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What's the last thing you took a picture of?

A picture of Zero from Mega Man X signed by one of his voice actors, Johnny Yong Bosch, who I met at C2E2 earlier this year.

zero signed by jyb.jpg
Last took a photo of my breakfast from McDonald's about an hour ago. Also my smallest Eevee plush, who I call Lil Eevee because she is Eevee and she is lil. (I clip her onto my bag whenever I go out)

Last took a pic of my Sharp QT-242 radio cassette recorder from 1987-ish (I don't have an actual date for it but someone selling a different color version online says it's from 1987 and I'm confident it's from the 1980s based on both design and construction and also it takes six C batteries if I don't have it plugged into the wall)

It still works, by the way. Still plays radio and cassettes just fine.

took a picture of a random page of sir mallory's "le morte d'arthur" because i was showing it to someone
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