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What's your least favorite Pokeball?

- Repeat Ball
- Heal Ball
- Dive Ball (Gen IV)
- Moon Ball

Most useless goes to Heal Ball.
Love Ball, I've always believed that it should have been 4x effective when used on a Pokemon of different species, but the opposite gender than your Pokemon. For example, if you are trying to catch a male Axew and send out a female Cinccino, it'd be 4x effective on Axew. Currently, it is just too gimmicky to use.
The standard red and white model. Not only is it really bland and has a catch rate that's only ever good at the very start of the game, but it's plastered everywhere in the Poke-world. Plus, in some games, buying them in bulk is the only way to get the more aesthetically pleasing Premier Ball, even if it's really no better in practice. Its release animation is also rather boring. On top of that, up until Gen 7 where certain trainer classes would use different balls, everyone and their grandmas used the red and white model. I mean, if Great Balls and such exist, why aren't they used at all instead of everyone running around with the standard model? If it wasn't for the player the various other models would probably be discontinued due to lack of sales. Again, Gen 7 fixed that to a degree, with certain trainer classes actually using different models, but even so it's still rather exclusive. Sure, maybe early route trainers like Youngsters, Lasses, and School Kids can use the regular model, since they tend to be the first opponents you face, but you'd think that the deeper in the game you go the more you'd see other trainers use different balls. Again, Gen 7 fixed it and Gen 8 took it somewhat further, it still strikes me as odd that you only really see the standard red/white model almost everywhere. As a result I really, really despise the standard model Poke Ball.

Second place goes to ALL the Apricorn Balls. For me, they fall into the "great concept, bad execution" scenario. Mainly due to one very glaring factor: they're too specialized. They suffer from crippling overspecification, having extremely precise requirements to use properly. It didn't help matters that they suffered glitches in Gen 2, making them even more useless. The Friend and Level Ball are decent, as at least their "requirements" aren't too bad, but all the others are just blegh with their oddly specific natures. They're just not practical. Plus, it took until Gen 7 to actually get good release animations. Thankfully Gen 3 fixed that by taking the concept and making more practical balls with broader ranges of effectiveness, with following gens expanding on it. But I seriously don't see the appeal of the Apricorn Balls at all! And yet the fandom worships them like they're Arceus' gift to mankind. Granted, Legends Arceus is introducing more Apricorn Balls, but they're just the early versions of the standard Poke/Great/Ultra Balls, with a few sub-breeds (like the Heavy Ball in that game being a literal heavy ball, thus it can't be thrown as far). But, in general, I feel the Apricorn Balls are just trash and don't deserve this sacred status the fandom has for them.
Probably the Heavy Ball. I really like its design and color scheme, as well as its gen 7/8 animations. Runnerups include the Moon Ball and Dive Ball.

I misread the title. As for my least favorite, it would probably be either the regular Pokéball, Great Ball, or Repeat Ball. The former are the plainest Pokéball’s in my opinion, and the Repeat Ball, while useful, doesn’t look the best and had my least favorite animation up to gen 7.
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I'm not sure what my problem with it really is, but for some reason I just find the Great Ball to be very off-putting.

I'm also not a very big fan of the Ultra Ball, but at least its color scheme is relatively neutral - my problem is more with the pattern. I would also like the Master Ball a whole heck of a lot more if there wasn't that cheesy "M" stamped in the middle. Having something white right there looks good, though, so if it were like a star shape or something, that'd probably be much more to my taste.

I don't really love Nest or Sport Balls, either. But I like pretty much every other Ball type, to varying degrees.
The Heal Ball is pretty much useless outside of the beginning of the games. Moon Balls used to be really freaking bad in G/S/C too since they didn't work the way they were meant to because of an oversight. I also hate Premier Balls since they're basically Poke Balls with a different design and same effect and also Cherish Balls for being impossible to buy.
I'd have to say the Timer Ball. I've just never really been a fan of it's design, I don't really like the color scheme, either. I'm also not a fan of the standard red and white either, because as stated above, they are absolutely everywhere.
It might not look great but it comes in handy, especially against Legendaries. I caught most of the R/S/E Legendaries in Timer Balls.
Timer Ball. I'm not a fan of the clock effect.

Also, the Master Ball. I just wish they'd give out at least one more guaranteed and not through lotteries.
Great Balls. Usually I catch half of my team in the beginning of the game from the first till third gym and use them until I unlock Ultra Balls. In the times I have used Great Balls, they usually take a while to catch. Also I once threw a Master Ball in a game thinking it was a Great Ball, so that left a bad taste in my mouth
I have always been very conflicted on the Quick Ball, because in terms of usability it's my favorite Poké Ball (especially since I'm a collector) and the one I use the most, but in terms of design I don't like it all. I just think the color scheme is ugly and I never use it on Pokémon I intend to use a lot.

However, I think the Heal Ball is the worst overall Poké Ball. It has both an unappealing color scheme and it's completely useless.
Since Gen 5, it's been the basic Pokeball because I became sick of how we had an array of Pokeballs to choose from, yet everyone in the game would only use the basic one. Thank goodness they FINALLY changed that in Sun and Moon. Since Gen 5, I've made an effort to use a different, non-basic Pokeball for each of my party members whenever I play through a game (not counting gifts where I'm forced to use a basic Pokeball).
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