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What's the last thing you took a picture of?


The maid apparently knocked half my plushies onto the floor when she was cleaning my room and then just tossed them haphazardly back onto the couch, so now it looks like Bayou is climbing his friends like a mountain and also mooning me
a couple of cards for a friend of mine
My own television. I have a habit of snapchatting commentary on whatever thing I'm watching.
photo of beet juice for a prank my Eevee friend and I are doing in an RP in another forum
to me, doesn't look appetizing, probably not willing to try it

I was showing our office layout to some friends. This was the last pic in the series, of our third office chair shoved uncomfortably into a corner like as if you've done something very bad and now have to think about your life choices punished in the corner. Also, the chair looks like shit cause one of our previous undergrad students inexplicably decided to start tearing off the pleather in long strips and just tossing them all over the floor and not cleaning it up. :confused:
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