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What was your first shiny?

Which game did you catch your first shiny in?

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I don't know if I can actually say it here, cause it was in Scarlet... (Though I will say, I've had probably well over 600 combined hours in all my games and have been playing since 2016, how the hell had I nyever found a shiny before?)
Mudkip, in Emerald.

It just decided to randomly show up in one of my earliest playthroughs of a Pokémon game. It was eventually transferred to HeartGold and trained to Level 100 as Swampert, but became lost in time after. This was about 12 years ago. I don't even know what happened to it lol. Maybe I deleted it by mistake when I erased that HeartGold save file? Maybe I transferred it to White and accidentally deleted it from that save? Whatever it was I guess I stopped caring about it at the time since I did not keep track of it, hardly noticed until  years later despite having very actively played Pokémon, and don't necessarily care that I no longer have it.
Believe it or not, and ignoring things like Red Gyarados that are guaranteed to be shiny, the first shiny I've ever encountered naturally and caught is a shiny Tentacool I caught in Crystal earlier this year. I was surfing from Olivine to Cianwood and getting really sick and tired of Tentacool constantly attacking but when I heard the shiny noise and saw it, I basically screamed internally and made damn sure to not knock it out and catch it. I probably would have said 'Oh god DAMN IT' out loud if I'd made it faint.

I have been playing these games for twenty years pretty much and that was my first shiny.

I nicknamed him Shinycool because I am very creative.
I'm most certain it was a Nincada I found in the friend safari (or whatever it was called.) In Pokémon X. I think I still have it in my copy of Ultra sun.

Want to know the most painful part though? I didn't know at the time that Nincada split into both Ninjask and Shedninja if you allow it (I just thought you only got one) and as I preferred Ninjask, I chose to evolve into that, not knowing I could have got two shinys for the price of one. :shroomad:
My first of the only two shiny Pokemon I’ve ever caught was a Krabby in Cherrygrove City using an old rod.
A shiny pancham in moon. Unfortunately I deleted the save file it was on unknowingly
My very first shiny was a Rhyhorn in the Safari Zone in FireRed. I had heard about shinies for a while, but I was quite surprised when I encountered one. I couldn't have been older than 10 when that happened. I don't remember many details about the encounter, I don't think I feared the Rhyhorn fleeing. I did capture them and evolved them into Rhydon and eventually Rhyperior, but I think they were stuck on my sister's Platinum which has been lost to time.
It was a Spoink in Pokémon Sapphire. Still have it to this day. Really soon after it was Caterpie in Firered,still have it too.
I got a shiny Lokix on the group therapy thing switch I was playing. I got out of the program. But I also got a shiny female Pyroar by miracle in my normal Monotype account my first real shiny for myself. Both in Violet
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