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What's the most painful thing you've ever experienced?

i never want to wish a bad toothache on anyone. i used to have them awfully a couple years back, and they would hurt to the point where i would genuinely just. cry. and it would continue to hurt while i was crying. and yes, i've had "painkillers" of sorts to deal with them, they were pretty much ineffective and i've had no choice but to wait out the pain.

take care of your dental health, everyone. the consequences just aren't worth it.
I dropped a can of BEANS on my big toe earlier this year and it bruised and turned black for like a month (underneath the toenail, I mean, not the entire toe) and was sore for like a week.

Yes my most painful experience was that, you wouldn't think it would hurt considering how light a can is but nah that shit hurt. Couldn't even touch that toe for a few days because even the most gentle touch just resulted in it hurting so badly. And then after that, I had to avoid putting pressure on that toe to avoid pain in it.
Wisdom teeth surgery. So bad I hid painkillers in my applesauce to take at school even though it would have gotten me suspended if caught. The entire week afterward was one of the most miserable of my life.

Either that or those random leg cramps I wake up with every once in a while where for a few minutes I'm just squirming around and damning god for doing this to me with seemingly no good reason.
My thumb got smashed in a phone booth a couple years ago. On the plus side, I got to lie in bed and eat ice cream for a week.
Was on a bike ride with school when I was about 11. I was going really fast and was infront of the slow people but behind the majority of the group. My dumbass decided to pull both breaks and ended up having the bike flip and land on me. Luckily, I was left with only a few grazes tho and that's it really.

The most painful thing since then was probably stubbing my toe at some point or something. I'm a very careful and cautious person now though so I probably won't have anything bad for a while
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