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What was your first Shiny Pokémon in SV?

In my Violet playthrough it was a Skiddo after about 3 hours of playing and I almost missed it, then after around 50+ hours in, I found a shiny Gogoat, and then probably around another 50 hours after that; ANOTHER shiny Gogoat, all at full odds lol.

In my Scarlet playthrough, my first shiny was a Corvisquire that I ran into by accident, and then later on post-game I found a shiny Corviknight in a 5 star raid.
Since those I have found over 100 shinies from sandwhich hunting though :giggle:
My first shiny was Flittle, after trying an shining power sandwich on a lark (Violet)

This was followed up by hatching a Ducklett via Masuda breeding (Scarlet)
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The first shiny I found (and one of the saddest moments of my playthrough lol) was a full odds shiny Lechonk in the first hour of playing. I attacked it to lower it's health and it decided to immediately die. Since then i've found a shiny Braviary, Rolycoly, and bred a Sprigatito!
Hoppip, pretty closely followed by Diglett. Both of them were before I fought Katy and I haven't found a single one since... (That Hoppip was actually my first shiny EVER, nyot counting event or traded mons.)
Shiny magikarp, coincidentally it was right after I watched the golden magikarp fishing episode of the Pokémon xy anime. Evolved it as fast as I could and channeled my inner “lances red gyarados vibes” sadly it’s gone now as my old switch crashed and became unusable…
I just hatched a shiny Ralts about an hour ago in Scarlet. Didn't keep track of how many eggs it took me, but I was at it for a few hours yesterday and about an hour today.

I've had this game for four days so hey neato. Definitely adding her to my team (I mean that's why I was doing it)
Due to the sheer number of Pokémon that spawn on the overworld every minute, it seems like quite a lot of people have been encountering random shinies in this game. Have you stumbled across any yet?

My first was a full-odds Shiny Luvdisc during the main story.
My first was a shiny gligar I just happened to notice in the bushes and didn’t realize it was shiny at first I just thought it was dark because of the shadow of the mountain. I had come across a shiny sableye early on but fainted it by accident unfortunately :(
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