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Where Legends Are Made (Legends: Arceus Playthrough)

Dec 23, 2009
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Okay, thanks to some data corruption that I had mentioned previously I lost several different game files (including an entire user). Still not sure what happened or why it happened but it happened. Thus after an extensive search through the surviving files I decided to do new files to make up for the lost ones. And thus a new Legends: Arceus playthrough has been born. And this time I intend to be more consistent (especially since there is very little to do in my life right now thanks to some car trouble). Anyway, on with the show.

Log #1: Big Trouble in Little Hisui

So after picking my PC it was time to begin our journey. After being sent through time and space our plucky protag ends up in the ancient land of Hisui. Greeted by none other than Professor Laventon and his trio of Starters my first task was set upon me by Arceus itself: Find all the Pokemon in Hisui and meet up with it again. But Laventon needs help corralling up his runaway starters. After showing him my natural talent as a Pokemon Trainer I was... "welcomed" into Jubilife Village. Beni certainly didn't think much of me, nor did my soon-to-be "rival", but Professor Laventon and Captain Cyllene think I have potential. Though I need to pass a trial. Otherwise I'm a goner at the... hands(?) of the wild Mons. But at least they were kind enough to give me a place to stay and a meal before being put to the test. At least Cyllene seems like a reasonable authority figure. During the night strange things happen with equally strange lightning firing around.

The next day it was time for my trial. After meeting up with Cyllene and given my task: catch Bidoof, Starly, and Shinx. Shouldn't be too difficult, right? Professor Laventon wants to help me further by giving me one of his Starters. In a change of pace I went with Oshawott, a female one that I named Ameri (a nod to Demon School), before being given some Poke Balls and started to head out. Only to run into Volo, who challenges me to a battle with his Togepi. Ameri takes care of business. Now it's off to prove my worth in the Obsidian Fieldlands. After getting some "tutorial" advice from my "rival" it was time to show what I could do. Caught Bidoof? Check. Caught Starly? Check. Caught Shinx? Checkaroony. Thus I passed my trial, to my "rival's" shock. After getting my picture taken we returned to Jubilife Village to report my success. Given Cyllene's perpetual frowner tendencies one could interoperate that she's disappointed I passed. Well, tough luck, I'm here to stay. After getting into my new uniform and getting thrown across the room by Kamado it was time to start the other "tutorial" phases of my adventure. Starting with crafting. Piece of cake. After taking up some requests it was time to head out to the Obsidian Fieldlands again to start my job proper.

After learning how to dodge roll (cue "Do a Barrel Roll!" line) it was time to start my research in creating the first Hisuian Pokedex. Caught several Mons and completed a fair few requests in the process (though the Buizel request I'm holding off on until Alphas spawn). After doing enough for now I got my first Rank Up. Reporting back to Cyllene I became a First Star member of the Survey Corps. Time to celebrate! I learn from Laventon and my "rival" about the Diamond Clan (and by extension the Pearl Clan) and a request Mai of said Diamond Clan wanted. My "rival" was tasked with it but feels inadequate for the job, saying it's more up my alley. The following day I battled my "rival", using the Shinx I caught in the trial to beat Pikachu (since only an idiot would send out an Oshawott, a Water type, against an Electric type), meeting Zizu in the process. After teaching Ameri some new moves it was time to head out (though I picked up a Springy Mushroom before leaving for a soon-to-be request). Before crossing the bridge to the next area I hunted around for some more Mons and ended up catching my first shiny: a Wurmple. Yay! A shiny in the first hour of gameplay! Afterward it was time to meet Mai.

Met Mai and her Munchlax and she challenged me to a battle. Ameri barely managed to scrape out a win thanks to a combo of Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, and Aqua Jet. But I proved my salt and Mai has me tasked to deal with a troublesome Alpha that is harassing Wyrdeer. But first it's time to explore. After catching several Mons and completing a bunch of research tasks and requests I made my way to Deertrack Heights. It was around this time that Ameri, my Shinx, and my Starly had evolved into Dewott, Luxio, and Staravia. I don't plan on keeping the latter two in my party, as they're just here for the ride for now. Also caught a Drifloon for a temporary member to deal with the Alpha. My real goal, however, was to catch a Chimchar, since even with a reduced movepool ol' Infernape is still a beast. And this is Sinnoh, just under a different name, so Fire types are rare. It took a bit but I caught two Chimchars, along with a couple of Stantlers, adding one of each to the team for now: Hotshot the Chimchar and Rudolph the Red-Nosed... er... I mean Stantler, both with decent natures. I don't know if I'll use Wyrdeer, as I've used one several times now, but at least I'll keep it around for now until I've decided. After doing what I wanted it was time to face the Alpha Mustachio Furioso (again, points if you get the reference). Ameri tenderized the Alpha with Aerial Ace and False Swipe before I swapped in Drifloon to use Hypnosis so I could catch the big bug. Got it on my first throw, ending the Alpha's De-de-de-woooping. Wyrdeer comes down and apparently has taken a liking to me. That'll help later on. One construction later we have our second base camp: Heights Camp (Really? Is that the best you can come up with, Laventon?).

Time for a meal. I learned about the rampaging Kleavor and Laventon says I can figure something out, something that my "rival" snarks about. Hey, I don't see you volunteering to do something about it, you know. Yeah, sure, I got volunteered without even getting my 2 Poke-dollars in but when you're hot stuff like me it comes naturally that you'd be selected to take on a walking deathmoble. The next day I meet Adaman of the Diamond Clan and Irida of the Pearl Clan. Arguing. Again, apparently. They came to talk about Kleavor. After being introduced to them, Adaman seems to take an immediate liking to me. Good, I like you, too, Adaman. Don't worry, Irida, I'll come to like you, too, you just need some time to warm up to me, as Adaman made a much better first impression (argument with Irida aside, that is). So I've been tasked to deal with the walking deathmoble. After getting some insight from Adaman and Mai, both of whom feel I should quell Kleavor's frenzy, I got my next Rank Up and made my way back to the Obsidian Fieldlands to being my investigation.

My Team:

Dewott (Ameri, female, Lv18)
Chimchar (Hotshot, male, Lv12)
Stantler (Rudolph, male, Lv13)
Umbreon (male, Lv14)
Luxio (female, Lv15)
Staravia (male, Lv15)

The latter three teammates are temporary. Umbreon is mostly to act as a defensive wall for now, as since Ameri will eventually gain the Dark type, thus will make it redundant (though H-Samurott is more of a glass cannon compared to Umbreon's tank-y nature). Plus Umbreon's nature isn't great (Brave, and in a game where Speed is key, that's not ideal) so he'll eventually be swapped out. Again, I'm not sure if Rudolph will stick around, since I've used Wyrdeer a number of times, but he's in the squad for now. At least him having Hypnosis will make certain catches easier. And he's decently tank-y right now so there's that. Plan to play some more today since I don't have much else to do other than go celebrate the 4th of July with my folks, but that won't be for a while. Tune in next time to see how my adventures continue to play out.
Time for the next installment in my adventures in Hisui!

Log #2: Noble Needs

Continuing where I left off it was back to the Obsidian Fieldlands for more work in finding a way to quell the frenzied Kleavor. After exploring around some more, collecting items and trying to find rare spawns my brave squad and I ventured deeper into the Obsidian Fieldlands toward Grandtree Arena, where our frenzied friend was waiting for us. I spent a bit too much time hunting for rare spawns like Munchlax, though in the process I was able to evolve Hotshot into a Monferno (along with outright catching a wild Monferno, but Hotshot has a much better nature), along with level up my squad quite a bit. After enough wandering around it was time to move on. Also, I swapped out Luxio for one of my Zubats for now.

While exploring the Nature's Pantry, dealing with various aggressive Paras (those are some angry mushrooms), along with nabbing a few more Mons like Pikachu and, surprisingly, the Alpha Parasect (for some reason it went in the ball nice and easy after a berry bait and a backstrike, considering how damn aggressive that zombie bug is), I made my way to Tidewater Dam. After catching both genders of Bibarel and collecting as many goodies as I could I took a chance and went after the Alpha Bibarel. Unlike Parasect this one was pretty stubborn, taking at least three Heavy Balls to catch. But I managed to catch it without needing to battle it. And in the process I heard the shiny sound and found a shiny Zubat. After using Rudolph's Hypnosis I was able to catch the green bat. Yay! Shiny #2 obtained. As I mentioned in the Shiny Encounters thread I seem to have a lot of luck finding shiny Zubats and Geodudes, as I've caught dozens over my time as a Trainer. To the point that finding at least one of them as a shiny has become a guarantee. Am I just attractive to bats and rocks? That's... disturbing if true.

Anyway, I backtracked to the Heights Camp to deposit some of the stuff in my satchel (I had expanded it a bit before leaving Jubilife Village... from that ripoff Bagin... after so many games of bottomless bags it always feels weird to have to prioritize inventory space again). I also sold the two EXP Candies I got from the two Alphas (I never use them in this game, as they're better used for making decent Poke-dollars) before heading back to Tidewater Dam. After entering the next area it was time to do some, you guessed it, catching. Caught a bunch of Psyduck, Bunneary, Beautifly, Dustox, a Silcoon, and a male Combee, picking up items as I went. I didn't head for Grandtree Arena right away, instead taking a detour to Oreburgh Tunnel. And I'm glad I did, as I found a rare Happiny, along with a bunch of Machops. After destroying the rocks at the end of the tunnel I retraced my steps (catching more Machops that had respawned) and finally caugh a female Combee. I also caught both genders of Scythers with my newly crafted Feather Balls before finally heading for the Grandtree Arena. Also, Zubat evolved into Golbat, and while he can evolve again I'm holding out until I get some more research tasks done.

Anyway, I ran into Lian and he challenged me to battle since I wasn't going to back down. Ameri cleaned his Goomy's clock with a single Slash. After chatting with Lian and Irida it was decided that we had to find a solution to the Kleavor problem, since it was causing too many issues that could result in the three factions of Hisui going at each others throats. Can't have that. After making my way back to Laventon I explained the results of my survey work. After some brainstorming Laventon came up with the balm idea using the Noble's favorite foods (and no matter how many times I see that joke, I always get a chuckle whenever Laventon shoots down the idea of calling the balms "Laventon Balls" because it sounds like we're throwing him at the walking deathmoble). So it's back to Grandtree Arena for me.

But first another promotion, now netting me the ability to use Great Balls. Which I immediately crafted 30 of them as soon as could. Also upgraded the satchel some more (Bagin, you are too freaking expensive, you con-artist!). I swapped out Umbreon and Staravia for my female Combee and one of the Scyther I caught (it had the best nature out of the three I caught), though I'm not sure I'll use Scyther full-term (especially since I used a Kleavor last time). I also spent some Poke-dollars on Zizu for new moves, adding Stealth Rock and Thunder Punch to Hotshot and Bulldoze and Swift to Rudolph. Now that's a worthwhile use of the money you get from survey work. Now it's time to head back to Grandtree Arena to tell Lian and Irida about our plan.

My Team:

Dewott (Ameri, female, Lv27)
Monferno (Hotshot, male, Lv25)
Stantler (Rudolph, male, Lv24)
Golbat (male, Lv22)
Scyther (male, Lv16)
Combee (female, Lv16)

Again, the latter three Mons are temporary, mostly for data and whatnot, with Scyther being debated on. While I'm still debating on Rudolph at least, for now, he'll stick around. Plus I did invest some money for moves for him so I want to make use of that investment. Plus he helps me catch various Mons with Hypnosis so that is a useful thing for me to have right now. Will continue more later, but it's almost time to meet with my folks for m 4th of July celebration so that'll do for now.
After a bad night's sleep (part of which I spent playing this playthrough) it's time to continue my journey through Hisui.

Log #3: Into the Hornet's Nest

Before heading to the Obsidian Fieldlands I ran into Mai. She takes me to Heights Camp, where Adaman and Wyrdeer are waiting for me. Wyrdeer deems me worthy of riding him. After obtaining the Celestica Flute and playing it I can now ride on the noble Santa-deer across Hisui. So with my new steed at the ready it was time to head on out. But first the balloon popping mini-game to get me some Feather Balls. Managed to get 27 balloons (damn camera controls got wonky on me). After exploring with Wyrdeer, collecting items, Mons, and other goodies, it was time to make my way to Grandtree Arena. Also, in the process, I finally evolved Golbat into Crobat.

Met up with Lian and told him of the Galaxy Team's "strategy", to which he was simply blown away by our ingenuity. But first Irida wanted to challenge me to a battle to prove if I'm good enough to put both Kleavor's fate and her trust in my hands. It was a close fight but Ameri won the day. The result of the battle allowed Irida to see the true nature of Poke Balls. After healing my Mons it was time to deal with the frenzied Kleavor. Managed to get the big bug to ram into the walls a few times so I could have Ameri douse him with Water Pulse, thereby allowing me to pelt him with balms. Needless to say I came out of that ordeal without a scratch, ending Kleavor's rampage. Looks like I've won Irida's trust and friendship now, too. Yay!

Now it was time to head back. But first I decided to scout around for some Alphas. Found only an Alpha Wurmple before calling it quits for now. I reported my most recent findings to Cyllene, getting my next Rank Up, before talking to Kamado and ending the mission. The following day I met Arezu and learned of the problem with Ursaluna in the Crimson Mirelands. But that can wait, as I have some requests to complete in the Obsidian Fieldlands again. And I'm on the hunt for an Alpha Buizel so I can complete the "Big Buizel, Little Buizel" request. After spending a TON of time in the Obsidian Fieldlands, catching several Mons, including a handful of space-time distortion ones and the shiny Ponyta, I was able to complete several tasks and requests. In the process Ameri evolved into H-Samurott, Hotshot evolved into Infernape, and Rudolph evolved into Wyrdeer. I also swapped out Crobat and Scyther for an Eevee (now a Leafeon) named Mint and an Alpha Luxio (now a Luxray) named Thundevolt. Again, I don't know if they'll stay long-term but, for now, it gives me a complete Grass-Fire-Water core.

After all that I made my way back to Jubilife Village. Got another Rank Up, completed a couple of requests, and even expanded the shop because I asked the farm to do a harvest and got four Hearty Grains without even needing to go to the Crimson Mirelands. After doing some shopping, teaching my squad some new moves from Zizu, and taking a rest it was time to head for the Crimson Mirelands.

My Team:

H-Samurott (Ameri, female, Lv37)
Infernape (Hotshot, male, Lv37)
Wyrdeer (Rudolph, male, Lv34)
Alpha Luxray (Thundervolt, female, Lv31)
Leafeon (Mint, male, Lv29)
Abra (male, Lv13)

Abra is temporary so I can get data on Kadabra. I plan to replace him later after I collect some data on him. And I'm not sure if Mint and Thundervolt are going to stick around but I need them for now. And I might swap out Wyrdeer soon for a Gardevoir, depending on what I can find. This'll do for now.
Sorry, been meaning to update this blog for a few days now. Been dealing with a lot of issues like my car and weather-related problems. But on with the show!

Log #4: Ire in the Mirelands

Picking up where I left off I made my way to the Crimson Mirelands. After getting briefed on what my goal is I made my way into the muck. Caught a bunch of Mons like Budew, Gastly, and Carnivine before making my way to the Solaceon Ruins. Met Cabala and she brushed me off pretty quickly, citing my "methods" for dealing with Kleavor to be no better than bullying. I wouldn't say that, Cabala, unless you wanted Kleavor to keep mauling people. Sometimes you just have to resort to such methods to get the job done. After a quick battle with Volo I was tasked to recover the stolen wall fragment from the Miss Fortune Sisters. Made my way to the campsite and ran into the trio of misfits. Damn, why'd they have to be hot? Battled Coin and effortlessly trounced her, getting the fragment back and sending them running. For now, anyway. I returned the wall fragment to Cabala and she came to realize the true meaning of the inscription on it. Now it's time to help Ursaluna at Sludge Mound.

After taking some detours, catching some new Mons, including a female Ralts that I named Lora to replace Rudolph, I made my way to Sludge Mound. After Cabala summoned Ursaluna it was time for battle. Ameri managed to scrape out a win despite eating a Super Effective Play Rough. After giving Ursaluna some medicine he was back to normal and we learn that Arezu might have had a hand in this. After playing my flute and gaining Ursaluna as a new Ride Pokemon I did a bit of treasure hunting and exploring before making my way back to basecamp. And as I did the Unown quest has begun. Back to Jubilife Village we go.

And smack into another problem. Adaman informs me that the Hisuian Lilligant has gone into a frenzy, and Arezu kept that information a secret. This could be a problem. So with the help of our new friend, Ursaluna, it was time to track Arezu off of the smell of the potato mochi that she ate (Beni... do you serve anything else?! Like maybe something with protean such as meat? No wonder your arms are always trembling...). But first I got another Rank Up and made my way back to the Mirelands.

Tracking Arezu was a cinch, as I had cleared the rocks that blocked the path to her earlier. I learned that she was trying to make balms to soothe Lilligant's frenzy but hurt herself in the process. Cabala and Arezu make amends with each other, as both realized they made mistakes when it came to each other, and Adaman takes the balms to meet me where Lilligant resides. But first more exploring.

After plenty of exploring, backtracking, and checking out a few space-time distortions, along with adding an Alpha Torterra to my ranks, replacing Leafeon, I finally made my way to where Lilligant resides. After getting briefed on how to deal with her it was time to fight! Easy-peasy, although I did take a hit because I mistimed my dodge roll. But otherwise I was able to deal with her and cure her frenzy without much issue. Especially since Hotshot effortlessly defeated her in battle. So with Lilligant calmed and the energies gone another Noble has been saved. After a chat with Adaman, Arezu, and Cabala it was time to head back to Jubilife Village to report my success.

After meeting up with Kamado and getting another Rank Up from Cyllene it was time for the next mission. But first Arezu has now joined Jubilife Village as the new hairdresser. Good for you, girl. After meeting up with some new immigrants to Hisui and doing some side-quests I met up with Irida regarding the next area: the Cobalt Coastlands. Turns out the Noble there died tragically but now a ghost or something is on the prowl. That can't be good. So my next task is to head for the Cobalt Coastlands and find out what's going on.

But first it's back to the Mirelands to complete some requests and other such tasks. Which I took care of easily. Plus thanks to my recent excursions I was able to buy a few more satchel upgrades (dammit, Bagin, stop being such a ripoff!), since I was having some storage issues. Also caught a bunch of regular Alphas like Croagunk, two Petilil, Honchkrow, and others. I also added an Alpha Yanmega to my team for now and I'm debating on adding a Hisuian Goodra to the ranks but I have yet to decide on it. Anyway, after completing some missions, including playing Where's Waldo... er... Where's Wanda, I returned to Jubilife Village, stocked up, and made my way to the Cobalt Coastlands for my next mission.

My Team:

H-Samurott (Ameri, female, Lv54)
Infernape (Hotshot, male, Lv53)
Alpha Luxray (Thundervolt, female, Lv51)
Alpha Torterra (Gaia, female, Lv65)
Alpha Yanmega (male, Lv59)
Gardevoir (Lora, female, Lv47
Sorry, been meaning to update this adventure blog for quite some time now. RL kept getting in the way and I kept forgetting as a result. Now, back to Hisui!

Log #5: Surf N' Scorch

Now it's time to head to the Cobalt Coastlands. After meeting with Irida and having another battle (that Hotshot totally owned) I learn of the situation. Palina refuses to raise the late lord's pup after he died tragically. So Irida wants me to help push Palina to do her job before the rest of the Pearl Clan gets even more on her case. So it's off to find Palina and the late lord's pup.

First, of course, it's time to explore. After catching a bunch of Mons and doing a few requests I met up with Palina. I guessed the correct H-Growlithe pup as the lord's son and learned of the full story. And I learned I need to meet up with Iscan of the Diamond Clan in order to gain Basculegion's aid. So it's off to find Iscan. But first I returned to Jubilife Village with some Pop Pods in tow to give to the old grouch and get the shop upgraded again. Now I can buy Great Balls and some other nice things.

Back to the Cobalt Coastlands I ran into Volo on the way to Iscan. Had a little chat before moving in to see Iscan. Sheesh, what a scaredy cat. He's scared of Ghost Mons yet the Mon he oversees... or should I say overseas, is part Ghost-type. I may not be a fan of Ghost Mons either but really, dude. Get a grip. So I have to find and catch a Dusclops in order to make Basculegion's favorite food. So it's off to Deadwood Haunt. After help setting up a second basecamp and spending some time treasure hunting with the beached crates I hung around until I could find and catch a Dusclops. After getting one I returned to Iscan and we made the food for Basculegion. I mean, come on, man! Get a grip, will ya!? Is it that scary to cook Basculegion's food?

Anyway, after making my way back to Ginko Landing I ran into Palina. Oho! Looks like we have a forbidden romance going on. A regular Romeo and Juliet, eh? Just without all the melodrama and tragedy (unless you count the lord H-Arcanine's death). After summoning Basculegion and earning his favor we were ambushed by the Miss Fortune Sisters. Palina got a good dig on them before Charm used her Gengar to snatch one of the Growlithe pups. Fortunately, they took the wrong one, thinking the big one is the lord's pup. Unfortunately, they got away. But it's now time to ride Basculegion to Firespit Island.

Spend a fair bit of time exploring the water now that I can use Basculegion. I caught several Mons, including pretty much a whole school of Basculin and Finneon, along with a few Alphas. I also snuck around to the area where the Alpha Empoleon, catching it and a couple of Piplups. I've also been collecting wisps while I was doing all this. After enough catching and treasure hunting I made my way to Firespit Island. Met Iscan there and it was time to stop the Miss Fortune Sisters. After Ameri single-handedly (does H-Samurott have hands?) beat them the late lord's pup showed up. What!? He SWAM all the way over here!? He's a Fire/Rock-type, right? I would expect a small puddle to give him a heart attack. I couldn't swim here. I need the help of a giant ghost fish to get here. But with some encouragement from his late father's spirit caused the little guy to evolve!

But then the rift strikes! And now the new Lord of the Isles is in a frenzy! The Miss Fortune Sisters make a break for it while we regroup to think of a plan. Irida shows up and tells Palina and Iscan about the balms. Thank you, Iscan, for always having some of Growlithe's favorite food on hand. After making the balms it was time to face off against the frenzied H-Arcanine. Unlike past battles with this Noble I was able to beat it and only took a single hit instead of always just scraping through the battle. And with Ameri's help we were able to quell the new Lord of the Isles and bring peace to the Cobalt Coastlands. And we see that the late lord is always watching his son even from the great beyond. Such a good dad.

After having a chat with Irida about the situation it's come to my attention that the reason Irida wanted to get a new lord as soon as possible... mirrors her own situation when she became the leader of the Pearl Clan. She was put through the needed tests to become the new leader at a young age despite losing her own parent. So it makes sense that she would be insistent on getting a new Lord of the Isles quickly, since she went through exactly the same thing. Frankly, even though Irida feels that Palina's side of the argument is better, I feel that both sides had a point. Yes, the young Growlithe saw his father die, leaving scars in his heart, but without a proper lord the Pearl Clan was placed in a rather precarious situation. And sometimes the only way to help someone move on is to give them the needed push to move forward. After all, you can't change the past (discounting the irony of this very adventure), but you can learn from it in order to make the needed decisions to move forward. Taking your time is fine and all, but when you take too much time it can reflect poorly on both you and those who you are supposed to help. So, really, both sides had a point if you ask me, not just Palina's side.

Anyway, after doing a bit more exploring, catching a few new Alphas, and treasure hunting it was time to report my findings and head back to the village. After completing a few other requests I reported my success to Kamado and earned a rest. Only for the next day to be thrust into the next problem. And I met a rather familiar looking fellow. After talking with Kamado and Adaman we were very rudely interrupted by the worst character in the game: Melli. After battling Adaman I met up with Irida and... Ingo!? The Ingo!? What in blazes are you doing here!? And you've lost your memories? Oh, man, Ingo, don't I wish I could jump through the TV and tell you everything so I can help you. But apparently the Pearl Clan was accepting to Ingo even though he showed up the same way I did, with no distrust or suspicions. I think a certain Commander could learn a thing or two about that. But it's time to head to the Coronet Highlands for my next mission.

My Team:

H-Samurott (Ameri, female, Lv63)
Infernape (Hotshot, male, Lv62)
Alpha Luxray (Thundervolt, female, Lv60)
Alpha Torterra (Gaia, female, Lv67)
Alpha Yanmega (male, Lv61)
Gardevoir (Lora, female, Lv60)

Notes: I plan on replacing Yanmega with Gliscor now that I'm heading for the Coronet Highlands, as it's one of my favorite Mons and I haven't used one in quite some time. Might even try to go for the Alpha if I can't get a Razor Fang from the local Gligars. So expect my team to change soon.
Time for the next exciting installment of my adventures in Hisui!

Log #6: Rock & Rolling

Before heading to the Coronet Highlands I made a detour to the Obsidian Fieldlands to complete some requests and catch Mons that I couldn't before now that I have Basculegion. After catching a whole school of Magikarp (including the Alpha), catching the Alpha Infernape on Ramanos Island (adding him to the team, replacing Hotshot since his nature was vastly superior), and completing the annoying Combee request I returned to Jubilife Village to move onward with my journey.

It was time to head for the Coronet Highlands. After getting briefed by Professor Laventon it was time to begin my adventure to deal with H-Electrode. Meet up with Ingo and... groans ...Melli, the latter proving to be a royal pain the chassis, as always. We enter Wayward Cave, only to find Melli removed the torches. Fortunately, Ingo knows the route. After traveling the cave, learning a bit more about Ingo (and how I so desire to jump into the screen and tell him everything) we found the torches and set things up again. After exploring Wayward Cave a bit, catching a few Mons (including the Alpha Crobat), I made my way to the next section of Mt. Coronet.

After another chat with Ingo I progressed onward to the Ancient Quarry. Where we ran into Mr. Delusional: Melli again. Battle time! Gaia cleaned his Skuntank's clock with a single Bulldoze. Melli doesn't admit defeat, instead "retreating", allowing us to progress. After meeting with Volo we made our way to where the new campsite would be... except a Bronzor is preventing anyone from doing anything. Turns out its buddy is hurt. So after helping it out we got the new campsite set. Soon I met up with Ingo again (and got a chuckle from him saying that "hidden moves" don't exist in Hisui, not yet anyway, a little self-depreciation on GFs part) and it was time to have a battle with him. His skills as a Trainer (and Battle Subway master) have not dulled in the slightest. But Ameri and the new Hotshot cleaned his clock (though not without difficulty). Now I gained access to Sneasler to climb these cliffs. Taking advantage of Sneasler I scoped around for a Gligar to add to my ranks. After a lot of effort I caught several Gligar, a couple of Alpha Gliscors, and an Alpha Gligar. But none were suitable due to terrible natures (except for one Alpha Gliscor so he got added to the team for now). But at least I got a nice collection of Crunchy Salt. Thus I backtracked back to Jubilife to give the Crunchy Salt to that old grouch and upgraded the shop again. Then I went back to the Coronet Highlands to complete my mission.

After exploring some more, catching a bunch of Mons, including a shiny Scyther (now a Kleavor) and a shiny Gligar (now a Gliscor that has since been added to the ranks), and a handful of H-Sneasel (with one now a Sneasler, who has since been added to the ranks), I made my way further up Mt. Coronet. Soon I came to the area with tons of ruins. And tons of chests to smash, netting me countless goodies. After treasure hunting for a while I made my way up to where H-Electrode resided.

Melli was being a pest again, so I gave him a solid thrashing with the Alpha Gliscor I had at the time. He tries to weasel his way out of making balms... only for Adaman to pretty much render his efforts null and void, providing us with the Crunch Salt needed. At least Adaman is a reasonable authority figure and understands the bigger picture here. So we made the balms needed for the mission to quell H-Electrode. It was time to face the big ol' ball. I was able to easily quell H-Electrode, only taking one hit, largely thanks to Hotshot roasting it, thus another Noble has been relieved of its pain. I got the Zap Plate and Melli was being dramatic again. Ingo shows up and recalls some memories of the world he's from. Adaman hopes that, one day, we can live in that world, where humans and Pokemon exist in harmony.

With H-Electrode taken care of it was time to head back. But first a bit of extra catching, as there were some Mons I had to pass in order to deal with Melli and H-Electrode. And why the hell are Chimecho so freaking hard to catch?! They burst out of pretty much every ball! The Alpha Rhyperior I went after wasn't that difficult to catch in comparison (I caught it with a single backstrike Jet Ball). But, anyway, I caught what I wanted, managed to farm more items (including two Razor Fangs from the Gligars so I could evolve my shiny Gligar into my newest teammate) and made my way back to the campsite to report my success. And got a Rank Up as well. Just one more star left. After a nice meal it was time for the next Noble: H-Avalugg. So it's off to the Alabaster Icelands. But first I want to complete a few side-quests before I make my way to the final Noble, especially now that I have Sneasler. But first a quick battle with my "rival", which Ameri and Duskfang the Gliscor won easily.

My Team:

H-Samurott (Ameri, female, Lv73)
Alpha Infernape (Hotshot, male, Lv72)
Alpha Torterra (Gaia, female, Lv75)
Gardevoir (Lora, female, Lv66)
Gliscor (Duskfang, male, Lv53, shiny)
Sneasler (Quickstrike, male, Lv59)

My team is effectively complete. I've got a nice balance of types, some good moves for them, and not too many shared weaknesses (Flying is the only real issue, but Hotshot, Gaia, and Duskfang know SE moves against Flying so I've got that base covered). So the final squad is all set.
My Team:

H-Samurott (Ameri, female, Lv73)
Alpha Infernape (Hotshot, male, Lv72)
Alpha Torterra (Gaia, female, Lv75)
Gardevoir (Lora, female, Lv66)
Gliscor (Duskfang, male, Lv53, shiny)
Sneasler (Quickstrike, male, Lv59)
Shout-out for using Gardevoir and Gliscor on your team, just as I did! :bulbaWave:
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