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Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

Pokemon episode 377- A Cacturne for the Worse!
So, May... I hear you like Tentacool?
Well, I haven't seen any Soul Eater lately. Something's wrong with it. On YouTube it shows a frowny face and says that there are copyright issues. But I saw a few episodes of Pokémon instead.
one piece Episode 1+2 or Pokemon BW13
Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL episode 3

I just saw the first 2 episodes of Zexal, and I am shocked at how good it is.

I think everyone should give it a shot (Everyone who is a fan of YGO), it seems like it combines elements from all 3 series and improves greatly on the format (Making it successfully exciting over before where even if the protagonist lost, you always figured they'd win). It definately feels more blatantly for kids than before (I don't mean it's more kiddy, but I mean unlike GX and 5D's it doesn't feel like it's pretending to not be), however it has a darkness that the others had. Part of that has to do with the artstyle, the other part has to do with the overly dynamic posing, but it's all creatively done. It is that contrast of a sweet light-hearted whimsy story and a dark morally gray story makes it feel even darker than before. (Think One Piece, drama feels more extreme because it goes back and forth on the mood. At times this feels like an ADtoon/Adnime, at other times it feels experimental.

I also think the new cardgame mechanics seem fun and extremely creative, they make me want to try it out. It also makes me excited to picture the potential for a NGP or 3DS game to be like. It advertises itself as using Augmented Reality to perform duels, it makes me wonder if Konami wants to try AR in the next video game.

Still, Yes, Zexal, watch it! If this is the supposed greater influence Takahashi, then I hope it keeps this quality up! (And with 4Kids maybe gone, the show might not suffer as much, not that anything really needed editing from those first 2, it's never stopped them in the past)
FMA:Brotherhood - 43... watching the crap out of this one... hopefully finish it before the weekend ends.
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