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Which pokemon cry is your favorite?

Baxcalibur's cry is really, really cool to me...it sounds almost like ringing metal, which seems fitting for a creature that essentially has a giant sword on its back. I've loved Dialga's cry since the first time I heard it...something about it just seems to fit a creature whose voice can control time. And Garganacl's grinding rocks cry is fantastic, it sounds exactly like you would expect a towering mineral monster to sound.
well... kricketune's is gonna be kricketune's, no matter how you slice it up!
but that one aside, because it most certainly receives the attention it deserves - i really love primarina's and glaceon's. so beautiful. shaymin's land forme and sylveon have really cute ones too! and spiritomb's is just straight up menacing in the coolest way.
honorable mentions go to whimsicott, porygon-z, chandelure, gallade, and zebstrika (the 2D version specifically)
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Wailmer and Regice will forever be my Top 1 & 2. The first one sounds like a really big whale and the later is chilling in a good way.

Honorable mentions: Jynx, Meganium, Phanpy, Porygon2, Gardevoir, Whismur, Clamperl, Torterra, Staraptor, Luxray, Combee, Loppuny, Happiny, Magnezone, Togekiss, Palpitoad, Seismitoad, Yamask, Tirtouga, Vanilluxe, Meloetta, Greninja, Phantump, Charjabug, Stufful, Pyukumuku, Rookidee, Skeledirge, Dashbun, Finizen, Hero Palafin, Cetitan, Chien-Pao.
I think my favorite is Finneon's

Honorable mention to
Psyduck (old version)
Milotic - Eerie and majestic simultaneously
Drowzee - Gives off a creepy frantic energy
Minccino - Short and peppy. Very cute
Heatran - Appears to be a mash-up of other gen 4 mon. It's cool and weirdly fits for a mon like Heatran.
Gible - Sounds like a laser gun and I think that's just hilarious
Aurourus - very similar vibes to Milotic's where it's beautiful yet kinda eerie.
Lechonk - a very simple oink, but it works too well for Lechonk. It's precious.
Delcatty - The bellowedness of the meow is very cool.

There's definitely others but those are the ones that immediately stand out
Glameow - cute yet sneaky.
Hydreigon - very menacing.
Kricketot - never actually liked Kricketune's cry, but this one actually sounds like a xylophone.
I also quite like: Articuno, Porygon2, Skarmory, Weavile, Haxorus, and Manectric.
Articuno's, Lugia's, Espeon's, Suicune's, and Floatzel's are the main ones that I really like. I'm basing this on their original in-game cries though, not the remastered ones from Gen 6 onward.
I think Electabuzz is kind of an unpopular one when it comes to cries but I LOVE it. It's ear-piercing in the best way and just feels like an electric shock.

Also a fan of Metagross, Regice, Staraptor, Zapdos, Vaporeon, Chien-Pao, and Skarmory. You can tell I like a good intimidating cry and these ones each strike me as very cool and unique in their own ways.

Honorable mention would go to Suicune, it's not my personal fave but probably the single most iconic in my eyes. Also Pyukumuku's and Bramblin's are both weirdly adorable.
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