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Which Pokemon would you guys like to get regional variants in Scarlet and Violet?

Honestly, let's not have Dragonite become the reverse Ash-Greninja, it's perhaps one of the only characters in Journeys that I've been able to like enough all the way through. I'd really appreciate it if the anime and games don't just devolve into springboards for both to shoehorn their crap off into each other.
The honedge line, as a rapier, twin scimitars, and a zweihander.

The pawinard line, as either Spanish or moorish knights.
Ibex or Aoudad Gogoat and Skiddo.

Churra or Aoudad Wooloo

Nephron Vullaby and Mandibuzz, maybe with a royal Egyptian theme.
Zoroark needs some love.

Didn't the leaks say something about Tauros & Dragonite?
We already have Hisuain Zoroak from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. We even have a prerelease screenshot of a trainer using it in Scarlet/Violet so we'll be able to at least transfer it to the games at some point.
I forgot about that :bulbaFacepalm:

Pretty sure nothing from Gen 6 has a regional form, and that was pretty long ago.
As we know, Gen VII introduced the concept of regional variants. Gen VIII also has this. So, it is most likely that every generation coming after will have regional variants. Since Gen IX will be upon us, there is a huge chance of regional variants. Personally, I think we'd get another regional variant of Meowth, although I would like to see regional variants of the Ralts line, the Onix line, the Bounsweet line, the Zubat line, and my favourite Pokemon: Sableye! I even drew my concept of an Ice/Ghost-type regional variant of Sableye!
I would love if they brought back Litleo in general but it would be cool if it had a regional variant. I think if it did have a regional variant it would be grass/normal maybe.
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