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What would your reaction be if...


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Nov 6, 2011
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In a bizarre plot twist Iris ends up competing in the league XD

EDIT: If this belongs in the Fun and Games section, move it there.
"I hope she wins!"
But actually, that makes a lot of sense. Iris is champ in bw2, so maybe they'll have her be the new champ in Best Wishes.
The hatedom for Iris will become the most massive the pokecommunity has ever seen. greater than that of misty and May leaving, Team rocket, piplup, and ritchie combined.
The hatedom for Iris will become the most massive the pokecommunity has ever seen. greater than that of misty and May leaving, Team rocket, piplup, and ritchie combined.

The above comment makes it seem like there couldl be a full-scale riot within the Anime Fandom, though given how peeved some people are with Iris and her methods already, I would not be surprised if there is.
If she turns out to have eight badges or somehow gets them in the remaining like three episodes before the league starts? I'd be like lolwut

If she decides at the end of the Unova saga to start gathering gym badges and take on the league for whatever reason, and then we find out how well she did the next time she shows up? That might be cool.

But I'm sure whichever way it happened, the fandom would explode over it. :p
I'd go "This show is shit, I'm not watching ever again" and then get up on Thursday at 5 AM like I always do to watch the episode on KeyHole.
Then I would call it the worst asspull ever. Even for this show since they always set on showing how much of a newbie Iris is. I will be slightly miffed truth be told.
I will become more worrisome that my prediction of her appearance in the upcoming SSB title will come true if she does enter the league and won, and I will never see any of my favorite female trainers who made an anime appearance in the game.
i think they should and seven of the 99 battles she won with Drilbur would gym leaders, so technically got badges but she never mentioned them because it wasnt her goal. And then she wins against Drayden and is all like, "Oh look Ash, I guess we rivals, cuz I have 8 badges" and Ash is all like "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?!"

I really want this to happen
I would probably find it annoying and funny on equal measures. As someone who doesn't like Iris at all, half of me would want to quit watching the show forever, but the other half (the stronger half) would want to keep at it, if only to laugh at how much lower it could possibly get.
To be honest, I wouldn't be all that surprised.

The Companions sit on the sidelines and comment, but considering how much the writers just LOVE Iris (perhaps a bit too much...), I wouldn't be surprised if they had her take part in the league for some BS reason AND have her win it all with another one.

Thing is, I think I'd be okay with that. To be brutally honest, Ash should lose early because BW Ash does NOT deserve to be in the top 16 this time. Heck, he barely deserves to make it though the preliminary/qaulifying round, IMHO.
As much I've always wanted to see one of Ash's female companions to enter the league as well, I'd pretty much be furious over it for such poor writing, but still continue watching.

It'd be awful, really, but at least we know for sure that it won't happen, considering that the scan with the league competitors already has been revealed. However, I wouldn't mind if the writers actually had made Iris a badge collector like Ash from the start, resulting in her also participating in the league alongside Ash in the end. I'm hoping for that to happen with the Gen VI girl, but as always it'll surely not happen. :<
if that happens and she defeats alder and become the champion then i will make a facepalm so far that it will be heard from mexico to japan and also and the five regions
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