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Music What's your current theme song?

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
Because all the prior threads I could find for this were many years old and archived away, here's a new one!

This can be any song that you feel like perfectly describes "you" at the moment. Maybe you can strongly relate to it in some way and it's fitting for your current mood; or maybe it just simply resonates with ya on an aesthetic level! Feel free to include a snippet of some relevant lyrics alongside it, if you'd like.

(Keep in mind this is different from the "What music are you currently listening to?" thread!)

This "Believer - Imagine Dragons" remix
I kinda have the idea of what things should go first second third in my life right now (not necessarily in the correct order, or just multitasking them all, but some progress is being made at last), yet there is a "seven" I am randomly freaking out over now and then. The original song itself is great enough music wise on its own too of course, so it just lives rent free in my head the past few days.
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Here are some of the themes I'd think of to describe myself depending on mood. They will be spoilered to avoid cluttering this thread.

I'd have more, but those are the ones that come up in my mind immediatly.

This one (recently), so relatable :(
Warning for... bizarreness, I guess (also some flashing in the video).

It's... hard to explain... ^_^;

It started as a joke among me and my sister - something along the lines of "when you only have five minutes to finish the English test". With time, I realised how perfectly nonsensical and chaotic this song is and started to love it more, and more... Also, my English did sound like this when I was younger, so it reminds me of that, though the main reason I'd say this is my theme song is simply because it's a mess.

Recently got reminded of this one, it is unfortunately too fitting for some points in my life...
I can't really say for certain that I have any songs I relate to all that much (since usually I don't listen with lyrics in mind considering most of the songs I listen to aren't in English), but I definitely feel like I'm obsessed enough with Anoko Dokonoko by Nanahoshi Orchestra that it probably counts. (It's literally my username on here and everything.)

Street Life by the Crusaders. Can't quite put it to words, but the music in this song is basically how I feel today.
Ignoring the lyrics and just looking at the overall vibe, it has to be Waking Up by Julien-K. The industrial feel, the electronic sounds, the robotic-sounding vocals in the chorus, it all matches me perfectly. Plus it ties in to my current fixation on Sonic music.
Lyrics-wise, there's a lot of nanawoakari songs I relate to, but if I had to pick just one, right now it'd be Events and Fantasies (minus the parts about love, I guess). I've also felt Reset Set a lot, usually in my angrier moods.

I'll throw some Kirby: Planet Robobot themes in here too: VS. Star Dream, Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection (+ Soul 0 System), and The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy Ever.
Surprisingly there isn't really any Mega Man music that I can say really fits me personally? Maybe, like, Zero's theme from X3, idk.
At this very moment I’m feeling

Don’t stop me now by queen cause I’m on a trip and had a fun day yesterday, but my life is seeming like…

Actually I don’t really have a song for it cause thinking about it my life is so boring. There’s nothing really big happening. So probably the last post.
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