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What will you get: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

Pokemon X or Pokemon Y?

  • Pokemon X

    Votes: 104 35.6%
  • Pokemon Y

    Votes: 82 28.1%
  • Both

    Votes: 91 31.2%
  • None

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • Wut?

    Votes: 13 4.5%

  • Total voters
Ended up going with Y after I've kind of been leaning towards it since the announcement in January. Honestly, I think it just came down to how I really like the color red.

Might end up getting X by the end of the year though.
Like the generations before it, I will chose whichever corresponds with certain aspects regarding myself so 'X' because I am female.
Re: Did you change your mind on which version to get?

Did you guys change your mind on which version to get?
I was leaning towards one more than the other based on version mascot ... then when Mega Mewtwo X was revealed, I was wondering whether I picked the right one. Then they reveal Mega Charizard X and I'm relieved because the Mega Charizard appearing in my version is the one I like better.
Definately X, I preordered it because Xerneas was a badass deer. I like the exclusives better so far and I preordered x before Mega Charizard X was announced which reinforced my opinion of X. Also because all my friends with the exception of one, are getting Y.
I preordered both but Y is mine and I got X for my friend, and we'll trade version exclusives.
I like Yveltal better than Xerneas, because it reminds me of one of my favorite animals, the bearded vulture.
And I like Mega Mewtwo Y and Mega Charizard Y better than the X Megas.
X, because its version exclusives are better. I really want a Slurpuff!
Y, because of Aromatisse, Dragalge and Mewtwo Y. Mega Tyranitar is also a sweet bonus.
X for me--Xerneas just looks too cool not to get that version, even though red is my favorite color. I also want to get Y, but I think I'll get that later on.
Got Pokémon Y loaded up now and ready to go, just waiting for my partners DS to update then we're off, woo!
I'm gettin X for one reason... SWIRLIX AND SLURPUFF!
Welp, I've ended up with Y. In the end, the exclusives just appealed to me more. I will get X soon though.
X is for Xerneas <3

It is so awesome. I don't care that Xerneas is genderless. I'm naming mine Adonis. The personification of male beauty ( The antlers gives the gender away, had it not been for the antlers, I would have named it Aphrodite).
Next week, Pokemon Y should be arriving at my doorstep. I made the decision for Yveltal and then for Skrelp.
I preordered X a while ago but it will probably come in the mail later this week, so I'm downloading Y tonight at midnight.
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