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What will you Name your Character in Scarlet and Violet

If I'm really lazy I will just go with my real name. Although I don't like doing that in multiplayer games because I'd rather keep that info personal. (I say that, but my main FFXIV character has my name. xD >.<).

Otherwise, I could use one of my favorite usernames: Harmonie. Or perhaps I should find some Spanish music history term to use as a name? Cantiga? IDK. Eh. I'll probably just stick with Harmonie.
Been thinking about this again recently and decided I didn't like the named I'd originally thought about going with before. Got a few ideas though after looking up female spanish names.

Mercedes, Mariana, Anita, Carmen, Viviana, Catalina, Rio, Laia, Mariposa, Beatriz, Eloisa, and Naiara stood out to me the most from the few pages I looked at when I searched on google.

(Why yes, I am posting in this thread again so I can come back when the game comes out and remember what names I was thinking about. Feel free to use any if you like them too!)
If I'm playing as the male protagonist, either my real name or Rex. If female, Dolores.
Since I'm kinda lazy and uncreative (especially with names, I am absolutely terrible when it comes to naming things,) I'll go with the same name for the player that I have for the last 15 years.........my real name, Josh.
Here's the thing, though. How would they know if the name you give, it is your real name?

Well, for starters, my name is pretty common, so it's easy to figure out. Secondly, I've had a few too many close calls with people in the past linking my real name to my internet life (especially in questionable areas) and it's caused numerous headaches for me. So I'd rather not repeat those incidents by using a name that can't be IDed that easily. And finally, I'm a very cautious (borderline paranoid) person due to various incidents in my teen years, so I don't like broadcasting anything that might identify me. Especially since I've gotten some strange messages on my e-mail, certain hangout messaging system, and game consoles from those who linked into my systems, which has left me unnerved. Plus, this is the age of hacking and cyber attacks, so one should be cautious on the internet or internet-able devices like game consoles in general. So I don't take unnecessary chances.
Yeah I don't use my real name anymore. Even though I'm almost 32. The fact my mother blessed me with a very unique spelling of a popular name when I was born does not help. I can't tell you how many times someone has pointed out the uniqueness of the spelling.

That's why I go with unique names anymore when I play a game where I'm sure someone else could see my character's name easily due to online interactions or stuff like that. Helps that I tend to create this character and discover their personality and things as I play them. I generate OCs like a slightly overripe banana on the kitchen counter summons fruit flies from the aether.
my real first name is common enough that it can't be linked to me directly, and i never give anyone on the internet my last name, so i think there's little risk in using my actual first name in things
Only reason I don't is because I have social anxiety and if someone was like "Hi I wanna be friends want my friend code??" I'd probably yelp and hide in a bush until they walk off awkwardly.

...and then I would weep because I'm terrible at friendship.
I used to use my real name in past games, but concerns about privacy issues made me decide to start using a fake name online (to the point that I started over in Animal Crossing: New Horizons because there's no option to change my character's name), so I'm going to be Luca. (Unrelated to the Pixar character)
Ever since Gen 5, I've always gone with the theme of naming all my Pokemon after characters in a specific franchise, and naming my player character after that franchise's creator. So far I've done the following:

South Park (Character named Trey, after Trey Parker)-- White
Star Wars (Character named George, after George Lucas)-- White 2
The works of Stephen King (Character named Steve)-- X
The Simpsons (Character named Matt, after Matt Groening)-- Sun
Family Guy (Character named Seth, after Seth MacFarlane)-- Red
Harry Potter (Character named Joanne, after J. K. Rowling) -- Ultra Sun
Marvel Comics (Character named Stan, after Stan Lee)-- Gold
DC Comics (Character named Kane, after Bob Kane)-- Sword
2000AD Comics (Character named Pat, after Pat Mills)-- Legends: Arceus

For Scarlet or Violet, I'm thinking of naming them all after Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and calling my character "Joss".
Probably gonna name 'em "Toast". It's a name I've been using for various player characters off and on for the past ~11-12 years. (I think it was originally meant as a reference to Hotel Mario, of all things, so yeah it's pretty old.)

Plus my last character's name in BDSP was "Beans", so... fitting, maybe?
I usually give myself the default name of the female protagonist (Dawn/Hilda/Serena/Gloria, etc) but I’m thinking of giving myself the name Reid this time, as that‘s the name I’ve chosen for myself.
Most likely the alias I've been using for some times now, Naal. And since it's origin is not from languages that really exist I don't have to worry about it not matching the region.
Probably Atbar as it's been my online name for the past 10 years and it's my switch name. I might do Axel (named after my main character in a Pokemon fanfic I'm retooling right now) if I choose to do a certain variant I'm considering doing even though it's the first blind playthrough.
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