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What's the last thing that scared you?


Oct 25, 2022
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Figured since there's already threads for the last thing that made you happy, angry, upset, etc., there should be one for this.

Also because I just shrieked and threw my computer across the room after a stink bug landed on me.
My mother earlier today had the AWESOME idea to open the car door I was leaning on from my back, outside, without telling me a thing, while I was holding an open bottle of water... It went about as well as you expect -_-
This is stupid but my legs fell asleep while I was sitting down for a bit, and then when I got up and immediately almost fell over, I almost had a heart attack ;-;
reading the ingredients to a marshmallow packet, finding out that it had something i couldn't eat for, but i swallowed one anyhow because my body moves out of sync to my thoughts, panicking terribly
Playing Monster Hunter Rise, where I was just healing my character and quietly prepping to go after the target monster, when a Kulu-Ya-Ku (a large monster that looks like a dodo crossed with a velociraptor) suddenly breaks the silence, comes barging in from the left side of the screen and sends my character flying.
the awareness of my own mortality

EDIT: shit that uh, that was a little darker than I expected. huh.
A willie wagtail suddenly flying close to our balcony door, they're very fast and seeing that tiny black blur zoom in so close to where I was scared me half to death!! lol Third time it's done this now, guessing it's looking for a place to nest or something else. :chansey:
My "father" appearing at home an hour before I thought he would've, while I was on call with one of my girlfriends. Fastest hangup of my life
the last thing that scares me (and what still scares me) is the amount of work that i'm going to walk into when i'm off my break soon. i'm really hoping it's as dead as it was before, but something tells me that it will not be the case, and instead i'll just get more crap on my plate, as per usual.
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