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What's your least favorite Pokeball?

This is just because I don't play the newer gens that often, but I'm honestly not all that into the Ultra Ball.

It only offers a 2× catch modifier, but it used to be the most expensive Ball you could purchase at Poké Marts. Meanwhile, other Poké Balls you could buy like the Quick Ball, Dusk Ball, Dive Ball and Net Ball could all pretty reliably give you anywhere from a 3× to 4× modifier, while only costing
1000 (compared to the Ultra Ball's
1200 at the time). This used to really bug me because the Ultra Ball was kind of implied in the games to be the best Poké Ball you could use, when that just wasn't really the case at all. It's been sorta balanced out since then (in Gen 6, the requirement to get them was reduced from 5 badges to 3 badges, and their cost has been reduced to
800 since Gen 7), but I still hardly ever find myself using the things when there's so many better options.

As far as just design goes though, I think the Fast Ball and Dream Ball are a bit bleh.
I don't really care that much in the designs; it's mainly based on usefulness that I care about, especially since I enjoy filling the Dex and trading with other players.

If anything, I find the Heal Ball and Nest Ball to be completely useless. While the former does have some use as an auto Elixir (in Final Fantasy terms) for newly caught Pokémon, you're likely to have a full team and with easy access to a Pokémon Center, so the potential is very limited. And the latter's only useful if you've had a Level 100 Pokémon use False Swipe on a Pokémon under Level 20 that you've not caught before, and your Quick Ball failed.

I frankly think both balls should be revamped in later games to make them more useful, like how the Dream Ball got revamped in SwSh. For example, the Nest Ball could instead have a 4x catch rate against Baby Pokémon like Cleffa, and the Heal Ball could have a 5x catch rate against Pokémon that have been Burned or Poisoned.
Moon Ball is so impractical. Unless you specifically want a Moon stone Pokemon on your team, you aren't going to use it. It's like having a ball for trade evos, sure, it might be useful, but 95% of the time, it won't be. At least I can remember most trade evolutions of the top of my head. And the Moon Ball's design is meh in the first place.
All of these are purely aesthetic-wise:

The regular Poke Ball and Master Ball designs are ech to me and I'd rather not use either in most cases; especially since I'm one of those trainers who likes to put their Pokemon in Balls with a fitting color scheme. (Ex. Shiny Dragapult in a Moon Ball).

The Repeat Ball and Fast Ball are also pretty garish to me (I inherently prefer bluish palettes over red ones), and there isn't any Pokemon that I could think of that would fit Repat Ball nicely other than Centiskorch.
The Master Ball.

That thing is ugly as sin.
I love the Moon Ball, design-wise at least. Especially ever since I caught my Zacian in one, as they go together really nicely. But I do agree that the functionality is kinda dumb. Like wow, increased effectiveness on:

Skitty (except not even this one, because Moon Balls have never been available in any game that featured wild Skitty)

... because any one of those are so hard to catch. :rolleyes:

and there isn't any Pokemon that I could think of that would fit Repat Ball nicely other than Centiskorch.

Falinks looks pretty good in it, and I think there's a few other Pokémon with red-and-yellow color schemes that I've used Repeat Balls on. It's also kind of funny to put trash-based Pokémon in one, because the 3 spinning arrows animation evokes the real-life recycling symbol, lol.
Probably the default Poke Ball itself because it's become so bland to me. I like the color scheme of red and white, but having a Pokemon in a regular old Poke Ball is boring. I also dislike how gift Pokemon and most egg Pokemon are put inside of it, and you have no option to choose the ball for your Pokemon. There's so many varieties and different colors of balls nowadays that it seems like such a waste.

Also shoutouts to the Heavy and Net Balls. I don't tend to like Pokeballs with unnecessary attachments on them that look like they'd be harder to hold.

i heavily dislike the ultra ball. i'm not necessarily the biggest fan of its colours, and the pokemon it DOES match are equally as much if not better suited to be caught in something of similar dark colours like the luxury ball. ngl though, this could be my saltiness since i feel like, in my experience, the ultra ball works hella backwards and rarely catches anything successfully for me and i'd have to rely on other pokeballs, instead.
The beast ball. If those yellow bits were just designs on the ball, it'd be one of my favorites. But how does one even comfortably hold and throw that thing when it has stabby bits wrapped around it. At least the other balls with extra bits glued on (like the Heavy and Timer balls) just have an accent on part of it. There's literally no way to comfortably hold a beast ball without having to grip around those cosmoem dooblies.
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