway, the last developments were exploring Falldown Mall (I somehow failed AGAIN to record Arkidd on the guaranteed first encounter) and defeating that Archangel, now I'm on Felix's questline. I opened the shortcut to the swamp, but I still need to drop the bridge by the farm.
Still playing Dragon Quest 8 (3DS). After helping Prince Charmless... I mean Charmlus... or is it Sharmlay... pretty sure it's Charmless, with his "mission" to get an Argon Heart (and having to deal with his ego along the way, with Jessica brilliantly snarking off to the side), the party witnessed him cheat his way through the "mission" at the bazaar. Fortunately, King Clavius also saw what happened and yet Charmless keeps lying his way out of things. After getting the Sun Mirror I spent a ton of time in the bazaar for new items, outfitting the gang with new gear and completing several alchemy recipes. Now Zephyr has a Zombieslayer, Yangus has a Bandit Axe, the Dogsbody's Vest, the Dogsbody's Hood, Jessica has a Dragontail Whip, the White Shield, Angelo has the Dancer's Mail, along with several accessories like a Ring of Awakening, Full Moon Ring, and so on. After gaining access to the magical spring, thereby giving Medea some much-needed facetime and getting the Sun Mirror recharged the party ventured after Dhoulmagus. I'm not sure if I was overleveled or he's easier than I remember, but my party wiped the floor with him. Sure, it did require some liberal healing and even a Yggdrasil Dew that I made in the Alchemy Pot, but overall my party pretty well cleaned house. And now Jessica is missing. We all know what that means, right? The chase continues. Zephyr (Hero) is Level 33, Yangus is Level 32, Jessica is Level 31 (before her disappearance), and Angelo is Level 31.
For the past few weeks I’ve been resuming Pokemon Shuffle on the 3DS. Yes, I am playing a freemium game for a platform that can’t even be monetized anymore and will never be able to get a good deal of the Mega Stones since some of them require using the Internet for competitive stages. But I persist, or at least until I can get Mega Rayquaza at level 300 :bulbaLol:
For the past few weeks I’ve been resuming Pokemon Shuffle on the 3DS.
I remember that being my "lunch break" game for quite some time. I was constantly farming the Meowth stage (I'd worked out a semi-reliable strategy to set up a match of 5 coin tiles by move 7, to farm +500 coins per heart) to save up items for the tougher stages, also the "Great Ball" catch rate (especially in conjunction with multiple items). I think it has a total of 700 stages, after which they loop (which makes it easier to get the S-ranks to unlock the challenge stages). The only stage I hadn't completed was the final challenge stage, which I think was Primal Groudon (Primal Kyogre being the other final stage).
Picked up Pokémon Conquest recently so I've been playing that !! Also reinstalled Honkai Star Rail because my brother likes it a bunch >< aside from that I have a Pokémon Sun playthrough going on buuut I haven't played that in a bit... maybe I'll continue sometime today :3
pokemon mystery dungeon dx - started getting back into this in no small part thanks to @TheCapsFan! these days i'm focusing on training up more teams. i think i have ~6 or 7, and i might leave it at that for now. still trying to tinker with what works as far as proper movesets, rare qualities, etc.

it's nice to get back into this game, though.
Still working on Dragon Quest 8 (3DS). I fought Evil Jessica and managed to get her back on the winning team. Two reasons why I don't like fighting her: 1) She's a Flunky Boss, as she summons shade minions that you also need to beat, which is very annoying (not to mention they all have chilly breath attack). And 2) She spams hard-hitting spells and Kasnooze like there's no tomorrow, given she gets the standard two attacks per round, which meant Angelo spent most of his time healing the boys. But she's back but David is dead. After equipping her with her newest Battle Bikini... the Magic Bikini, I did the extra scenes at Alexandria so I can unlock the Jessica ending (along with getting Alistair's armor). Then I finally completed the Rank B battles in the Monster Arena (because I went out of my way to find Angel of Curing, the Cureslime, to give me a healer who doesn't waste turns attacking when healing is needed), which allowed me to unlock the final batch of infamous monsters, allowing me to add Skelioid, Octavian, and Stropes to my arsenal. This, in turn, allowed me to sweep the A and even the S Ranks in the Monster Arena, earning me Morrie as a new party member and several shiny new prizes (including a statue of myself and becoming the heir to the Monster Arena). I immediately equipped Morrie with the very Dragon Robe I won in the Rank S battles, along with putting in the Skill Points he had into Clubs and Passion, about 60 in each, give or take. Now, with the squad ready, it's time to follow the possessed Leopold (I mean Sir Leopold) and protect the next heir. Zephyr (Hero) is Level 34, Yangus is Level 33, Jessica is Level 32, Angelo is Level 32, and Morrie is Level 35.
Forgive the double post (though it's been a day since last time) but I'm still playing Dragon Quest 8 (3DS). The party rescued Marek but failed to protect Marta, so that's another heir down. And the possessed Leopold can now fly. So now we need to find Empyria so we can fly, too. Which means time to go plunder a pirate's bounty. Also, we got the Ultimate Key, which meant it was time to backtrack to various locations like Trodain, Pickham, and even Red's place to open up the treasure chests we couldn't even with the Magic Key. And speaking of Red, she shows up when we're going after Captain Crow's treasure. Hmm... funny how she shows up just as we do. Kinda high on the coincidence meter, don't ya think? Anyway, after watching Red get whupped by the ghost of Captain Crow it was time to battle. Every pirate has a weakness, and Captain Crow's is the most dreaded weakness of all... Puff-Puff. Which is what Jessica spent almost the entire battle doing (sans the first turn where she used Accelerattle to speed up the party). But it was super-effective, as Captain Crow only got to attack once the entire battle, as any other turn he had he spent boosting his Tension, only for Jess to knock it flat. So while Captain Crow crowed to Jessica bodacious body the boys badly bludgeoned, battered, and bashed the baddie. We got the map and now we got Red as the last party member, pouring roughly 66 skill points into Knives and Roguery, along with updating her equpment. For someone who says fightin' ain't her cuppa tea she can be a downright broken fighter when optimized right. Anyway, with Red in tow we did the Cash and Carrie side-quest, unlocking the Baccarrat Cassino, where I've amassed over 1,000,000 tokens already from the 600 Cash and Carrie gave me on the roulette (with liberal soft-resetting when needed). Zephyr (Hero) is Level 38, Yangus is Level 37, Jessica is Level 35, Angelo is Level 36, Morrie is Level 38, and Red is Level 35.
Paper Mario the thousand year door! I’m on the third chapter!

been starting to get emails from X, and even though I accidentally found out who that is, it hasn’t ruined the story!

The chapters been fun, but the glitz pit is reeaaallllyyyy grindy
I'm on the peach segment of chapter 3 of the thousand year door remake. Definitely my favorite chapter so far, loved all of the characters, the battles were fun, and it had a great mystery too.
Finally picked up Rune Factory 4 again this past week and just played it normally for a bit without progressing the story in my spare time. Turns out that was all I needed because I cleared the second arc today. I guess maybe I was being too conservative with food items and whatnot that can boost my HP and RP, I didn't really level up that much.

The final battle wasn't too tough, but good thing I read ahead that everything after the first and second phase was scripted and pretty much a guaranteed win, even then I had to pause and find more articles guaranteeing it because when that first scripted part started and attacks weren't working I started freaking out.

The whole thing with Venti joining in and then the entire town sending you their thoughts was really wholesome, got me emotional for a bit.

Then of course Venti had to go and make me nearly cry by basically dying. I'm sure she'll be back, but I haven't figured out how long yet and the year time skip with her gone really does drill it in especially while the town seems mixed between waiting for her and still being upset that she's gone.

All that said, if this next arc is once again all about saving Venti I swear... all of both arcs were about saving her two separate times. Just let her live, please.

All in all I've really come to love this game, glad I kept coming back to it. The town and characters are charming and I'm still seeming to get to know them better each day, the farming isn't as good as Harvestella imo but it still works for me, cooking and crafting have gotten more fun.
with all of the hubbub about the DLC coming out soon we picked Elden Ring back up and started a new character. we stayed up until like 4:30 playing last night ^_^;. we got a new scythe weapon and it’s just too fun to not want to keep playing with it
Pokemon Platinum: Attempt #1 at capturing Heatran failed. Fortunately, I saved right in front of it so I don't lose anything by resetting.

Pachirisu led with Spark for paralysis and two Super Fangs (fun move, and in a few cases actually better than False Swipe). My Garchomp was sufficient to tank Heatran's attacks (minding Metal Sound), but RNG with the Poke Balls rarely got more than two shakes, and Heatran ultimately went down from just one Struggle (had it survived that, I might very well have spent my Master Ball on it).

I'll be back after stocking up on more supplies.
Freedom Planet 2: Decided to keep grinding out play as Carol rather than move on to a new character. Aced every stage in terms of S-Ranking and par-time, collected every equipable item, and made some significant progress on museum restoration. Probably gonna do more Battlesphere next. I can probably S-Rank a lot of that stuff.
Still on Rune Factory 4 and enjoying it

Every single young male (and possibly female) in town seems to be flirting with me now and as someone who's not used to playing games with such a big romance mechanic built in it feels so weird. I'm not that cute, guys.

Haven't fully triggered the 3rd arc yet, seen some events I'm pretty sure are linked to it but from what I hear it's an RNG game waiting for it to actually start. I'm honestly okay with this, just chilling and slowly upgrading stuff.

Only real gripe with this game right now is seed availability. There's supposed to be a quest to get more seeds at the shop, but I can't seem to get it. Meanwhile I'm on year 2 now (technically 3 in-game because of the time skip) and still have the basic crop seeds basically. I've been able to get more flower seeds, but not more crops. I've gotten some different seeds through dungeons, but once those are gone they're gone. I can buy them at shops after shipping them, but that's not as good as being able to grow them.

No chance I'm finishing the last of the story before I put the game down next week for Monster Hunter Stories remaster, but that's okay. Gives me even more reason to go back to it later. I've really fallen in love with this game, which is nice considering I actually dropped it for a while before.
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