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Which Pokemon would you guys like to get regional variants in Scarlet and Violet?

May 28, 2022
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  1. He/Him
As we know, Gen VII introduced the concept of regional variants. Gen VIII also has this. So, it is most likely that every generation coming after will have regional variants. Since Gen IX will be upon us, there is a huge chance of regional variants. Personally, I think we'd get another regional variant of Meowth, although I would like to see regional variants of the Ralts line, the Onix line, the Bounsweet line, the Zubat line, and my favourite Pokemon: Sableye! I even drew my concept of an Ice/Ghost-type regional variant of Sableye!


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I think we might see a regional form of Mandibuzz, especially since Braviary got one in Legends Arceus. As for what the type will be is any ones guess, maybe Ghost/Flying or Dark/Ghost?
Some people are saying that Wooper is getting a regional variant, which is kind of interesting.
While not necessarily a precise Pokémon/Pokémon line, I'd want a Pokémon/Pokémon line with a masculine or feminine presentation having a Regional Variant that looks like the opposite presentation. For example, the Gothita line. Instead of having a feminine presentation, they would have a masculine presentation.
Meh, we have had only like 2 generations worth of regional variants so far and both times they were done in different ways. (In gen7 only gen1 mons got new forms and in gen8 we also go regional evos, and more generations got representation)

And I would like to see how previous mons would adapt to new environments, and I think it’s seemingly more clear that unless something otherwise happens, I think it’s clear that they are preventing getting over a thousand original mons until the time is right, so I think we are still getting some new forms.
While I'm not really expecting it to happen in a region based in Spain, I would love a regional form of Dragonite at some point. Preferably with a Dragon/Fire typing, combining my two favourite types.
Ok. But do you know any Dragon in Spain?
Well there are several, starting with the cuelebre from the Asturian mythology which is perhaps the most famous, but of course it is normal to think that dragons are rare in Spain when you do not know the folklore and the mythologies from Spain.
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Ah thanks. My failure.... This isn't a room where the regional forms get assesses regional forms, but expresses one's wishes. But at least isn't Dragonite a overused Pokemon????????
Ok. But do you know any Dragon in Spain?
Hence why I said "I don't expect this to happen."

Also, not that it matters because I simply stated Dragonite as it's my favourite, but how is it overused? It never received a mega evolution, a Gigantamax form, doesn't currently have any regional forms and it's evolutionary line was even initially left out of Swsh until it was added later with the DLC. What makes it overdone exactly?
Ok. But do you know any Dragon in Spain?
Dragons are a common motif found in Barcelona. If I recall correctly, they’re connected to the stories of St. George slaying dragons. There are other dragons in the Iberian Peninsula, and I’ll link some relevant articles below:

As for me, I think it would be cool to see a regional Torchic Flabébé line, or really any Kalosian Pokémon, but I think Flabébé especially would be cool.
My brother gave me the idea for a Water/Ground Sandygast & Palossand that have Water Absorb or Storm Drain as their Ability. And unlike their original counterparts, these embodiments of wet sand like to safely play with people.
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